Subscription Box Gift Guide

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The holidays are coming and if you’re not sure what to get someone on your list, a subscription box may be the perfect gift. Depending on how many months you gift, it can be a gift that keeps giving. Plus, there is a subscription box available for everyone that you’re shopping for, no matter what they are interested in. There are even boxes for your pets! If you subscribe through Amazon, some of the boxes even have Prime member exclusive pricing as well.

Food Subscription Boxes:

Carnivore Club – If you have a meat lover in your life, this box is for him/her. Each box features 4-6 handcrafted cured meats. All the meats are cured and shelf stable, so they don’t require refrigeration. They also offer a snack subscription box that includes a variety of jerky and meat sticks ($39/month) and a wooden crate subscription which includes 20 – 32 oz. of cured meats that arrive in a wooden crate ($85/month) Base Price: $55/month Amazon Savings: 30% off first box

SnackNation – This subscription box includes a variety of healthy snacks each month, like nuts, seeds, chips, jerky and more. The small box includes 8 snacks, with other options available for more snacks. For every box received, a meal is donated to a family in need. Base Price: $14.99/month Amazon Savings: 43% off first box

Subscription Boxes for Her:

Allure Beauty Box – The Allure Beauty Box subscription includes full and travel-sized makeup and beauty products that are selected by Allure experts. Each box has a $50-$90 value and includes a mini magazine with tips and step-by-step instructions. Base Price: $15/month Amazon Savings: 33% off first box

Ipsy Bag – Ipsy is a makeup and beauty product monthly subscription. Each month you get 5 deluxe samples of products, customized to your profile, that you complete before ordering. Ipsy is not quite a “box” but even better, each month you get a makeup bag. I have subscribed to Ipsy in the past and liked it. I enjoy trying new products and brands that I’d never buy on my own. Plus, it’s super affordable. Subscription Price: $12/month

Photo courtesy of TheraBox

TheraBox – This is a self care box curated by therapists. Each box includes a monthly happiness activity plus 6-8 full sized wellness items, valued at over $100. Base Price: $40/month Amazon Savings: 13% off first box

Subscription Boxes for Him:

Birchbox Men – Birchbox has a women’s subscription box as well. However, there aren’t nearly as many men’s grooming and personal care subscription boxes available as there are for women. This box comes with five grooming samples from anti-aging moisturizers to facial care supplies and more. Subscription Price: $10/month

Gentleman’s Box – This subscription box includes a variety of products for the, “savvy man” in your life. It includes 4 – 6 grooming items, style accessories and more, valued at over $100. Base Price: $29/month Amazon Savings: 20% off first box

Subscription Boxes for the Kids:

Bitsbox – This is a coding subscription box aimed towards kids ages 6-12. No coding experience is necessary, as kids will learn to code through fun projects like video games and greeting cards. Each box builds off the previous one and includes a grownup guide. Base Price: $29.95/month Amazon Savings: 25% off first box

courtesy of Raddish Kids

Raddish Kids – This is a monthly cooking kit subscription box geared for kids ages 4 – 14+. Each month has a different theme and includes 3 laminated recipe cards, a kitchen tool, shopping list and more. Base Price: $24/month Amazon Savings: 58% off first box Prime Member Savings: 63% off first box

Subscription Boxes for Pets:

BarkBox – This subscription box is perfect for your dog. You choose the size of your dog (small, medium or large) for a customized box. Each themed box has a $45 value and includes two toys, two bags of treats and one dental chew. Base Price: $29/month Amazon Savings: 45% off first box

Photo courtesy of KitNipBox

KitNipBox – Cat owners will enjoy getting this box for their favorite felines. This box includes 5 toys, treats and/or other goodies. Each month’s box has a fun theme. Base Price: $19.99/month Amazon Savings: 15% off first box

Other Fun Subscription Boxes:

Photo Courtesy of Adults & Crafts

Adults & Crafts – This box comes with all of the materials, tools and instructions to complete a craft project. Past crafts have included wood burning, string art, alcohol ink paper project and more. Base Price: $39.95/month Prime Member Savings: $15.98

Hunt a Killer – This immersive game takes place over a six-episode season. Each month you receive a box filled with documents, letters, clues and more to help you eliminate a suspect. With your first box you are given access to an online community of other crime solvers. This box is intended for adults.Base Price: $33.95/month Amazon Savings: 25% off first box Prime Member Savings: 30% off first box

Succulent Studios – Plant lovers will enjoy getting this subscription box. Each month subscribers will receive two organically-grown baby succulents. They arrive in 2″ eco-pots and include care instructions. Base Price: $16.50/month Amazon Savings: 45% off first box

Holiday Gift Idea: MunchPak Subscription Box

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The holidays are quickly approaching.  Are you like me and frantically trying to figure out what to get everyone on your list?  Do you have some hard to shop for people?  The ones who don’t seem to need anything?  Or, you don’t want to get people “stuff” that they don’t really need.  How about giving a MunchPak subscription box? My whole family loves when this box arrives. We enjoy sampling the snacks over a couple of weekends throughout the month and discussing which ones are our favorites.

Inside each MunchPak box is a selection of international snacks from around the world.  The snack selection includes candy, cookies, chips and depending on what box size you choose, even drinks.  What’s even better is you can decide how frequently you or your gift recipient receives each snack box.  You can choose from 5+, 10+ or 20+ snacks per box.  Then you decide how long of a subscription you want to send.  Do you want to give a one time box or send a box for 3, 6, or 12 months? If you prefer that your recipient chooses which box they’d like, you can send a gift card instead. Bookmark this post, because on Cyber Monday (November 27), you can save 50% off a MunchPak subscription! Otherwise, you can save 25% off subscriptions the rest of the week.  Regular price subscriptions start at just $9.95 depending on which box you order!

Are you wondering what comes in this box?  Like I mentioned, there’s a variety of different types of snacks.  You will receive chips, cookies and candy.  The snacks will come from all different countries from around the world.  Although there is not a card included to tell you where the different snacks come from, they do have an app that allows you to scan the UPC code and find out more.  Many of the products have the country of origin right on the label.  Otherwise, I visit the MunchPak site and search the shop to find out more info.  Curious to see what a box looks like?  Here is a review of our most recent MunchPak box!  Inside our November box was:

Chewits (Blackcurrant) – (Candy from United Kingdom) Our box had the blackcurrant flavor of Chewits.  This is a candy from the United Kingdom.  The squares are individually wrapped.  They start out hard but as you suck on them, they get soft and chewy.  The blackcurrant flavor reminded me of a berry/grape flavor.

Cow Tales Crispy Moo Bar – (Candy from United States)  I had previously heard of the Cow Tales brand of candy before receiving this box.  My daughter had even gotten a Cow Tales candy trick-or-treating on Halloween.  This is a crispy rice bar with marshmallows.  It’s very similar to a Rice Krispy treat with little caramel bits on top.

Chiky Choko Banana Cookies – (Cookie from Costa Rica)  These are banana cookies with a bottom layer of chocolate.  The banana flavor was very faint.  Six cookies came in the package.

Lotte Pikachu Ramune – (Candy from Japan)  The packaging of this candy appealed to my Pickachu-loving son.  Inside are pink balls of candy.  They have a strawberry flavor on the outside and as you suck on it, the texture and flavor changes.  We found the flavor to get sour and then grainy with a banana flavor.

Tayto Ripples (Sour Cream and Onion Flavor) – (Chips from Ireland) These are Ireland’s take on sour cream and onion potato chips.  They were nice and crisp with a light sour cream and onion flavor.

Takis Zombie Habanero and Cucumber Tortilla Chips – (Chips from Mexico) These are a seasonal chip produced by Takis.  I personally wasn’t a fan of the habanero and cucumber flavor combo.  I found them to be hot and sour.  However, my husband really enjoyed these.  He thought the green coloring was unnecessary though.

Vidal Gummi Circus Clowns – (Candy from Spain) Our family loves gummy candy.  These clowns come in different colors but are all cotton candy-flavored with a cherry-flavored nose.  I found these gummies to be a bit hard and on the chewier side.  I couldn’t really discern the cotton candy flavor.

Lotte Stone Age Chocolate – (Candy from South Korea)  These are different colored candy covered chocolate eggs.

Kidsmania Wacky Monkey – (Candy from Mexico) This was also a super fun candy.  The package has a monkey that claps its cymbals together with the push of a button.  Yes, my son kept the monkey after we finished the candy! The candies are multi-colored, crunchy, sweet bites similar to a SweeTart flavor.

Eiffel Bonbons (Strawberry) – (Candy from France) This candy comes in several different flavors, but we received strawberry.  These have a powdery coating on the outside and are chewy strawberry-flavored balls.

Pei Tien Energy 99 Sticks (Pumpkin Roll) – (Snack from Taiwan) I wasn’t sure how to classify this snack.  It’s not really a chip, cookie or candy.  The outer shell looks and tastes like a puffy cheese doodle without the orange powder or cheese taste.  Inside is a sweet filling, that you couldn’t tell was pumpkin flavored unless you saw the package.

Lotte Milkis Apple Soda – (drink from South Korea) This is a new flavor of Milkis sodas.  Its a creamy bubbly apple juice that tastes extra sweet.

Every box is a surprise of snacks.  This subscription box is a lot of fun and a perfect gift for any foodie or snack lover on your holiday shopping list!


MunchPak Subscription Box {Review}

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Subscription boxes continue to be very popular, because who doesn’t like receiving a mystery box of fun each month? If you are an adventurous snack eater and want to try snacks from around the world, then MunchPak is for you!  The MunchPak snack subscription is easy to customize.  You choose how often you want to receive a new box (weekly, every two weeks or monthly) and how many snacks you want in each box (5+, 10+ or 20+).  The company realizes that some of their customers may have either food allergies or a strong preference in snack choices. There is an a la carte menu of 15 choices priced at an additional $1 each so you can ensure you receive only specific snacks.   Drink options are also available as an add-on to the box (tea, coffee, soda, juice, energy drink or water) for $5/each.  Yes, you have to be careful or the price can really add up quickly!  However, a basic, 5+ snacks box delivered once a month can cost as little as $9.95/month if you prepay for 12 months.  If you choose to subscribe month-to-month, it will cost $12.95/month.  You can use code: SNACKIN for $2 off your first order!

There’s no set theme to the snacks you receive in your MunchPak box.  Each box includes a variety of full-size snacks and treats from different countries.  Unfortunately, there’s no information card included to tell you about the snacks you just received.  However, you can download the Snack Scanner app and scan each snack’s barcode to find out what country it is from. You can also find out more info on the MunchPak site by searching in the “Our Shop” section.

We recently received a snack box for review.  It has been almost two years since we last tried MunchPak, so we were excited to see what we’d receive in the box.  Our 10+ box included the following eleven snacks and drink:

Draze Apacz Pomaranczowe – (Poland – candy) These candy balls had the flavor of an orange creamsicle.  They were crunchy on the outside but grainy on the inside.  We found them to be overly sweet.

Jacquet Bakery French Crepes (France – cookie) – These crepes are made in France but Jacquet Bakery has had a US prescence since 2013.  We received a 1.1 oz single crepe with chocolate filling, however the crepes are also sold with a strawberry filling or plain.  There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives in the crepes and they can be warmed up or eaten as is.  Since we were traveling in the car, we ate it as is.  We found the crepe to be very dry and the filling too sweet.

Au’some Chewy Bites – (China – candy) These chewy bites are small and pebble-shaped with a sweet taste.  The texture reminded us of the inside of a jelly bean.  Although we received strawberry flavored bites, we thought they tasted more like grape.  These are available in pineapple flavor as well.

Cookania Nutsy – (Pakistan – cookie) The description on the package describes these as “real peanut pistachio cookies.” There were three, small cookies in the package. We found them to be very dry and crumbly but liked that there were actual pieces of pistachio in the cookies.

Hanuta Haselnuss-Schnitte – (Germany – cookie) These cookies are made by Ferrero.  The package contained two square cookies, each encased in its own little tray.  Each consists of a thick chocolate, hazelnut filling sandwiched between two wafers.  These were really tasty!

Mieszko Zozole Musss – (Poland – candy)  This was such a fun bag of candy.  The bag contained approximately 15 pieces of individually wrapped lemon and orange flavored candy, although there was only one orange candy in the bag.  These were hard candies that had a fizzy, liquid center.  They were very different from anything that we have had before.

Doritos Pizzerola – (Mexico – chip) This bag of Mexican, pizza flavored Doritos did not last long.  These had a pizza flavor with a slightly bitter after taste.

Bebeto Laces – (Turkey – candy) These are raspberry and tangerine flavored candy strings with a sugar coating.  They had a sweet and sour gummy flavor that reminded us of Sour Patch Kids.

Goralki Nougat Wafers (Poland – candy) This is a candy bar consisting of layers of nougat flavored wafers encased in chocolate.

Stark Smoki (Serbia – chips) This snack has the looks and texture of a cheese doodle.  However, it has a slightly salty peanut flavor.

Mommy’s Palms Waffles Dulce de Leche flavor (Russia – cookies)  -These are stroopwafels, two thin waffle cookies with a thin layer of caramel between them.  The package contains six large cookies.  These had a taste that reminded us of a Girl Scout Samoa cookie without the chocolate.  You can warm these up in the microwave for a few seconds.  But they were super tasty as is.

Oshee Kombucha Drink (Poland – drink) My husband is the only kombucha drinker in our house so this drink was all his!  When I poured it into the glass it was fizzy.  I took a tiny sip and found the drink to be really sweet.  My husband didn’t taste any kombucha flavor.  He said it reminded him of a Redbull and if he hadn’t seen the can, that’s what he thought he was drinking.

As you can see, the MunchPak box includes different types of snacks including cookies, candy and chips from many different countries. While we didn’t enjoy all the snacks that came in the box, we always like giving them a try.  If you really enjoy a snack from your box you can visit the “Our Shop” section on the website and order some more!

Ready to try Use code SNACKIN for $2 off your first box!

Have you ever tried MunchPak?