Five on Friday – The Last Week in July

Five on Friday

These summer days are flying by!  Just like that, July is over!  Luckily, we have one more month of summer fun.  This week wasn’t too exciting, but sometimes, relaxing and hanging out is just what we need. Weather wise, today and the weekend aren’t looking that great.  We need the rain, but it puts a damper on summer weekend plans.   Today we’re spending the day at the aquarium with a friend and her kids.  Tomorrow we are supposed to be going to a neighborhood pool party and Sunday we think we are going to head into the city.  Of course, rain may end up changing these plans!  This week’s five include:

Turkish Chicken

1. Supper Club – Sunday we hosted our monthly supper club.  This month’s theme was Turkish cuisine.  We made grilled chicken which we served over rice pilaf, eggs cooked in a pepper and onion dish as well as a grilled eggplant dish with spicy chickpeas and walnut sauce.  Everything was delicious!


2. Day with friends at the lake – Friends of ours live in a community on a lake.  They had their annual Summer Regatta and invited our family.  The kids all had fun swimming in the lake and kayaking, as well as participating in games. We then went back to their house for dinner.  Our sons are friends, but we adults hardly get to see each other.  It was nice being able to spend time with them relaxing and catching up.

27206534       21525988

3. Reading – I’ve been on a YA reading kick lately.  I just finished The Flip Side by Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson.  This is her first fiction book.  It was so YA that I’d almost call it middle grade fiction, minus the prom and other high school related events!  I am now reading The Museum of Heartbreak which so far is just so-so.

Pork Ramen

4. Dining Out – We normally go out to eat on the weekends when we are out and about.  However, Saturday we had dinner with friends and Sunday we had supper club.  So, the only dining out that happened this week was yesterday when the kids and I had lunch at a local ramen restaurant, Ramenesque.  They shared that bowl of ramen, which I might have helped them with, along with some gyoza, while I had a kimchi pancake.

Stranger Things logo.png

5. Watching – My husband and I finally finished Orange is the New Black.   I can’t believe that we have to wait a whole year for the next season!  My husband had us watch the first episode of Stranger Things, a new Netflix original supernatural/sci-fi/horror series.  I’m not sure it’s really my thing, but there are only eight episodes, so maybe I’ll watch them all with him.   I am caught up on the Real Housewives of Orange County and have just started watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

ICYMI this week on the blog:
Monday I shared our weekly meal plan.
Tuesday I posted What Is Your Yearbook Quote?
Wednesday I spotlighted leeks in my CSA challenge.

Linking up with Andrea, Tif and Amanda!  Hope you have a great weekend!



Spicy Grits with Chorizo, Leeks and Corn {CSA Challenge}

Spicy Chorizo and Grits

In this week’s CSA challenge I am spotlighting leeks.  Leeks look like long, thick scallions and are related to onions, shallots and scallions.  However, they have a milder flavor than onions.  Leeks need to be cleaned really well, as they grow in sandy soil, which tends to collect among the layers.  In this recipe, to prepare the leeks, I chopped the tops and ends off.  Then I made a cut down the length of the leek, sliced it and then rinsed them in a bowl of water.

To showcase the leeks I made Spicy Grits with Chorizo, Leeks and Corn.  I have recently come to like grits, especially with cheese!  The kids were visiting their grandparents for a few days and since they don’t like grits, I thought it was a perfect time to make this recipe.  This recipe is versatile, in that you can substitute different vegetables.  I used Swiss chard in place of the spinach the original recipe called for.  I think adding some sautéed zucchini would be tasty as well!

Spicy Grits with Chorizo, Leeks and Corn
Recipe adapted from Real Simple

2 links of chorizo, sliced about 1/4 inch thick
3 leeks (both white and light green parts), thinly sliced
1 clove garlic, minced
1 28-ounce can diced tomatoes, undrained
salt and pepper
1 1/2 teaspoons crushed red pepper
1/2 cup grits
1 1/2 cups fresh corn kernels (from 3 ears of corn)
1 bunch of Swiss chard, chopped

1 . In a large saute pan, cook chorizo over medium heat until browned, approximately 3 minutes.

2. Add the leeks and garlic , cooking for approximately 3-4 minutes until leeks start to soften.

3. Add the tomatoes, 2 cups of water, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon pepper and crushed red pepper.  Bring mixture to a boil.

4.  Stir in the grits.  Reduce heat to medium low and cook, stirring often until grits are tender and slightly thickened.  (While the original recipe noted about 10 minutes, it took at least 20 minutes for my grits to thicken).

5.  Add the corn and Swiss chard, cooking until the chard wilts, approximately five minutes.



What Is Your Yearbook Quote?


In their latest Happier podcast, Gretchen and Elizabeth discuss their yearbook quotes and challenge listeners to pick a yearbook quote.  This episode connected with me, as I am a huge quote lover.  Is it normal to ask for Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations as a Christmas present in high school?!   While I still own the book, I have to admit that it’s been collecting dust from lack of use.  Nowadays, I am more apt while reading a book to jot down a sentence that really resonates with me, rather than flip through the quotations book.  Besides my food related boards, my Pinterest Quotes board has some of the most pins.

This podcast seemed very timely, as my husband’s chosen yearbook quote had recently come up in discussion between us.   “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”  – Samuel Clemens.  Oh how relevant this quote continues to be today!

I couldn’t remember if I had chosen a yearbook quote and if I had, what it was.  So, this led me to dig out my high school yearbook to check.  My husband will be humored to know that I was “Nancifiying” words even back then (his term for my frequent substitution of song lyrics and quotes with similar, but not quite the correct words!).  My yearbook quote was “Moving on is simple, it’s what we leave behind that’s hard” which should actually read “Moving on is simple, it’s what you leave behind that makes it so difficult.”  (See, that is a perfect example of me “Nancifying” something!)  

What I find even more telling of my love of quotes, is that unlike in many school yearbooks, we were not required to have a quote.  In my husband’s senior biography section of his yearbook, he had to provide specific information including activities, awards and a quote.  In contrast, the senior biography section of my yearbook was a free for all.  Reading through the biographies is like a cryptic puzzle of initials and inside jokes and memories between friends.  However, I am one of a handful of people who added a quote to my bio.  At that point in my life I was excited to begin the new adventure that college brought but also sad about being separated from the only friends I had ever known, as well as a serious boyfriend.

Fast forward almost twenty years and this quote doesn’t quite resonate with me the same way.   Instead, this quote seems more appropriate for where I am today.


I ended up deciding while in college that I wanted to be a teacher.  I went on to graduate school and earned my Masters Degree in special education.  After spending over ten years as a teacher, I realized that I did not want to continue teaching.  After a couple of years dabbling in some other fields I have decided to take some time off.  Now, I am basically a stay-at-home mom, while also assisting my husband with his business.  Career-wise, I am not quite sure what or where I am headed.  For now though, I am embracing this quote, and believe that where I am now is where I am meant to be.  This means spending time with my kids and enjoying our summer together, creating memories.  I believe that everything will end up working out and come together in time.

So, now it’s your turn!  What was your yearbook quote?  And what is your current quote?!!  


Weekly Meal Plan {Week 46}

2016 Calendar

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for another weekly meal plan.  Last week included a dinner date and some lazy, but tasty dinners.  We are supposed to have another super hot week here in New York this week, which I am NOT looking forward to.  Today I am planning this week’s menu and am looking for easy recipes that require little to no heating elements!  Hope everyone has a great week filled with tasty food! 

Lobster Grilled Cheese

Saturday: We spent the day at the Victory Polo Match.  We had this amazing Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich as well as an Asian Pulled Pork Sandwich both from the Clocktower Grill’s food truck, Fork In The Road.  We were hot and tired so when we got home, we ordered a pizza and some garlic knots from a local pizza place.

Sunday: We celebrated my son’s 8th birthday with the family.  We grilled hamburgers, hotdogs and chicken.  We also made a Mediterranean  Tortellini Salad, Broccoli Salad, a Blue Cheese Potato Salad, Marinated Cucumbers and Slow Cooker Baked Beans.  Can you believe I took not a single picture of the food?!!!

Sriracha Shrimp

Monday: The kids were at their grandparents, so my husband and I got a date night in.  We went to The Hudson Room.  It’s a local restaurant that made OpenTable’s Top 100 Restaurants.  They have a special Prix Fixe menu Monday through Wednesday, where you can get an appetizer, entrée and dessert for $29.95.  So we of course had to do that!  This Sriracha Seared Gulf Shrimp appetizer was my favorite of the night!

Spicy Chorizo and Grits

Tuesday: I made Spicy Grits with Chorizo, Leeks and Corn.   Look for my adapted recipe in Wednesday’s CSA spotlight post!

Ham Steaks and CSA Veggies

Wednesday:  I cooked up some ham steaks and served with roasted purple and pink potatoes (from the CSA) and roasted purple eggplant (from the CSA).  My husband sautéed Swiss chard (from the CSA) as well.  The kids didn’t particularly enjoy the eggplant or Swiss chard, but tried some of each.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Thursday:  I made spaghetti and meatballs.  I used jarred sauce but made homemade meatballs.  I didn’t use any particular recipe.  I sautéed some onion and garlic and added that to some ground beef along with Penzeys Pasta Sprinkle, an egg, salt, pepper and bread crumbs.  I thought they turned out tasty enough.

Roasted Eggplant Pizza

Friday:  It was so hot on Friday and I didn’t feel like cooking.  But I had already defrosted the pizza dough to make homemade pizza.  I used a white eggplant from our weekly CSA which I roasted to make this Roasted Eggplant, Fresh Mozzarella and Basil pizza.  No recipe, just put the fresh mozzarella and roasted eggplant on the pizza dough.  After it was cooked on the pizza stone for 12 minutes I then sprinkled fresh basil on top.  It was very good!


Five on Friday {Week 2}

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!  What a crazy week it has been.  We had a jam-packed, fun-filled weekend and then my kids spent a couple of days at my in-laws house for a visit.  The visit was cut short by a day and a half when my son started breaking out in an itchy, bumpy rash.  They brought the kids back and I of course took my son straight to the doctor, where we learned that he has contact dermatitis (an allergic reaction to something he came into contact with).   After some discussion and research, my husband and I think that the allergic reaction may have been caused by a new seersucker type button-down shirt that he wore on Saturday.  Allegedly, blue dye 106 and 124 are known to cause allergic reactions.  So, while not contagious, his bumps are not pretty to look at.  Plus, the poor guy is so itchy.  Hoping for a quick recovery for him.  And we learn something new every day! Well, onto some brighter parts of the week:

How To Be Single Poster.jpg

1.Watching –  This week I watched the romantic comedy How to Be Single.  It was an okay movie that my husband was happy to let me watch by myself.  We are one episode away from finishing the latest season of Orange Is the New Black.  Pretty crazy stuff going on at Litchfield!  I have watched a couple of episodes of Scandal and am almost caught up on the Real Housewives of Orange County.

18051946        26192467

2. Reading – I most recently finished Turn Up the Heat by Kimberly Kincaid.  This is a romance book that I read for a goodreads reading challenge I’m in.  Otherwise, not really my type of book.  I am currently reading First Comes Love by Emily Giffin.  I’m a fan of Giffin’s books though and am enjoying this one.

Sriracha Shrimp

3. Dining Out – While the kids were away, my husband and I got one date night in.  We went to a local restaurant that made the Open Table top 100 Restaurants list.  While the food was good, I’ve honestly had better at many other nearby restaurants.  This Sriracha Shrimp appetizer was my favorite dish of the night.


4. Family Fun – Last Friday evening we went to a local, minor league baseball game (see below for details!) and a fireworks show after.  Saturday I saw my first polo match when we went to the Victory Cup Polo Match.  Then Sunday we had a family party to celebrate my son’s 8th birthday.  It was a busy but fun weekend!  Then last night we went to the movies to see The Secret Life of Pets.  The kids had been wanting to see this movie since it came out a few weeks ago.  It was pretty cute!

Renegades Baseball

5.  Highlight of the week:  While we were at the baseball game Friday night, we were chosen to get upgraded seats behind home base.  I have never seen any professional type of baseball game that close up!  Even my daughter, who commented that she doesn’t even like baseball, had a great time and was so excited for our closer seats.  In one of the mini games that they play on the field between innings, our new seat section won tickets to another game!  Unfortunately, the game is for Sunday and we already have plans.   The kids were so amazed at our luck that night it was so cute!

ICYMI on the blog this week:
Monday I shared our weekly meal plan.
Tuesday I posed Part 2 of my daughter’s The Tween Reads June 2016 post.
Wednesday I spotlighted watercress in my CSA Challenge recipe post.

Have a great weekend!  Linking up with Tif, Amanda and Andrea!


CSA Challenge: Watercress and Red Pepper Quiche

Watercress and Red Pepper Quiche

Today I am linking up with Johanna and Heather for their monthly Recipe Club linkup.  This is a new linkup and my first time sharing a recipe with them.

This is also the second week of my CSA Challenge.  In this new series, I am spotlighting vegetables from my weekly CSA and how I use them.  Last week I showcased escarole and how I used it in Penne with Escarole and Sausage.  Today, I am spotlighting watercress.  This is a leafy green that I’ve eaten at restaurants but had never cooked with, prior to receiving it in my CSA.  Raw, watercress has a slightly bitter taste.  I have found that cooking “bitter” greens tend to lessen the bitterness, as this recipe did.  Since joining the CSA, I have been stocking up on frozen pie crusts.  I am not a baker and don’t have the patience for making my own pie crust.  However, using the pre-made pie crusts makes making quiche a breeze.  I’ve made several different quiches and my husband and I enjoy them for breakfast.   The kids don’t especially enjoy the veggie filled quiches.  However, if it has bacon and cheese, they want in!  Since there’s no meat in this quiche, my husband and I enjoyed this Watercress and Red Pepper Quiche.

Watercress and Red Pepper Quiche
Recipe adapted from Allrecipes UK

1 frozen pie crust, thawed as directed
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 large onion, sliced
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt, plus a pinch
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
4 eggs
1 cup milk
1 bunch watercress, stalks removed and leaves chopped
1/2 cup mozzarella cheese, shredded
1 large red pepper, diced

1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F, placing a baking sheet in oven to warm.

2. To make the filling, heat the oil over low heat in a large, nonstick pan.  Add the onions, brown sugar and a pinch of salt, mixing them together.  Saute for 25-30 minutes, stirring frequently, until the onions are softened and lightly caramelized. Remove from the heat and set aside to cool.

3. Crack the eggs in a large mixing bowl, add the milk and salt and black pepper and whisk well. Then stir in the watercress and mozzarella cheese.

4.  Spoon the cooled onions into the pie crust, spreading them out evenly.  Pour the watercress mixture and sprinkle the diced pepper over the top.

5.  Place the prepared quiche on the hot baking sheet and cook for 35-40 minutes until the filling is set and the topping is lightly browned. Serve it hot or at room temperature.



The Tween Reads June 2016 Part 2

The Tween Reads June 2016 Part 2

My 10 year old daughter is an avid reader.  She wanted to write posts for the blog and thought she could share book reviews of some of her summer reads.  This is the second part of The Tween Reads June 2016 book review post.  You can read part one here.


Ava and Taco Cat by Carol Weston –   Ava Elle Wren is a girl into palindromes.  She first hears about an injured cat from her mother who works at a vet. She really wants the cat and gets it for her birthday.  She names her new cat, Taco Cat. Get it? Taco Cat is a palindrome! For a school assignment Ava has to write a haiku on anything she wishes. She chooses Taco Cat!  In the meantime, Ava and her sister Pip are making a fish picture book. They try to send it to a reporter who is coming to Ava’s school, but he says no because they don’t want picture books.  He says that Ava should make a book on something she would want to write about, something that she is passionate about. Ava really wants to write a book about Taco Cat, so she does! I give this book about 3 and a half stars because I think that this book is a good sequel to Ava and Pip and the love between Ava and her cat.

*This book was borrowed from the library.


The Battle of Darcy Lane by Tara Altebrando – The Battle Of Darcy Lane is about a girl named Julia who has a friend named Taylor. When a new girl, Alyssa, moves in to the neighborhood, Taylor is all over her. Now, instead of hanging out with Julia, Taylor spends all her time with Alyssa playing a ball game called Russia. When Alyssa challenges Julia to a game of Russia that the whole neighborhood would see, Julia actually said yes. On top of having a first crush, secretly watching movies, losing her BFF, changing her room, playing Russia, and having her parents thinking about a new baby, Julia has to think about a cicada storm that comes every 17 years! I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars because this book was a big, huge adventure and friendship battle mixed into one!

*This book was borrowed from the library.


Falling In by Frances O’Roark Dowell  – Falling In is about a girl named Isabelle Bean who falls into a secret world that no one knows about.  In this world a witch is supposedly eating all the babies and the children think Isabelle is the witch.  Isabelle meets a girl named Hen and the two go on a quest to find the real witch. When Isabelle and Hen come across an old woman in the woods, they instantly like her. Isabelle finds out that the old woman’s name is Grete, and that she is a healer. Before you can say, “Abracadabra”, Grete is teaching Hen and Isabelle her ways of healing.  Isabelle eventually makes it back to the real world.  I give this book 4 stars because Frances O’Roark Dowell is a VERY good writer. I have also read another one of her books: The Second Life Of Abigail Walker. Also, I liked this book because of the adventures and the very startling facts.

*This book was borrowed from the library.


Some Kind of Happiness by Claire Legrand – Some Kind Of Happiness is about a girl named Finley who is forced to spend her summer at her grandparent’s house: The Hart House. Every week, Aunt Bridget and her kids stay, Aunt Dee and her kids stay, and Stick and her kids stay. When Finley arrives, everything changes. Finley has a journal that keeps the secrets of the Everwood. Gretchen, one of Finley’s cousins finds out about the Everwood and is now part of the story. Soon, one by one, all of Finley’s cousins finds out but they swear to help keep the secret of the Everwood from their parents. Finley has a lot on her hands now. Not only does she have to make sure everyone keeps the secret of the Everwood and not get herself and others in trouble, but she also has to worry about her parents getting a divorce.  She also wants to figure out the secret that the Hart family has been hiding for years and years that takes place in the “Bone House” in the Everwood.  Also, Grandma Hart may be old, but nobody but Grandpa, the aunts, and Avery knows that Grandma Hart has cancer and wears a wig. Read the book to find out the rest of the story! I gave this book 4 and a half stars because I think this is a heart-warming mystery for older kids.

*This book was borrowed from the library.


The Summer Before Boys by Nora Raleigh Baskin – The Summer Before Boys is about two girls named Eliza and Julia. Julia’s mom is deployed to Iraq and her dad is busy so she has to stay with her best friend Eliza for the summer. Things take an unexpected turn when  Julia meets a boy named Michael and decides to have a crush on him.  Julia and Eliza have a huge fight which causes Julia to leave Eliza on the mountain trail in the woods. This causes an uproar where the rangers and police come, and everything is chaotic.  I gave this book 4 stars.  This book is a good book for young adults or tweens that tells a lesson not to leave someone alone when they don’t exactly know where they are.

*This book was borrowed from the library.



Weekly Meal Plan {Week 45}

2016 Calendar

What a busy but fun weekend we had!  Friday night we went to a local minor league baseball game.  As much as we enjoy going to a Mets or Yankee game, minor league baseball means, smaller stadiums, cheaper tickets, and closer to home.  We got to see our first fireworks show of the summer too!  Saturday we went to a polo match, which was a new and fun experience for us.  Sunday we celebrated our son’s 8th birthday with family.  We made lots of food and getting to spend time with family is always nice.  My in-laws took the kids back with them after the party and we are childless until Thursday.  But let’s move on now to what was on our weekly meal plan last week.

The Big Bird

Saturday –   We went berry picking and to a museum up in the Fishkill/Beacon area.  After the museum we went to Stock Up in Beacon for dinner.  We shared two amazing sandwiches and a brisket dinner platter.  Everything was SO good!

Salmon Teriyaki and Veggie Stir-Fry

Sunday – My husband made a teriyaki salmon and veggie stir fy, using up some of last week’s CSA veggies. He made some rice to go with it.  It was tasty and healthy!

Arroz con Pollo and Chorizo Burrito

Monday – I made a very adapted version of Rachael Ray’s Arroz con Pollo & Chorizo Burritos.  I used ground turkey instead of ground chicken, omitted the saffron in the rice, and used cheddar cheese instead of Manchego. Instead of keeping the rice and meat mixture separate, I added the rice right into the pan with the meat.  This tasted okay and everyone ate it, but it’s not a repeat.

Peaches & Green Salad

Tuesday – I made Peaches and Green Salad from Cooking Light.  We used the fresh lettuce from our CSA.  Unfortunately, half the peaches I bought were mealy and had to be thrown out.  Some weeks I buy peaches and they are juicy and amazing.  Other times, even though they look and feel ripe, they are mushy!   I didn’t have green tomatoes so used regular red tomatoes.  This was a family affair prepping dinner, as my husband washed and chopped the lettuce while I chopped the veggies and my daughter made the salad dressing.  This was a tasty salad which I served with some Three Cheese Artisanal bread that I bought from the bakery section at Shoprite.

Chicken Cutlet, Mashed Potatoes, Patty Pan Squash

Wednesday – I made breaded chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes and a patty pan squash veggie side dish.   I will be sharing the patty pan squash recipe in a future CSA spotlight post.  This was a hot summer day, where I had chicken cutlets frying in a pan and the squash cooking in the oven.  I was a hot, sweaty mess!

The Melting Pot

Thursday –  We went to The Melting Pot in White Plains, a fondue restaurant, to celebrate my son’s 8th birthday.  This is the kids’ favorite restaurant and they have been choosing it for their birthday dinner celebration for years!

Cracker Jack Burger

Friday – We went to a minor league baseball game and had stadium food like this Cracker Jack Burger, Pizza Fries and Fried Dough!


Five on Friday – {Week 1}

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer.  We are half-way through July, which I can’t believe!  This week was a busy but fun week.  My son turned 8 yesterday which started out with doughnuts for breakfast and fondue for dessert.  The celebrating continues this weekend with his family birthday party.

This week:

Pan 2015 poster.jpg

1. Watching – The kids and I went to the Regal Summer Movie Express and saw Pan.  They also watched Kung Fu Panda 3.  My husband watched The Big Short, which I started watching with him, but couldn’t get into.  We’ve watched a couple more episodes of the newest season of Orange is the New Black.  I’m trying to catch up on The Real Housewives of New York and haven’t even started OC or Jersey yet.

2. On the Internet16 Must Make Mac and Cheese Recipes – This post is bookmarked for the fall when mac and cheese feels like the ultimate comfort food.  10 Tips to Help the Pokémon GO Beginner – We have not yet downloaded the Pokémon GO app, but I know my kids would love it.  This article gave me a great overview of the game, since I know absolutely nothing about it! When to Buy and Pay the Least – I’m all about a bargain and not paying more for something than I have to.  This post shares when it’s cheapest to buy some pricier items.

The Big Bird

3. Dining Out – We visited the recently opened Stock Up in Beacon, NY.  This Big Bird sandwich was one of the dishes that we all shared.  Delicious!  I took the kids out to breakfast at The Peekskill Coffee House for some coffee (hot chocolate for them!) and crepes.   We also went to The Melting Pot to celebrate my son’s 8th birthday.  My kids LOVE this place!

27191350               17083641

4. Reading – This week I finished Meternity and have started When the Morning Glory Blooms.


5. – Family Fun – Last weekend we went blueberry and raspberry picking.  This week the kids and I went out to breakfast, went to the movies, went mini-golfing, made our weekly library trip and tonight we are going to a local, minor league baseball game.  I am trying to fill up our 69 days of summer with a mix of relaxation and fun.

What have you been up to this week?

ICYMI this week on the  blog:
Monday I introduced a new weekly CSA Challenge feature and shared an escarole recipe.
Tuesday I shared my June 2016 reads and joined the Show Us Your Books link up.
Thursday I wrote about our berry picking experience at Fishkill Farms.

Linking up with Tif, Andrea and Amanda.

Have a great weekend!



Berry Picking at Fishkill Farms

Fishkill Farms

Our family recently visited Fishkill Farms in Hopewell Junction, New York for some berry picking.  Last year we visited the farm in mid-June and went strawberry picking.  Unfortunately, strawberry season at the farm is only in June.  However, we got a chance to pick blueberries and raspberries for the first time.  From the pictures, you may notice that we went on an overcast afternoon.  The temps were cooler which made for comfortable berry picking and the fields weren’t crowded. 

Admission Fee

When you arrive at the farm there is a field to the right where you can park (for free).  There is a booth in which you pay an admission fee for adults and children over 12.  According to their website, picking fees vary per day, time of year and what crops are in season.  The admission fees help cover the cost of maintaining the farm for public use, fruit sampling and more.  When we visited the farm this past Saturday, our admission fee was $5 per adult. At the booth you are also given containers to store your picked berries.

Blueberry Bushes

We first started picking blueberries.  The blueberry bushes we were told to pick from were enclosed in netting.  There were plenty of bushes in varying sizes available to pick from.  Each bush had berries in varying stages of ripeness.

Blueberry bushes

We were on the lookout for large, ripe berries, and there were plenty of them!

Berries Sign

From the blueberry bushes we headed towards the raspberry bushes.  As we descended the hill, there were labeled signs.

Raspberry Bushes

There were several rows of raspberry bushes, again filled with berries in various stages of ripeness.

Pay Stand

After picking the berries we went to the pay stand.  Prices are NOT advertised before picking, so you may want to call before deciding to pick. 

The blueberries ended up costing $10 a pound and the raspberries were $14 a pound.  They do accept credit cards!


After berry picking, we visited one of the chicken coops situated in the fields.

Beautiful Views

The farm is large with beautiful views.  You can even host parties and events out in the fields.


On weekends, there is a grill stand that serves burgers and hot dogs.  We were planning to eat dinner out so opted not to eat here.

Fishkill Farms Store

There is also a farm store, where you can purchase homemade jams, fruit and vegetables from the farm, doughnuts, pies and other locally produced packaged goods.

Fishkill Farms is a great farm to go berry picking.  It is especially popular in the fall for apple picking. The farm is open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM.  You can check out their Facebook page for updated information.  We had a great time and will be back in the fall to pick some apples and have some homemade doughnuts!