Five on Friday {Getting Back Into the School Routine}

Five on Friday

I can’t believe that it’s Friday again.  The school year has started and the days are flying by!  This has been a pretty slow week around here.  It was all about getting back into the school routine.  The kids are adjusting to earlier wake up times and having homework each night.  Luckily, most activities haven’t started yet so they are able to get in some relaxing time after school.  Here are five from this week:

Shake Shack at Citi Field

1.Mets Game – Sunday night we went to Citi Field and watched the Mets vs. Nationals game in a suite box!  My brother-in-law gets tickets every year and it’s always a fun time.  The kids especially love the Shake Shack that we always get.  The game didn’t start until 8 PM (my son’s normal bed time!).  We left at the top of the 8th inning, around 10:45 PM when the Mets were winning 5-1.  Well, it turns out no additional runs were scored by either team after we left!

The Girls

2.  Reading – I picked up The Girls from the library this week.  I just started it, so no opinions as of yet.  I’ve heard mixed reviews, so I’m hoping I enjoy it.

Shoe Shopping

3. Shopping – I used to be able to buy my daughter’s clothes for her, doing most of the shopping while she was at school.  At 10, she is now very opinionated about what she wears.  This usually means that whatever I pick out is shot down.  She was in need of some pants and sneakers for school, so we took a quick trip on Monday to the Woodbury Common outlets.  It was super busy, but there were some good deals to be found.  My husband got some Sperry Topsider fall shoes, which he was looking for.  He also found a pair of Merrell hiking sneakers to wear on the Cub Scout hiking and camping trips that he goes on with my son.  Although my daughter didn’t get gym sneakers, she did get a pair of Keds low-top sneakers that she loved.  Amazingly, I didn’t get anything!

Sweet Cream Coffee Caramel

4. Eating – Haagen Dazs has a destination series ice cream collection and I may be attempting to eat my way through the entire line!  We have already tried the vanilla tangerine and shortbread cookie and sweet cream coffee caramel.  The toasted sesame brittle is sitting in my freezer as I type!  Out of the two flavors we’ve already tried, the sweet cream coffee caramel is our fave!

5.  This weekend – Soccer starts up again for my son this weekend.  My husband is participating in a local tae kwon do demonstration.  And on Sunday we will be going to the Hudson Valley Wine and Food Festival.  This is my early birthday celebration pick!

Pokemon Go

6. (Bonus)  Pokémon Go – I finally broke down and downloaded the game for the kids.  Let me tell you, it came in handy keeping them occupied while my husband was trying on shoes at the outlets on Monday!  If played safely I think there are some benefits to the app, mostly getting kids (and adults) moving!

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  1. Ugh I know what it is like to have a girl to shop for. My nine year old…forget it, she has to pick everything or else it sit in the closet, with tags, never worn. Drives me crazy!

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