May Reads {2021}

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May was a good reading month. Although I only read six books, four of them were 4 star reads. Here are my May reads that I’m sharing with Steph and Jana’s monthly SUYB link up. Have you read any of these?

3 stars:

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Admission by Juli Buxbaum – (Young Adult, December 2020) Girl gets into the college of her dreams only to discover that her mother is involved in a bribery scandal and is arrested by the FBI. This was a fictional book that was similar to the 2019 college admission scandal involving the likes of Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. I read/listened to the news when this was happening and watched the documentary. Reading this book was just too much. I can’t stand the greed and entitlement that the wealthy think they can have but I’m glad these issues are addressed in the book.

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Well Met by Jen DeLuca – (Cotemporary Romance, September 2019) Emily moves in with her sister to help out while she recovers from an accident. Her teenage niece is participating in the local Renaissance Faire and needs an adult to volunteer with her. Emily is roped into volunteering and ends up flirting with the faire organizer. Could there be something real between them? This was a cute romance read. I’ve attended our local Renaissance Faire and it was fun to see some of the behind the scenes that goes into making these faires a success. While I enjoyed this read well enough, I’m not continuing the series.

4 stars:

43925876. sx318

The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes (Historical Fiction, October 2019) – An English girl marries an American and lives in his family home in Kentucky. She signs up to work for the local traveling library, delivering books to those in rural areas. As part of the team she forms friendships with the other women and learns to stand up for herself. This is a book that has been on my to read list for awhile. I’m a big fan of Moyes and although this book was different than the others that I’ve read by her, I enjoyed it.


Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi – (Historical Fiction, June 2016) A multigenerational novel about two half-sisters in eighteenth-century Ghana. I’m glad that I finally read this book, as it’s been on my to read list for ages. I found the book to be slow in some parts. While I found it interesting to see the different paths of Effia and Esi’s descendants, I wished the chapters were longer, as I wanted to learn more about each of the characters.


Mother May I by Joshilyn Jackson (Suspense/Thriller, April 2021) While her husband is out of town, Bree’s infant son is kidnapped. To get him back she must do one task, which ends up having drastic consequences. Can Bree get her son back and if so, at what cost? This was a fast-paced, suspenseful read.


The Rose Code by Kate Quinn (Historical Fiction, March 2021) in 1940’s England, three women are called to work at Bletchley Park, working in various roles as code breakers. After the war is over, the three women are reunited when one of them requires the assistance of the others. This was my first Kate Quinn book, but I plan to read others, as I really enjoyed this book. I had no idea that these code breakers existed and what it involved, which is one of the reasons why I enjoy reading historical fiction.

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Five on Friday {6-4-21}

Happy Friday! It was nice having a long weekend even though the weather was horrible! Memorial Day weekend, the “unofficial start of summer” and the heat was on and I was wearing my flannel pajamas! My parents were in town this weekend so we enjoyed dinner with them Friday night. Most of the rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and hanging at the house. Here are five plus one from this week:

1. The Museum at Bethel Woods – Friday I had a vacation day.  My husband and I went up to the Museum at Bethel Woods.  This is where the Woodstock music festival was and there’s a whole museum. 


2. Reading – I just finished The Rose Code by Kate Quinn.  This was a historical fiction book about three women code breakers during WW2.  It was informative, since I didn’t know anything about this, and it was a good story.  If you enjoy historical fiction I recommend this one!

3. Eating – Memorial Day we enjoyed ice cream from King Kone.

My husband and I stopped for lunch at a vegan restaurant, Thank Goodness It’s Vegan, on our way home from the Museum at Bethel Woods. We enjoyed the shrooms basket, crabby patties and “meat m’ cheeze” flautas.  It was all snack type foods and was really good! 


4. Watching  – We had another family movie night over the long weekend.  Do you know how difficult it is for us all to agree on a movie?! We finally decided on The Mitchell’s vs. the Machine on Netflix. I don’t think any of us knew what it was about before we watched it, but we all enjoyed it!

5. Memorial Day – Memorial Day we went to Lasdon Park and walked the Trail of Honor.  This trail includes sculptures that honor every American military conflict from the American Revolution to present day.  Since our town Memorial Day ceremony was cancelled, this seemed an appropriate activity.  

6. Cookie Wars – Over the weekend we decided to have cookie wars with the kids.  We paired up by picking names out of a hat and each parent/child team made a cookie.  My husband and son ended up paired together and they made chocolate pizzelles on my great grandmother’s pizzelle machine.  My daughter and I made oreo stuffed white chocolate chip cookies.  Our cookies were unanimously the winner!

ICYMI this week on the blog:

Tuesday I shared 5 Fun Places to Eat With Kids.

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5 Fun Places to Eat with Kids

We are fortunate to have kids who love to eat as much as we do! While they don’t always love everything they eat, they are almost always game for at least giving new foods a try. Throughout the course of raising our now 15 and almost 13 year-old, we’ve enjoyed a host of different food experiences. We’ve come up with this list of 5 fun places to eat with kids.

1. The Melting Pot

With 167 locations throughout the United States, plenty of Americans are likely to find a Melting Pot restaurant within a reasonable driving distance.

We enjoy doing the full fondue experience which includes an appetizer fondue, salad, entrée fondue and dessert fondue. While it’s been a couple of years since our last visit, the portions are fairly generous. We always shared two adult portions between the four of us. For the appetizer, there’s a choice of cheese fondues which includes artisan breads and seasonal fruits and veggies to dip. Then there are four different salads to choose from (the California is my fave!). For the entrée, the proteins and veggies are self-cooked in your choice of styles (Bouillon, Coq Au Vin, Mojo, Cast Iron or Bourguignonne) and served with a variety of dipping sauces. Based on the proteins you choose, your server advises you how long each item should be cooked for.

And, of course, we make sure to save plenty of room for the chocolate fondue at the end. There are several different chocolates to choose from which is served with a variety of treats and fruit. Read more about our visits to The Melting Pot.

2. Medieval Times

Medieval Times is a dining experience. Not only do you enjoy a full meal, but you get to watch an entertaining show. Based on your seating area in the arena, you are assigned a colored knight to cheer on as he competes in various challenges.

The food is decent and you get to eat with your hands, like you would during the Medieval Ages. It’s definitely a fun dining experience for kids! Read more about our visit to Medieval Times.

3. Conveyor Belt Sushi

If your kids are sushi lovers, they will love a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Our go-to has been East Japanese in the Palisades Center. The conveyor belt is filled with a variety of different sushi; from basic rolls to super-fancy sushi mountains. There are also other items like seaweed salad and fried chicken. Desserts like mochi and cheesecake make an appearance on the belt as well. The food is placed on small plates that travel their way around the restaurant dining space. If you see something you want, you grab the plate off the belt. There are different colored plates, with each color being a specified price. Once you are finished, the waiter/waitress adds up all the plates. Read more about East Japanese. Edit: It seems this great location has unexpectedly and recently closed. We are saddened by this, as the only other conveyor belt sushi restaurants we are aware of are in New York City and northern New Jersey.

4. Hibachi

Hibachi is a classic. What’s not to love about watching your meal be cooked in front of you? Especially when it involves onion volcanoes, toys that “pee” and the chef throwing eggs in the air and catching them in his hat. And many restaurants have a diner participation round of catching the flying shrimp (or the more budget-friendly zucchini) in your mouth.

5. Food Halls and Food Truck Festivals

Food trucks used to be a rare treat. Now a days, you can likely find a food truck festival taking place somewhere near you almost every weekend! We love food truck festivals and food halls because you can try a bunch of different foods from different vendors. There’s something that will likely please every member of the family. While the bigger food halls are in NYC, we also enjoy Hudson Valley Food Hall in Beacon, which you can read more about here. Check out our Westchester County Food Truck Guide for more info on the different food trucks that can be found in the area.

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Five on Friday {Rainy Memorial Day Weekend}

Hello Friday! I’m so happy for the long holiday weekend! Sadly, the weather isn’t looking great. I did take today off from work and am looking forward to a long weekend. This week I went to my son’s away modified track meet up in Lagrangeville and we all went to his last Boy Scout Court of Honor for the school year. I know the school year is wrapping up with how busy the kids’ schedules have become. Here are five from this week:

1. ArtsWestchester –Last Sunday our family visited the recently opened ArtsWestchester ”Together ApART” Creating During COVID exhibit.  The works of over 200 local Hudson Valley artists are on display and all of the art was created between March 2020 and March 2021.

43925876. sx318

2. Reading – I just finished Giver of the Stars by Jojo Moyes. It was a good read but I think I was expecting an amazing read based on all the positive reviews.

3. Eating – This falafel platter from The Falafel Place.  Our family agrees that this place has some of the best falafel.

These Turkey Hill ice cream cookie sandwiches. The kids really enjoyed these!

Without Remorse poster.jpg

4. Watching  – We had a family movie night and watched Without Remorse on Amazon.  It was an okay movie. I just enjoyed that it was something that we all agreed upon!

5. Drinking – This iced chai latte from Peekskill Coffee House. This is my coffee house go-to drink of choice.

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Five on Friday {5-21-21}

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Happy Friday! Is anyone else as happy for the weekend as me?! This weekend we finally have appointments to get the kids vaccinated. We are also going to an art exhibit Sunday. I’m happy to be indoors, as it’s supposed to be almost 90 degrees! Here are five from the past week: 

1. HVRW – Have you visited any restaurants for Hudson Valley Restaurant Week? Last Friday, I got lunch takeout from Maria Restaurant in New Rochelle. I brought it to Hudson Park and enjoyed lunch with a view. This dannoli (cannoli doughnut) was amazing!

Mother May I by Joshilyn Jackson

2. Reading – This week I finished reading Mother May I by Joshilyn Jackson.  It was a great suspense book!

3. Eating – Last Friday I was invited to Playa Bowls in Tarrytown to sample their bowls and smoothies before their grand opening. The Nutella acai bowl is one of the most popular bowls….because……Nutella!! And it was delicious!

Over the weekend we went shopping at Woodbury Common Outlets. While there we tried vegetable ramen from the recently opened restaurant Kinton Ramen.

Then we went next door to Shake Shack and shared a Shroom Burger!

These My Mochi were on sale at Shoprite. I picked some up to try and my son loves them! I personally wasn’t a fan, but I have texture issues with food! LOL!

The Woman in the Window.jpg

4. Watching – Last weekend I watched The Woman in the Window on Netflix. I’m not sure why I did, because I wasn’t a huge fan of the book. I didn’t think the movie was that great either. Have you watched the movie or read the book?

5. Visiting – My husband and I went to the Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden in North Salem last weekend. They opened for their 60th season. Although it’s a small garden, it’s so beautiful and peaceful.

ICYMI this week on the blog:

Monday I posted my Westchester County Food Truck Guide.

Sharing with Friday Favorites!  Have a great weekend!

Westchester County Food Truck Guide

Over the past decade, food trucks have evolved from a novelty to a necessity at any outdoor festival, farmer’s market or community gathering. In September 2020, 9A Eats even became the first food truck park in Westchester County.

A recent popular party trend is to rent a food truck. They come and cook for you and your guests and they don’t need to be in your house. They serve the food in their own containers, so you don’t have to worry too much about plates, utensils and clean up. There are so many different food trucks to choose from, that you can rent whichever one appeals to your particular food interests.

I researched and came up with this Westchester County food truck guide listing food trucks that service Westchester County. Not all of the trucks listed below are based in Westchester County, but they will travel to cater a party or event. Some trucks have a regular schedule of locations where they park. Some are affiliated with a restaurant and are only available for catering. Please check each food truck’s Instagram page and website for the most up-to-date information.


Crafty ‘Cue – Crafty ‘Cue opened in 2014 and specializes in pit-smoked meats prepared with traditional Southern smoking techniques. M. Timothy Bucolo is the Pit Master and Juan F. Rendon is the Head Cook. Their menu is always changing but some of their more popular sandwiches include the classic BBQ Pulled Pork (and variations of that), Reuben, and Fried Chicken. Check out a sample menu. Watch their Instagram page for location and menu updates. They also have a French fry truck: Crafty Frites, available for parties.

Three Little Pigs BBQ of Hawthorne – The Three Little Pigs Food Truck is associated with the BBQ restaurant in Hawthorne with the same name. Check out the menu which includes brisket, pulled pork, sausage, chicken and more. Parties of 1-50 guests are $30/person and include 3 meats, 3 sides, soda and water. Additional items can be added. Check their Instagram page for location and menu updates.


Bazodee Street Foods – Bazodee Street Foods serves Trinabogonian and Global Street Food Fusion. Although the menu changes, they serve dishes like Jerk Chicken, Fried Chicken, Curry Goat, Oxtail, Sweet Chili Shrimp or Salmon, Bazodee Rice and more. Check their Instagram page for location and menu updates.


The Espresso Guys – The Espresso Guys have both a food truck, and mobile gourmet espresso carts. The coffee truck is parked at Purchase Professional Park (3010 Westchester Avenue, Purchase) 5 days a week. The mobile gourmet espresso carts are available for indoor or outdoor events. Check out the menu to to see the full variety of espresso-based and non-espresso beverage options they offer. Check out their Instagram page for updates.

Peekskill Coffee Sideshow – The Peekskill Cofee Sideshow is the mobile truck of the Peekskill Coffee House. Besides coffee, the mobile truck also serves waffles, paninis and baked goods/pastries. Check their Instagram page for updates.

Ramblin Coffee – Ramblin Coffee is run by Bryan Lantier. He serves locally roasted and sustainably farmed hot and iced coffee and tea drinks. You can see all of the available beverages on the menu. Check out their Instagram page for location and menu updates.


Gyro Uno – Gyro Uno Food Truck serves Greek and Mediterranean Food. You can check out a sample menu, which includes gyro, souvlaki, falafel and more. They also have a customizable catering menu. Check their Instagram page for location and menu updates.

The Souvlaki Truck – Chef George Kringas serves “affordable, high quality, unpretentious, delicious Greek Food” on The Souvlaki Truck. The truck serves Gyro, Souvlaki, Falafel and more. Check out their Instagram page for food truck locations and updates.

Hot Dogs:

Dobbs Dawg House – Dobbs Dawg House in Dobbs Ferry opened in 2012. They serve over 50 different specialty dawgs, a variety of Mac n’ Cheese, a menu of different Tater Tots, and sides that include, chili, coleslaw, Frito pie and more. They have a mobile Dawg House that can cater private events. Check out their Instagram page for updates.

Walter’s Hot Dogs – Walter’s Hot Dogs are well known throughout Westchester County. This fourth generation family-run business has been operating for over 100 years. They opened their first food truck in 2015 and have been traveling throughout Westchester County ever since. They serve hot dogs and fries as well as milkshakes and funnel cake fries. You can visit their restaurants in Mamaroneck or White Plains or check their Instagram page for food truck location updates.

Dessert/Ice Cream:

Baked In Color – Baked in Color has been in business since 2016 making brightly colored chocolate chip cookies. They are able to customize cookie colors to the colors of your event or logo. They can cater private events/parties and will bring the treats in their rainbow cookie car. There is a booking rate of $100 and and a minimum $100 order of treats. Check out their Instagram page for updates.

Bill’s Good Humor – Bill’s Good Humor has been operating in Westchester County since 1968. They have over 50 different varieties of ice cream and ice pops, all individually wrapped, including some dairy free, gluten free and nut free options.

Bona Bona Ice Cream – Have you made it to the Bona Bona Ice Cream storefront in Port Chester yet? If not, you can enjoy their famous Italian meringue topped ice cream, ice cream sandwiches and more from their ice cream truck. Check out their Instagram page for truck locations and updates.

Jimmy’s Soft Serve – Jimmy is a father of two who opened his ice cream truck “to bring smiles to children’s faces.” The truck serves ice cream, sundaes, shakes and shaved ice. Check out the full menu and their Instagram page for updates.

Leila’s Crepe Station – Leila is a self-taught baker and chef who owns and operates Leila’s Crepe Station with her fiancé, Nick. They opened their food truck in 2018 and have been creating sweet and savory crepes since. They have a menu of signature crepes including Cookies N’ Cream, Very Berry and The Americana. They also have seasonal sweet crepes. Some of their savory offerings include Ham & Cheese, BLT and Chicken & Mushrooms. Check out their Instagram page for truck locations and updates.

Longford’s Ice Cream – Longford’s Ice Cream Wholesale and Factory outlet is located in Stamford, CT. However, they have retail shops in Rye and Larchmont and their ice cream is served in several Connecticut and Westchester County locations. They also have a mobile scoop shop that can be booked for private events. Check out their Instagram page updates.

Mikey Dubb’s Frozen Custard – Mikey Dubbs Frozen Custard doesn’t have a food truck. But they do have a custard cart that is available for private events. They have a rotating menu of different frozen custard flavors and also see donuts. Check their Instagram page for updates.

Mister Softee – Mister Softee is a franchise operating in over 15 states throughout the country. There is a Westchester County truck that is available for parties/private events that serves cones, sundaes and milkshakes.

Penny Lick Ice Cream – Penny Lick Ice Cream is a woman-owned and operated local business. They sell homemade ice creams and sorbets that are all peanut and tree nut-free. Although Penny Lick Ice Cream doesn’t have a food truck, they do have a cart that can be rented for your private event. You can enjoy Penny Lick Ice Cream at their store in Hastings or from one of their ice cream carts that travel throughout Westchester County and the surrounding area. You can check their locations here. Check out their Instagram page for updates.

The Waffle Box Truck – The Waffle Truck serves waffles and ice cream daily during the summer at 348 Tuckahoe Road (next to the E.J. Murray Skating Center). Currently the truck is open only for private events.
Check out their Instagram page for updates.


Graziella’s – Graziella’s is an Italian restaurant located in White Plains. They have an “Italian Kitchen on wheels” that is available to cater private events/parties. They serve handmade pasta and other Italian specialties.
Check out their Instagram page for updates.

Jackie’s Pasta Passion – Jackie’s Pasta Passion opened just this month! Formerly, Jackie’s Home Plate, they have rebranded and are now, “Westchester’s first and only pasta truck.” You can get fresh pasta, sauces and paninis. The truck is available for events. Check out their Instagram page for updates and location, although on weekends they are usually parked outside The Grandstand in Croton-on-Hudson.


El Patio – El Patio Truck makes authentic Dominican food. They serve Empanadas and Cantinas. They offer sides like Tostones, Maduros, Moro and more. Check their Instagram page for location updates.

Latusion – Latusion Food Truck brings a taste of Peru to your party. Run by Chef Fabian Marquez, Latusion is known for their Lomo Fries, Empanadas, Lomo Burger, Ceviche and Fusion Wings. Check out their menu (though their catering menu may differ). They are at Lyons Park in Port Chester Wednesdays through Fridays 12 PM – 4 PM and Saturdays and Sundays 1 PM – 5 PM. Check their Instagram page for location updates.

Wanna Empanada – Wanna Empanada began in the fall of 2020. They specialize in specialty empanadas like buffalo chicken, sausage/broccoli rabe/mozzarella, meatball parm and more. They also serve sweet empanadas as well. Check their Instagram page for location updates.


5 Alarm Pizza – 5 Alarm Pizza is a real fire truck outfitted with a wood-fired brick oven imported from Italy. You can see a general menu that includes pizza, salad and dessert pizzas and pastries, but they will customize the menu for your event. Check their Instagram page for updates.

Abeetz – David D’Amico is the owner of Abeetz Food Truck. The truck is outfitted with a gold tiled brick oven imported from Italy where he makes New York Style thin crust pizza. Check out the menu. Check their Instagram page for location updates.

Ash and Ale Pizza Truck – Ash and Ale is Village Social’s (of Mt. Kisco and Rye) new pizza and bar truck. “Francesca” is a 1954 Chevy truck outfitted with a wood-fired oven and four taps to bring the pizza and beer to your party. They make Neapolitan style thin crust pizza with dough that is made daily from scratch. You can see their menu. Check their Instagram page for updates.

Big Green Truck Pizza – Big Green Truck Pizza is a Connecticut based food truck. They have 5 specially outfitted trucks with wood-fired brick ovens. They make New Haven-style thin crust pizza, salad gelato and cappuccino. Rates start at $1,100 for parties of 50 or less. Check their Instagram page for updates.

DoughNation – DoughNation is the OG Westchester County wood-fired mobile pizza truck. Chef David DiBari, of The Cookery and The Parlor, created DoughNation in 2012 and it has been “on fire” since. They create Neapolitan style pizza topped with locally sourced ingredients. Check their Instagram page for updates.    

Pizza Luca – Pizza Luca provides hand-made Neapolitan pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven mounted on a 1952 Chevy Truck. You can find their truck locations here. Prices start at $1,250, which includes traditional Neapolitan pizza, salad, lemon ice, all plates, utensils and napkins for up to 25 people. You can check out the full catering menu here for customizations and beverage add-ons. Check their Instagram page for updates.

Pizza Vitale – Francesco, Pizza Vitale’s owner and operator, was born and raised in Napoli, Italy. He has experience turning out pizzas in NYC restaurants and even co-owned Pizza Mezzaluna prior to opening his food truck. Dough is made fresh daily with flour imported from Italy. You can check out their Menu Classico. However, they usually have weekly specials that can be found on their social media. Minimum bookings are $600 or 30 guests ($20/guest, pizzas only). Check out their Instagram page for updates.

Sandwiches and Hand Helds:

The Bus at Salinger’s Orchard – The Bus at Salinger’s Orchard is located in Brewster, NY at (no surprise here) Salinger’s Orchard. The Bus is the brainchild of Chef David DiBari, of The Cookery and The Parlor. They have a menu of sandwiches including fried chicken, porchetta and a crispy eggplant. However, check their Instagram page for updates, as they are always having specially-themed weekend menus.

Giulio’s Italian StrEat Kitchen – Giulio’s Italian StrEat Kitchen specializes in Italian Wedges like Meatball, Sausage & Peppers, Chicken or Eggplant Parm and more. They also serve sides like Mozzarella Sticks, Arancini and Meatballs. Check out the full menu here. Check their Instagram page for updates.

Hand Held Kitchen – Hand Held Kitchen opened in March of 2021. Run by Nate and Charlie, recent 2020 college graduates, they specialize in sandwiches made on their homemade bread. They also keep their own bees and make their own pickles. They use locally sourced ingredients. Check their current menu which includes Cubanos, steak sandwiches, BLTs, grilled cheese and more. They also serve sides including fries, coleslaw and gazpacho. You can check their current schedule if you’d like to try them out. Check their Instagram page for menu and location updates.

Hudson Valley Sandwich – Hudson Valley Sandwich is run by Chef Rubeo (besides the food truck, he also does catering). Hudson Valley Sandwich serves a variety of sandwiches including pulled pork, steak, crispy or grilled chicken and more. He also sells burgers, chicken tenders and fries. Check out the full menu. Check their Instagram page for location updates.

Mac’s Food Truck – Mac’s Food Truck serves Meatball Parm, Chicken Parm, Sausage and Peppers, Grilled Cheese and more. Check out their Instagram page for the schedule.

Melt Mobile – Melt Mobile was launched in 2012 by long-time friends Diana and Darlene. They are a gourmet grilled cheese food truck that serves both savory (like burger, pulled pork, short rib grilled cheese) and sweet (Fluffernutter, Cheesecake Melt) sandwiches. Check out the full menu. Melt Mobile caters events with a minimum of 50 guests. Check their Instagram page for location updates.

Put Some Meat On Your Bones – Put Some Meat On Your Bones is located in the parking lot of the Jefferson Valley Mall in Yorktown Heights. They are a grilled cheese food truck selling a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches. Check their Instagram page for updates.

Road Grub Mobile – Road Grub Mobile serves hand helds including specialty Philly Cheesesteaks, Burgers and Hot Dogs. They also serve sides including a variety of tots, mac and cheese and chili. Check their Instagram page for location updates.

The Shack HI Food Truck – The Shack HI Food Truck is located at 1 Harbor Island Park in Mamaroneck. You can get burgers, hot dogs, chicken strips, cheesesteaks, grilled chicken, chili and more. On weekend mornings, they make BEC sandwiches. Check their Instagram page for updates.

Sloppie Joe’s – Sloppie Joe’s food truck specializes in gourmet sloppy joes. They make a variety of sandwiches that include a choice of protein (sloppy joe, burger, grilled chicken, crispy chicken) and different toppings. Check out the menu to see the sandwiches, salads and sides they serve. Leave room for dessert, as they serve milkshakes and churros too! Check their Instagram page for updates.

Westchester Burger Company – Westchester Burger Company has restaurants in White Plains and Scarsdale….and a food truck. The truck serves all kinds of burgers, a variety of appetizers and several salads. Check their Instagram page for updates.

Wrapper’s Delight – Wrapper’s Delight is a food truck that serves all kinds of wraps with fun and witty names. Some of their wraps include veggie, pulled pork, sloppy joe, jerk chicken and cajun shrimp. They also serve sides including brussels sprouts, fried devil eggs and black beans and corn salsa. Check their Instagram page for location updates.


Brothers Fish & Chips – Chef Elmer Oliverio serves delicious seafood at his restaurant located in Ossining. At the end of March, he unveiled his new food truck where he can bring and prepare his fresh seafood at your private event. Pricing starts at $1,000/hour (minimum of 2 hours) and includes a personalized menu of up to four items. Check their Instagram page for updates.

Cousins Main Lobster – Cousins Main Lobster is a franchise with trucks and restaurants located in 35 cities throughout the country. They serve wild-caught, sustainably harvested Maine lobster. There is a restaurant and truck based in NYC that can cater private events. The truck serves lobster rolls (Maine and Connecticut style), Lobster Bisque, New England Clam Chowder, and Lobster Tails and Tots. Check their Instagram page for updates.

Poke Motion – Poke Motion serves build your own poke bowls. You choose a base (sushi rice, brown rice, noodles or salad greens) and then pick your protein (sesame tuna, salmon, shrimp, chicken or chickpeas) which is accompanied by a variety of vegetables, sauce and seasoning. You can check their schedule here. Check their Instagram page for location updates.

Soul Food:

Bridgee’s Food Truck – Bridgee’s food truck is parked at Kathleen’s Tea Room in Peekskill on select Fridays. It is owned and operated by the restaurant and serves a variety of southern dishes including fried chicken, fried shrimp, mac and cheese, yams and more. Check out the Instagram page of Kathleen’s Tea Room for updates.

Tacos and More:

Crazy TacoMex – Crazy Taco-Mex is a Mexican food truck that serves tacos, quesadillas, burrito bowls and more. Check their Instagram page for location updates.

Flores Food Truck – Flores Food Truck makes Mexican food. They serve empanadas, quesadillas and tacos. They also serve churros and street corn. Check out the menu. Check their Instagram page for location updates.

Takumi Taco – Takumi Taco serves Japanese inspired Mexican food in one of their multiple restaurant locations in NYC. In a partnership with the Food Truck Catering Co., they can cater a party/private event on location with a food truck. Check out their general menu to get an idea of the type of food that they make which include tacos, burritos, bowls and salads. However, they have proteins like Curry Beef, Tofu Tinga and Japanese Lentil. Check their Instagram page for updates.

Tecas Tacos – Tecas Tacos is the food truck of Tecalitlan Restaurant in New Rochelle. It is parked at Flowers Park (city park) in New Rochelle from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM. They have a simple menu serving only tacos and burritos. They are available for catering and private events. Check out their Instagram page for updates.


Bongo’s Fries – Bongo’s Fries serves made to order, small-batch, hand-cut French fries with homemade sauces. Check out their Instagram page.

Frites of NY – Jeanne Stenswold and Chance Coluccio are the team behind Frites of NY. This food truck serves “eclectic street fry cuisine.” They have a menu of all different kinds of street fries. Since the truck is equipped with a fully functioning kitchen , they also do catering and have an extensive menu. Check their Instagram page for updates.

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Five on Friday {5-14-21}

Hello Friday! So happy to see you! Today I’m enjoying another vacation day (have to use them up before June 30th!). I’m not doing anything too exciting on this day off, but hopefully enjoying some good eats! I apologize for being light on the pictures this week. We had a busy weekend and besides family pics, I wasn’t taking a lot of other pictures. Here are five from the past week: 

1. Maryland – This past weekend we ended up taking a last minute trip to Maryland to visit my sister. My brother was also visiting so we surprised my parents by all being there together to celebrate Mother’s Day. The last time we were all physically together was back on our family cruise in November 2019!

43189874. sy475

2. Reading – I just finished Well Met by Jen DeLuca.  It was a cute romance/chick lit read that takes place at a Renaissance Faire. I enjoyed it but don’t think that I’ll continue the series.

3. Eating – While we were in Maryland we had Indian takeout which was so good! I love Indian food and hadn’t had it in so long. When we were home last week we ordered takeout from a new Greek restaurant that opened. This was some of our spread (falafel, vegetable moussaka, falafel gyro, Greek salad). Greek has become one of my favorite cuisines.

4. Drinking – when we were driving down to Maryland we saw a billboard for Bartenura Moscato cans.  I’m not a big wine drinker but if I am going to have a glass, this moscato is a fave. My parents went to the liquor store while we were in Maryland and found the cans.  I love that I don’t have to feel pressured to drink a whole bottle of wine and can drink a can at a time.

5. Cooking – This week one of our favorite dinners was Middle Eastern Roasted Eggplant with Couscous. It seriously tasted restaurant quality and was fairly easy to make.

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Tuesday I shared my April reads.

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April Reads 2021

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Have you read anything good recently? April wasn’t a great month in terms of reading quality or quantity. And May is going even worse! Today I’m sharing my April reads:

3 Stars:

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Happy & You Know It by Laura Hankin – (Women’s Fiction, May 2020) A girl gets kicked out of her band and ends up being the musician for a NYC infant playgroup. She ends up befriending the wealthy NYC mothers and discovers that there’s a lot more going on with each of them then they let on. This was just an “eh” read.

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Layla by Colleen Hoover – (Romance/Fantasy, December 2020) Boy meets girl. Girl ends up suffering an injury in an attack. Boy takes girl away to a Bed & Breakfast to help their relationship. Boy ends up meeting another girl at the B&B and now needs to decide who he wants to have a relationship with. Colleen Hoover has been one of my favorite authors. However, I wasn’t a big fan of this book. I can’t say much without giving away spoilers but it’s not like her older stuff that I’ve loved.


Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane (suspense/thriller, December 2020) – In an upstate NY college town, a girl goes missing. Then after a woman discovers a secret about her husband, he disappears. She was the last person to see him dead but his body and car are not where she left them. I found this story to be a bit outrageous and unbelievable. I did like that it took place in Ithaca, where I went to college so some of the places talked about where familiar.


What Could Be Saved by Liese O’Halloran Schwarz – (historical fiction/literary fiction, January 2021). A woman is contacted by a stranger who claims to be her brother who disappeared forty years ago in Bangkok. She then travels to Thailand to see if it’s really him. This book was such a slow read for me. I of course had to finish it to find out what happened to the brother. However, I then felt the ending was really rushed.

4 Stars:


Shipped by Angie Hockman – (Chick Lit/Romance, January 2021) Boy and girl both work on the corporate side of a cruise line. The two end up on a cruise together battling it out for a big promotion but end up falling for each other. Will she let romance distract her from her dream job? This was a light, fun read and just what I needed after reading The Four Winds. It has made me want to visit the Galapagos sooner than later as well!

5 Stars:


The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah – (historical fiction, February 2021) This book takes place in Texas in the 1930’s during the Dust Bowl. It tells the story of a woman who fights to try to save her in-law’s farm and then moves out West to try to provide a better life for her two children. I’m not sure that there’s a Kristin Hannah that I haven’t loved. This book was sad and depressing. However, it was so well written and educated me a lot about a period in history that I did not know much about.

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Five on Friday {Mothers Day Weekend}

Happy Friday! I’m so looking forward to the weekend! It’s been a long busy week. I’m wishing all the moms an early Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you enjoy a day of rest and relaxation! Here are five from the past week: 

1. Hike – Last Friday I took a vacation day and my husband and I hiked Anthony’s Nose.  On the weekend, this place is so crowded! But since it was a Friday morning, we only saw two other people! It was so nice and we enjoyed these amazing views! But, my legs might have been sore for the next two days!

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2. Reading – I am finishing Admission by Julie Buxbaum.  This is a fictional YA book about the recent college admissions scandal.  It’s an okay read but I’m not loving it.

3. Eating – Low-carb eating hasn’t been super difficult at home but I find it hard dining out.  I did get this tuna salad at a café in Cold Spring after our hike last week and it was really good.

4. App – I’ve been using the free version of the MyFitnessPal to log my meals, water and weight.  It’s been very helpful in keeping track of and seeing the calories in what I’m eating. In two weeks I’ve lost over 3 pounds! 

5. Puzzle – This week I finished this puzzle that I’ve been working on for awhile. I’m deciding whether to begin working on anew puzzle or starting my paint by number. Decisions, decisions.

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Five on Friday {Goodbye April}

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week! Last Saturday we were notified that our daughter was in close contact with a classmate who tested positive for COVID so she’s been quarantining all week.  My son started modified track and field this week. This is his first year, so it’s a new experience. Here are five from the past week: 

1. Kusama at NYBG – last Saturday my husband and I went to the New York Botanical Garden to see the Kusama exhibit.  I had been waiting since last year, since it had to be postponed due to COVID. It is a great exhibit and we had such a beautiful day to visit!


2. Reading – I am finishing up Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi. It’s a multigenerational historical fiction set in Africa book about two half-sisters.
It’s a good, but not light read!

3. Low Carb diet – Monday I started a low carb diet.  I LOVE carbs so I’ve never tried going low carb.  However, four days in and I already feel a difference in my energy.  Hopefully, I’ll also shed some pounds before summer as well.  I’m not going to lie, it’s difficult when everyone else in the family is eating all the carbss.  But I’m trying!

4. Cooking – Last night I made Cheesy Vegetarian Zucchini Enchiladas from skinnytaste. They were tasty but I didn’t realize the recipe only made 4! I ended up making the rest of the family quesadillas with the leftover cheese and tortillas!

Tulips at the NYBG

5. Spring Weather – I am loving the spring weather. Wednesday got up to low 80’s! The flowers are blooming and everything is looking lush and pretty! It’s perfect weather for lunchtime walks and weekend hikes!

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Wednesday I shared 6 Scenic Hudson Parks to Visit.

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