NYCWFF: Family Ice Cream Fun-dae

(NY Foodie Family was given media passes to the NYCWFF Family Ice Cream Fun-dae.  As always, all opinions are our own.)

Does your family love ice cream as much as our does?!  If you want to enjoy a fun-filled afternoon together eating all the frozen treats, check out the New York City Wine and Food Festival’s (NYCWFF) Family Ice Cream Fun-dae.

This year the Ice Cream Fun-dae takes place on Sunday, October 13th at SECOND. event space in Chelsea. The event is hosted by Duff Goldman and features ice cream treats from popular ice cream purveyors in and around the city.

We attended last year’s Family Ice Cream Fun-Dae and got to enjoy some of these tasty treats:

16 Handles served Duff’s Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream with cookie dough bites and pink sprinkles.

Ample Hills Creamery had “No Sleep Till’ Pumpkin” which was coffee ice cream with pieces of housemade pumpkin ooey-gooey butter cake.

Big Gay Ice Cream had Birfdae Cek Ice Cream with Strawberry Whipped Cream. Yes, that’s the correct spelling.

Coolhaus Ice Cream was serving two of their ice cream flavors, Milkshake ‘n Fries (Salted Tahitian Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Shoestring French Fries and Milk Chocolate Milk Balls) and Buttered French Toast (Buttered Brown Sugar Ice Cream with Pecan Pralines, Cakey Toast Pieces and a Maple Swirl).

Davey’s Ice Cream had Chocolate Mud Sundaes with homemade brownie crumb soil, candy critters, cookies n’ chocolate ice cream with gooey caramel sauce and a cherry.

Gigante’s Restaurant and Bar was serving Rainbow Cookie Ice Cream. Honey-almond nougat was sandwiched between rainbow cookies and rolled in sprinkles.

Odd Fellows served Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream with Hot Fudge and Graham Cracker Soil.

Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory had Mini Green Tea and Cookies & Cream Milkshakes.

This year’s  ice cream line-up includes a couple of favorites from last year, including Big Gay Ice Cream, Davey’s Ice Cream and the Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. However, this year there are many new ice cream shops participating including Minus10 Ice Cream, Llama Ice Cream, Eggloo, Yum Actually and so many more! Even one of Westchester County’s beloved ice cream shops, Penny Lick Ice Cream Company will be there for the first time!

Be sure to arrive to this event early! Once you enter the space, you are free to eat whatever ice cream treats you want. If you really like something, feel free to have seconds! However, my husband and daughter can tell you, after sampling one of every ice cream treat at last year’s event, they were stuffed!

There are special cocktails for adults as well. Last year, there was a FrappaChata with whipped cream and a RumChata French Toast (RumChata with Maple Whiskey).

Besides getting your fill of ice cream there is other fun to be had.  There are face painters, balloon artists, interactive stations for kids, and a DJ playing music.

Of course, one of the highlights of our visit was getting to meet Duff Goldman! He autographed souvenir bowls and was available for pictures. It was a fun and tasty day out for my husband and daughter and one that they still talk about!

The Details:
NYCWFF Family Ice Cream Fun-dae
849 6th Avenue
New York, NY 1001

Date: Sunday, October 13
Time: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Tickets: $95/adults, $40/kids


Five on Friday {Last Weekend Being 39}

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Happy Friday the 13th! No bad vibes here! I am excited for the weekend because my husband and I are going away to celebrate my birthday. Technically, my birthday is on Monday, but who can celebrate their birthday on a Monday?! Plus, it’s a milestone birthday….I’m turning 40. Fortunately, I don’t feel old and my mantra this year is going to be “40 and Fabulous!” Hopefully, we will enjoy a nice, quiet weekend in the Poconos at a bed and breakfast. I will report back next week on the birthday celebrations. Here are five from this week:

1. Supper Club – This weekend we had our monthly supper club. This month’s theme was “Farm-to-Table.” We all visited our local farmer’s markets and made something using seasonal ingredients we found. I made a Mexican Street Corn Salad that was tasty. But my husband made this Skillet Peach Cobbler with the sweetest, juiciest peaches we’ve had.

2. Reading – Guys, I’m in a reading slump! I have book club next week and need to finish reading Beautiful Ruins. This had been on my to read list for awhile, so I was excited to read it. However, it is not holding my attention and I have little interest in reading it. I started reading this on the 2nd of September and have still not finished it! I’m over half-way through though and if it wasn’t a book club read I’d have given up on it a long time ago. But, I will have to read something quick and suspenseful next!

Dumbo (2019 film).png

3. Watching – We had a family movie night recently and watched the 2019 Tim Burton directed version of Dumbo. Dumbo, the elephant, was super cute, but I wasn’t wowed by the movie itself. Although we were all familiar with the story of the flying elephant with the big ears, none of us were sure we’d ever seen the original version!

4. Eating – This week my husband represented NY Foodie Family and attended a tasting event at a new organic market that opened. He was given a reuseable tote bag that had some food items including this Better Almond Butter. This was my first introduction to the nut butter scene. I’m usually a peanut butter eater, if I’m eating nut butter at all. But I tried this one on toast. It has no sweetness, which takes some getting used to. But it’s healthy and I’m REALLY trying, at least during the week, to eat better.

5. Cooking – Yeah for back-to-school! (insert eye roll here!). We are in full swing with activity schedules and my chauffeur hat is really getting a workout. Meal planning is so important for us and I’m continuing to have the kids choose a recipe and help cook dinner one night a week. My daughter chose spaghetti and meatballs, her favorite. Since my son didn’t pick a recipe, he helped me make these Chicken Tikka Masala Flatbreads. These are so quick and easy to make and so tasty, that it has become a “regular” recipe for us (I put regular in quotes since I rarely make the same thing twice and we’ve now had this about 3-4 times since I first discovered it months ago). I’ve been using this sauce that I can easily find at my local Shoprite.

This week on the podcast we talk about Part II of our Weekend in Cooperstown.  Then we end with our Quick Hits of the week!

This week on the blog I posted about the new Mike’s Organic Market that opened in Stamford, CT.

I also shared my August 2019 reads.

Sharing with Friday Favorites!  Have a great weekend!

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Podcast Episode 8: Cooperstown Part II {Show Notes}

We have a podcast! You can download and listen here:

In this podcast episode we talk about:

A Weekend in Cooperstown (blog post)

Fly Creek Cider Mill (website)
288 Goose Street
Fly Creek, NY 13337
A Tasty Time at Fly Creek Cider Mill (blog post)

Cooperstown Beverage Exchange (website)
73 Main Street
Cooperstown, NY 13326

Doubleday Cafe (Website)
93 W. Main Street
Cooperstown, NY 13326

New York Pizzeria (website)
75 Chestnut Street
Cooperstown, NY 13326

Lake ‘N Pines Motel (website)
7102 State Highway 80
Cooperstown, NY 13326

Quick Hits:
Bicycle Sundays
White Plains Jazz Festival (website)
Rivertown Public Market (website)
Cooking Lately:
Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas
One Pot 30 Minute Creamy Tomato Basil Pasta
20 Minute Ramen Carbonara


August Reads {2019}

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Summer is over. While I enjoyed some great summer reading at the beach, which is my fave, I’m currently lacking motivation to read. I’m not sure if it’s my current book choices, the weather, or being back to a very scheduled routine. However, I am hoping that this passes, sooner than later. One highlight of my summer reading is that I participated in my library’s summer adult reading BINGO game and I actually won a prize! I received a box of 30 handmade greeting cards and a $20 Barnes & Noble gift card. All for just reading! I read a couple of really good books in August and some okay reads. Here are my August reads that I’m sharing with Steph and Jana’s monthly SUYB linkup:

3 Stars:


The Farm by Joanna Ramos – Golden Oaks, known as “the Farm” is a place where hosts carry babies for super wealthy women, who are either too old to carry a baby or just don’t want to be pregnant. These hosts, many of whom are poor immigrants from other countries, are paid well and live the life of luxury while on the farm. Jane, a young woman from the Philippines becomes a host so she can provide for her own infant daughter. While she is on the Farm, an older cousin is caring for her daughter. This book takes a look at race, privilege and motherhood in the modern world.

42448027. sy475

Lock Every Door by Riley Sager – Jules Larsen finds an apartment sitting job at the Bartholemew building in NYC. But she finds that there’s a lot of rules and that some strange things seem to be going on in the building. Then when fellow apartment sitter, Ingrid, goes missing, Jules tries to find out what happened to her. This was my first Riley Sager book and for me was just an okay mystery/thriller.


The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren – Olive’s sister married Ethan’s brother. But when everyone, except Olive and Ethan get sick at the wedding, the two of them are left taking the honeymoon to Maui that their siblings were supposed to go on. However, they have to pretend that they are married, which creates more problems than they had expected. I’ve become a fan of the Christina Lauren writing duo and have read several of their books now. This was a cute romance book, but wasn’t one of my faves of theirs. I’m feeling like their books are getting formulaic, with a similar story line/theme to all of them.

4 Stars:


The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein – Told through the eyes of an old dog named Enzo, we reminisce on his life with his human owner, Denny, and all of the ups and downs they’ve been through together. This was a reread for me this month. It’s my work book club’s book pick and since I had first read it so long ago, I decided to do a reread. I enjoyed it as much as the first time and can’t wait to see the movie (but I’m going to wait until it comes to DVD!). I had my 13 year-old daughter read it and she really liked it too.


Born A Crime by Trevor Noah – This was the only non-fiction book that I read this month. I am vaguely familiar with Trevor Noah because my husband used to watch him on The Daily Show (back when we had cable). I had heard good reviews of this book and figured I’d read it for for the Celebrity Author box for my library BINGO game card. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this. It really gave me insight into what life is like in South Africa.

5 Stars:

36373463. sy475

Us Against You by Fredrik Backman – A colleague at work recently read Beartown and it reminded me of how much I had loved that book. I realized that I had still never read the sequel so got right on it. I feel like sequels can be hit or miss. But I just loved Us Against You as much as Beartown. It was nice to see how the story continued. Backman really knows character development. He makes even the unlikable characters, likable. I’m just sad the story is over now. Since I was raving so much about this book, I told my husband I wanted him to read Beartown, which he is currently doing.


Mike’s Organic Market Now Open In Stamford!

(NY Foodie Family was invited to attend a Tasting event at the newly opened Mike’s Organic Market. As always, all opinions are our own.)

After 10 years of delivering organic groceries to the Fairfield, Connecticut and surrounding Westchester area, Mike’s Organic Delivery has opened a market!

Meet Mike Geller. A Greenwich, CT native, he founded Mike’s Organic Delivery in 2009. His mission is to make it easy for people to eat clean and wholesome food by delivering it right to their doorstep. During the ten years of owning his delivery business, he’s fostered partnerships with farmers, fishermen and other artisans and producers. He and his team hand-pick only the best products to offer his customers They are able to continue Mike’s mission but now are able to give customers the ability to shop for themselves.

The market, located in an commercial park in Stamford, is housed in part of a brick building that formerly served as their grocery delivery service headquarters. The warehouse gives the market an industrial vibe.

Part of the decor pays homage to Mike’s time spent bow hunting while he was living in Africa. His experience working and living in the Kalahari Desert helped to inspire the launch of his business.

You will see their slogan “Your Organic is Showing” throughout the space and branded on gear, like this cute tote bag. Mike states the slogan dates back to the origins of Mike’s Organic Delivery and was the slogan for the first t-shirt he made. He thought it was fun, catchy and memorable and it’s just stuck over the years.

Inside the Market, the shelves are stocked with the highest quality, small batch, artisanal products that Mike and his team can find. We found many locally made products in the store like Farmer Orzo and Spinach Rotini from Northern Farmhouse Pasta, handcrafted right in the Catskills. In the freezer section you can find ice cream from Arethusa Farm in Litchfield, CT and the dairy case includes milk from the Bethel Creamery.

And, of course, we can’t forget about the produce! The market only sells organic, seasonal fruit and vegetables from local farms.

The corn, from Saunderskill Farm (where we went strawberry picking this summer!), is so sweet you can eat it uncooked and right off the cob.

We discovered at this event that fresh, seasonal produce doesn’t need much to taste good.

Grilled organic mini bell peppers, gazpacho, and Persian cucumber salad are all easy to make and highlight the freshness of the ingredients. If you need some cooking inspiration, you can find plenty of recipes on the Mike’s Organic website.

The showstopper of the evening was the wagyu beef. The beef was first cooked sous vide earlier in the day and then seared for a few minutes before serving. According to my husband, it was the most buttery, tender rib-eye that he’s tasted.

There’s a cute little play area for little ones to shop and cook their own food while their parents shop. Mike doesn’t want the space to be just be a market. His goal is to make it a learning and wellness center as well by providing classes and programs that encourage healthy living and eating. His plans include pop-up chef dinners, partnering with local restaurants and businesses to provide classes and more.

Some fun, already planned upcoming events include:

  • September 19th, 7-10 PM: Nola @ the warehouse pre-event to the 2019 Greenwich Wine + Food Festival – Mike’s Organic Market is kicking off its fall event season…New Orleans style! Hometown legend Pete Francis (founder of Dispatch) will perform a special concert at the warehouse featuring his brand new song “Belong to the Band,” whose music video was shot in The Big Easy. The event will showcase signature New Orleans cuisine including Oyster Po’ Boy Sandwiches, Warm Beignets (a la Cafe Du Monde) and more prepared by culinary genius Chef Geoff Lazlo and utilizing the finest locally sourced ingredients from Mike’s. A portion of the proceeds will go to clean up efforts in New Orleans.
  • October 6th, 9 AM – 2 PM: Sheep Shearing Day – a fun-filled fest for the whole family where the kids can meet Farmers Pete and Carol from Sepe Farm and watch a live sheep shearing. The event will offer food tastings, crafts for the kids and a Sunday Market loaded with baked goods.
  • October 17th, 7 – 10 PM: Oktoberfest – the ultimate Pig Roast in collaboration with farmer-owned butcher shop The Piggery. Two Roads Brewing Company will provide brew tastings and Chef Lazlo will roast the pig and create farm to table masterpieces.

Be sure to check out the new Mike’s Organic Market in Stamford for all of your organic, locally sourced produce and healthy foods!

The Details:
Mike’s Organic Market
377 Fairfield Avenue, Building 1
Stamford, CT 06902
(203) 832-3000

Open Monday – Friday, 9 AM – 4 PM

Parking: Plenty of free parking outside the market


Five on Friday {The Kids Are Back in School}

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Happy Friday! The kids are back in school…..and not happy about it! Unfortunately, summer had to come to an end. As much as a full calendar of activities gets me a bit anxious, I think our family thrives on routine. I know it’s going to take the kids a bit of time to readjust to early wake up. Believe, me Tuesday morning was ROUGH! But, we have one week down, only 178 more days left! LOL! Here are five from this week:


1. Reading – Over the weekend I finished reading The Farm by Joanne Ramos. The book is about a farm for surrogates, pregnant with babies for the super wealthy. It focused on relevant topics like race and inequality, but overall was just an okay read for me.

2. Last Beach Trip – We spent Labor Day weekend in Rhode Island and enjoyed our last beach trip of the summer. I even got a sunburn to prove it! My husband and I went back one evening to watch the sun set and got this beautiful picture.

3. Cliff Walk – My parents have been living in RI for years now.  We’ve gotten into a routine when we visit and I’ve realized there’s so much in Rhode Island that we need to see and explore.  So, I decided that we will do/try something new every trip. This visit we did the Cliff Walk in Newport.  It’s a 3.5 mile “walk.” However there are some rocky parts and my daughter complained that it’s definitely more of a hike.  There’s a reason it’s so popular though. There are some amazing views of the ocean and coastline.

4. Belly Flops – We made a stop at Ocean State Job Lot on our way home and saw these Belly Flops from Jelly Belly there.  These are the reject jelly beans that don’t pass the company’s high standards. Do I care that the jelly beans are misshapen? Not at all! Jelly Belly’s are the only jelly beans I like, so this was a win for me!

5. Winner! – This week at my weekly library drop off/pick-up trip, I learned that I had won a prize from the summer BINGO game! I won a box of 30 handmade cards and a $20 Barnes & Noble gift card, just from reading!

6. Mr. Softee – The Mr. Softee truck visited our office this week and my supervisor treated me to an ice cream. I went with a classic vanilla cone, which was such a nice treat during the work day!

ICYMI, this week on the blog:

In this week’s podcast episode we have Part 1 of our discussion about Cooperstown, NY.  Then we end with our Quick Hits of the week!

I posted about Mambo Italiano at the Westchester Broadway Theatre.

I also posted about the NYCWFF Grand Tasting.

Sharing with Friday Favorites!  Have a great weekend!


Podcast Episode 7 Show Note: Cooperstown Part 1

We have a podcast! You can download and listen here:

In this podcast episode we talk about:

A Weekend in Cooperstown (blog post)

Baseball Hall of Fame:
National Baseball Hall of Fame (website)
National Baseball Hal of Fame (blog post)

2. The Farmers’ Museum
The Farmers’ Museum (website)
Experiencing 19th Century Rural Life at the Farmers’ Museum (blog post)

3. Fenimore Art Museum
Fenimore Art Museum (website)
Folk Art and More at the Fenimore Art Museum (blog post)


NYCWFF’s Grand Tasting!

(We were given media passes to attend the Grand Tasting. As always, all opinions are our own.)

New York City’s Wine and Food Festival, presented by ShopRite is celebrating its 12th year! Last year, my husband and I attended the Grand Tasting for the first time and believe me, if you are a wine and/or food lover, you will enjoy this event.

The event is held at Pier 94 and features over 130,000 square feet of food and beverages. The Grand Tasting is the culminating two day event of the four day wine and food festival. Funds from this four day food festival support Food Bank for New York City and No Kid Hungry.

There is so much to eat, so come hungry! Since we don’t get into the city very often, it was a great way to try new-to-us NYC restaurants. While the food samples are unlimited, I don’t think we sampled all of what was available! Some restaurants even had more than one food sample. Some of the tasty bites we had included Housemade Ricotta from Fausto, Elotes from Island Oyster, Haitian Chipotle Pork on a Black Bean Huarache garnished with red and green cabbage from Bridgewater Club and a Kao Yuk Soy-Braised Pork Belly Slider from Bricolage.

Each eatery has a signs with the name of the restaurant and the dish/dishes they are serving. While I’m sure the restaurants that participate in the NYCWFF vary each year, some of the dishes and restaurants we got to try at last year’s event include {Khe-Yo}’s Red Curry Beef Soup, Mamo Restaurant’s Raviolini al Tartufo (yes, that’s shaved truffle!), Print’s Porchetta with Butternut Squash, Chili, Pickled Shallots and Mustard Greens and Ropa Vieja Taco Bites from Los Viajeros.

There was a huge pan of Paella Mixta from La Fonda del Sol.

ShopRite, one of the major sponsors of this event, had a huge setup, featuring samples of dishes made with some of the brands they sell. They also had packaged food samples (granola bars and seasonings) that they were giving out. Coca-Cola, the Food Network & Cooking Channel and Blue Moon also had some of the larger displays.

Although most of the food samples were savory, we did manage to find some sweet treats as well! Mahalo New York Bakery had the prettiest cupcakes and Spoonfuls Inc. had a variety of dessert jars. I might have had more than one sample of 2 Dough Boyz cookie dough, both the original and the chocolate salted caramel pretzel! And I couldn’t pass up a praline from Bernard’s Pralines of New Orleans.

Since this is a wine and food festival, have no worries, there are PLENTY of wine samples. Every wine table has more than one sample to try. We are not big wine drinkers, so unfortunately I don’t have a lot of wine pictures to share with you. If I am going to drink wine, I enjoy a moscato or sweet wine, so I did have to sample the sweet shiraz from Jam Jar.

Don’t be fooled, there are tons of spirits to taste as well. Spirit makers concoct special cocktails for the festival, like Tito’s Zilker Green Lemonade, Four Roses Lawrenceburg Cooler, Maker’s Mark Cucumber Julep and Spring44 Distilling’s Feast for Queens.

For those that don’t drink, there are non-alcoholic drinks available as well. Last year, there beverages from Bai, Coca-Cola, Dunkin’ and La Croix.

When you need a break from all of the eating and drinking, make sure to stop by The Ikea Kitchen to watch some culinary demonstrations. Each day’s lineup features different chefs cooking up a dish in 30 minutes. You don’t get to sample the dishes that are made, but they are fun sessions to get to see some of your favorite chefs in action. We were doing so much eating and drinking that, sadly, the only demonstrating chef we got to see was Robert Irvine. But I was able to get a pic of him and my husband, so I think that’s a win! This year’s chef demo lineup includes Andrew Zimmern, Rick Bayless, Masaharu Morimoto, Rocco DiSpirito, Stephanie Izard, Jeff Mauro, Rachel Ray and many more! Many of these chefs will also be signing cookbooks, for sale in the Flavour Gallery, where you can also purchase other festival merchandise.

As you can see, the NYCWFF Grand Tasting is a delicious event! It’s a great day date or outing with foodie friends!

The Details:
NYCWFF Grand Tasting presented by Shoprite
Pier 94
New York, NY

Date: Saturday & Sunday, October 12 and October 13
Hours: 12 PM – 6 PM
Tickets: General Admission $185, discounted tickets with a Capital One credit card

*Arrive early! This event gets more crowded as the day goes on.
*Make sure you adhere to the bag policy.
*The Tasting ends at 5 PM, however the culinary demonstrations take place until 6 PM.
*You must be 21 to enjoy the Grand Tasting. However, children are able to attend the culinary demonstrations. There are a couple of food and non-alcoholic beverage tastings available in this area.
*Dress comfortably – you will be doing a lot of walking. It’s a huge space!


Mambo Italiano at the Westchester Broadway Theatre

(We were given complimentary tickets to see Mambo Italiano. As always, all opinions are our own.)

I love the theatre! Growing up, I was fortunate that my parents took me and my siblings to NYC to see Broadway shows. Pre-kids, my husband and I were regulars of the NYC theatre scene. But then…..kids! Between busy schedules, ticket prices and having to trek into the city from the suburbs, we just haven’t been to as many shows as we’d like. However, we are fortunate enough to have a theatre close to home that puts on amazing productions.

The Westchester Broadway Theatre in Elmsford has been hosting shows for 45 years, with over 200 main-stage productions. As a family, we’ve seen both Mary Poppins and Annie. Recently, my husband and I enjoyed a rare date night to see the current production, Mambo Italiano.

Photo by John Vecchiolla, courtesy of the Westchester Broadway Theatre.

Mambo Italiano is based on a play and screenplay by Steve Galluccio & Emile Gaudreault and a book by Jean Cheever and Tom Polum. It tells the story of a traditional Italian family coming to grips with change. Maria and Gino Barbieri have raised their two grandchildren, Angelo and Anna, and they all work together in the family’s Italian restaurant. When Angelo and Anna decide to move out of the house and get their own apartment, their grandparents don’t take it very well. Things get worse when Angelo comes out as gay and then discovers that his boyfriend Nino is bisexual and has been sleeping with a girl.

Photo by John Vecchiolla courtesy of the Westchester Broadway Theatre.

This story, set to music composed by James Olmstead, is much more than just a story about sexual orientation. It’s a story about family, identity, love….and, of course, food! “Food is joy. Food is love. Food is famiglia.” This theme is carried out throughout the production and regardless of cultural background, is one that I think most people can relate to.

Photo by John Vecchiolla, courtesy of the Westchester Broadway Theatre.

The show’s cast is outstanding! While several members are making their Westchester Broadway Theatre debut, all of the cast are experienced on stage. Some of them have even performed in Broadway and Off-Broadway productions, showcasing the caliber of talent that is chosen for the Westchester Broadway Theatre.

Let’s not forget that the Westchester Broadway Theatre includes dinner (or lunch) and a show. For this show, they are featuring a “Taste of Mambo Italiano” menu. For the Sunday evening show, dinner service starts at 5:30 PM and continues until the show begins at 7 PM. We arrived around 5:20 PM and almost immediately after we were seated our salads arrived. We were finished eating dessert by 6:30, leaving some time before the show to relax….and digest!

Dinner starts with a Caesar salad. They also offer four appetizer options (cold antipasti, mozzarella and tomato, fried calamari and a chilled shrimp cocktail) at an additional cost.

For the main course, I ordered Gino’s Lasagna with Meat Sauce served with sauteed green beans.

My husband had the Roast Prime Rib of Beef served with sauteed green beans and a baked potato and we shared both entrees. Out of the two entrees, we both preferred and recommend the prime rib.

Dessert is their classic peach melba – canned peach halves topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and raspberry sauce. It’s garnished with a cookie that I could have eaten a dozen of! For an additional cost, other desserts are available (tiramisu, lava cake, mini cannoli, chocolate fudge sundae and tartufo) and are served during the intermission.

I’m going to be honest, my husband and I were not thrilled with the food overall. However, I understand that they are cooking for the masses (the theatre when at capacity seats 500, including the couple of luxury boxes available) and are trying to keep ticket prices down. Based on the price of dinner and a show tickets versus show only tickets, the meal breaks down to approximately $19-$34 a person, depending on when you see the show. As I see it, the show itself is worth the ticket price and the meal is a bonus! For those not wanting to have the dinner portion of the “dinner theatre” experience, you can purchase tickets the day of–for just the show.

It is also important to note that beverages, including soda, and gratuities are not included in the price of your ticket. I ordered a non-alcoholic strawberry colada ($8) but they do serve wine, spirits including scotch, vodka, gin and rum and martinis. The current specialty drink is Il Cappello – citrus vodka, orange juice and pineapple juice topped with ginger ale.

One thing I love about the Westchester Broadway Theatre is that there’s not a bad seat in the house. At this production, we sat at table 282, the second to last row in the middle section, directly facing center stage. Even from in the back, I thought our seats gave us a good view.

Many guests visit the Westchester Broadway Theatre for a special occasion. If you are celebrating an event, make sure to let them know, as they announce it prior to the start of the show. My husband and I really enjoyed Mambo Italiano! If you are looking for a fun date night or evening out with friends or family, we highly recommend seeing Mambo Italiano before it ends on September 29. The show will literally have you clapping along!

The Details:
Mambo Italiano
Westchester Broadway Theatre
1 Broadway Plaza
Elmsford, NY 10523
(914) 592-2222

Tickets: (price includes dinner and the show) $61-$91 plus tax, beverages and gratuities, discounts available for children, students and senior citizens at select performances

Performances: August 8 – September 29, 2019

Show Times:
(The show runs approximately 2 1/2 hours, with a 30-minute intermission between acts)
Wednesday, Thursday and some Friday Matinees: 11:30 AM lunch, 1 PM show
Thursday, Friday and Saturday Evenings: 6:30 PM dinner, 8 PM show
Sunday Matinee: 12 PM lunch, 1:30 PM show
Sunday Evening: 5:30 PM dinner, 7 PM show

*Photos are not allowed during the show
*Check out the website for special offers
*The show is recommended for ages 12+ – parental advisory for language and sexual references.
*There is a convenience fee for purchasing tickets online. There is no fee for purchasing tickets in-person or via phone.
*Up to 4 tickets can be purchased online.
* AAA members, AARP members, and military discounts are only given for phone or in-person ticket purchases.
*All seat locations are the same price.


Podcast Episode 6 Show Notes: Hudson Valley Food Hall, Back-to-School, Food Shows

(This post contains affiliate links. Please read our Disclosure Policy for additional information.)
We have a podcast! You can download and listen here:

In this podcast episode we talk about:

Segment 1: Hudson Valley Food Hall
Hudson Valley Food Hall (website)
A Visit to the Hudson Valley Food Hall (blog post)

Segment 2: Back-to-School
The Happy Planner

Segment 3: Food Shows
The Chef Show (Netflix)
Chef (movie)
Ugly Delicious (Netflix)
The Great British Baking Show (Netflix)
Worth It (Amazon Prime)

Quick Hits:
Museum of Ice Cream (opening this fall) (website)
West Point Labor Day Concert (website)
Circo Hermanos Vazquez (August 30 – September 16) (website)
The Hudson Oven (website)
Restaurant Spotlight of the Week: T-Swirl Crepe (White Plains)