Five on Friday {Week 5}

Five on Friday

Yeah for Friday!  It’s been a long, hot, quiet week around here. My daughter has been in D.C. and Hershey Park with a friend of hers and their family.  She’s been super busy and having an amazing time from what I can tell from our short phone calls and pics that texted to me.  So, it’s been me and my son for most of the week, with not much exciting going on.  He had piano lessons, we went to the library, we cleaned out his closet and drawers to see what fall/winter clothes still fit to prepare for the school year and we picked up some more school supplies.  He has a friend coming over today and my daughter will be coming back home sometime tonight!  We sure have missed her around here!  This weekend we have our monthly supper club

A green, gold and blue coloured design, featuring three people joining hands in a circular formation, sits above the words "Rio 2016", written in a stylistic font. The Olympic rings are placed underneath.             Stranger Things logo.png

1. Watching – The Olympics, mostly gymnastics and swimming.  Darn you Facebook, where I end up seeing results before I’ve gotten a chance to watch!  My husband and I also finished Stranger Things on Netflix.  When we first watched the show, I was thinking that I wasn’t going to like it.  Sci-fi and horror are not my thing.  However, I was sucked in and hope there’s another season coming!


2. Reading – I’m currently reading Colleen Hoover’s newest book It Ends with Us.  I have JUST started it but I’m sure it will be finished this weekend!  I love Hoover’s books!


3. Eating – Lots of CSA veggies!  Zucchini, eggplant, peppers, Swiss Chard!  And this week we got our first tomatoes!  There is nothing like a farm fresh tomato!

4. Planning – on re-painting one of our living room walls.  It’s currently a teal blueish color but I’m thinking a more neutral brown color.  I’ve picked up some paint chip cards from the Home Depot and we will hopefully buy some paint this weekend.


5. – Remembering – The fun we had in Maryland last weekend visiting my sister and her family.  My kids don’t get to see their younger cousins very much so it’s always nice when we can fit in visits with each other.   My sister has a giant hill in her backyard and she set up tarps to make a giant slip and slide. She had tubes that the kids used to slide down it.  What fun they had!  There is an awesome Korean restaurant near their house and we eat there EVERY time we visit.  Bibimbap for the win!

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