Five on Friday {Happy Cinco de Mayo!}

Yeah for Friday and happy Cinco de Mayo!  Unfortunately, this has not been the greatest week for me, as you will read below.  I’m glad that it’s over and hope to have a hopefully enjoyable weekend!  This weekend my son has soccer and we are going out to dinner to celebrate my mom and brother’s birthdays! Here are five from this week:

1. Mother/Son time – Last Sunday my husband and daughter went to her Girl Scout Father/Daughter dance.  I took my son down to the local park so he could play on the playground and play some Pokemon Go.  Then I took him out for some ice cream.  This local ice cream shop has board games available to play, so we played a couple of rounds of Guess Who? (yes, there were two pictures missing from my board!) while he ate his ice cream.  On the way home, we picked up some Smash Burger for dinner.  Lucky boy got to eat dessert before dinner!

2. Dentist Problems – Excuse my rant here.  I had a dental cleaning this week.  Since we got new insurance at the beginning of the year, I had my husband call ahead and make sure the office had all the correct info needed before my visit.  Except, when I got there, they had made an error and gave me a difficult time, when they were at fault.  Needless to say, I ended up stressed out before my exam.  I’m already not a fan of the dentist and this didn’t help.  Luckily, I had a good visit and no cavities.  And then yesterday, while eating lunch I chipped a tooth!!  Now, I need to go back tomorrow!  Waah!   I like my dentist a lot.  However, I’m not a fan of the office staff at all.  I’m debating whether to switch dentists for one with a friendlier staff…..but not sure if it’s worth it.  Decisions, decisions.

3. Allergic Reactions – I’m fortunate enough not to have any food, pet or seasonal allergies.  Last Saturday at my son’s soccer game, I was sitting in my camp chair and noticed tons of little black caterpillars all over me.  I flicked them off my arms, the camp chair, my jeans, etc.  This went on the entire hour and a half of soccer!  The next day, I started breaking out in itchy, mosquito bite-like bumps in the areas where the caterpillars were (my arms and upper chest area).  At first, I didn’t think much of it.  But the number of bumps increased and I was so uncomfortable from the itchiness.   After some research, my husband and I concluded that the tiny caterpillars were gypsy moth caterpillars and I had an allergic reaction to them.  Yes, there’s such a thing, and I am lucky enough to be one of the few who are allergic.  After several days of Benadryl and anti-itch ointment the bumps have subsided and I’m doing okay.  But it’s been an itchy, uncomfortable week.

4. Reading – I’m currently reading The Circle by Dave Eggers.  It’s a Book of the Month read for a Goodreads group that I’m in.  It’s science fiction/dystopian and definitely not a book I’d pick up on my own. However, I’ve been sucked in and am really enjoying it.  And I just discovered that  Tom Hanks and Emma Watson star in the movie that is currently playing!  I’ll wait until it comes out on DVD but I do want to watch it.

5. Bargain Shopping –  I haven’t been doing much shopping since we’re trying to stay on budget and cut unnecessary expenses. Yesterday, I was shopping  for a birthday present for my mom at Kohl’s.  I ended up finding this spring/fall windbreaker type jacket (Don’t mind the unflattering pic of the jacket.  There’s a reason that I’m not a fashion blogger, LOL!!).  It was marked with the original price of $90. Since I found it on the clearance rack, I decided to price-check it, and discovered it was $9.00!  With my coupons and discounts, the jacket cost me a whopping $6.50!   I couldn’t pass this bargain up!

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  1. Happy Friday, friend! I truly hope it will be a happy one for you after all you’ve dealt with this week! I’m so sorry to hear about your dentist office problems. We have dealt with the same thing at our daughters’ dentist office for years. We absolutely love the dentist himself, but the office staff is so rude! We’re now looking for a new family dentist as it just makes visits so unpleasant. Hooray for being cavity free and I hope your upcoming appointment goes more smoothly (in dealing with the staff, that is). That allergic reaction sounded awful! I’m so sorry, friend! I hope those pesky caterpillars are nowhere near the next soccer match! On a happier note, sounds like you treated your son to an extra special time out!! Dessert before dinner and games, what more could a kid ask for? 😉 Wishing you a wonderful upcoming weekend!

  2. Ugh. Sorry about the allergic reaction and Dentist issues. Staff can make a huge difference in how you perceive a business. When I used to coach financial advisors we would talk to them a lot about their staff because that was the first representation of their business. It sounds like your Dentist needs to talk to his staff about how to treat clients! Love the jacket and especially the bargain price! I love it when I find a great deal like that! Have a great weekend!

  3. Ugh, I have a similar situation at the dentist recently 🙁 Hopefully I’ll switch my insurance back soon so I won’t have a hard time but grrrr. BTW, The Circle is fantastic! I can’t wait for the movie!

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