September 2016 Reads

September 2016 Reads

Happy Monday!  We are home from our cruise and I am back into blogging!  Unfortunately,  while I was away I missed the monthly Show Us Your Books link up.  Although I couldn’t link up, I did want to share my September 2016 reads.  September was a good reading month in terms of quantity, as I was able to read several books.  Here they are listed in order from least to most liked.

3 Stars:


The Girls by Emma Cline – A teenage girls gets involved in a cult in the 1960’s and escapes being part of a tragic incident.  Although this is a New York Times bestseller, I wasn’t impressed.


The Mistresses’s Revenge by Tamar Cohen – I recently read Cohen’s newest book The Fallout and wasn’t impressed.  This book wasn’t any better.  It shows one woman’s demise and that of her lover after he ends their five year affair.


Still A Work In Progress by Jo Knowles – This is a recently published middle grade fiction book.  Noah is a middle school student whose older sister has battled an eating disorder.  It appears that she has relapsed, which effects the entire family, especially Noah.  I think Knowles provides a realistic view of the ups and downs of middle school, friendships and family difficulties.


Unidentified Suburban Object by Mike Jung – This is a middle grade fiction book.  Chloe Cho is a 7th grader, Korean-American.  She is the only Asian student in her school.  Although she is eager to learn more about her Korean culture, her parents are very resistant.  The story was enjoyable until midway when Chloe makes an important discovery, and then it went downhill for me after that.


The Widow by Fiona Barton – This book is told from three different points of view – Jean, the widow, the reporter and the detective.  When little Bella goes missing from her yard and is never found, Jean’s husband Glen becomes a prime suspect.  Jean stands by her husband, even as she discovers things about him that she never new.  This was another book recommended, “for fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train.”  However, I didn’t find it very suspenseful.

4 Stars:


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll – Have you ever been confused as to whether you’ve actually read a book or just know the story so well from movies?  That’s how I felt with this book.  Prior to now, I’m not sure if I ever actually read this classic.  If I did, it was probably as a child.  My son and I read this book together aloud over the course of a month.  I hadn’t realized how antiquated the language was, however he understood the gist of the story.


All Is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker – 15 year-old Jenny Kramer is brutally raped and injured in the woods near a party she attended.  At the hospital she was given a drug to help her forget that night.  But now she’s working with a therapist to retrieve her memories from that night to help her heal.  This book fits the psychological thriller category with several twists.  Add in characters that are all dysfunctional in their own way and you have a good read.


All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood – Wavy’s dad is a drug dealer and her mom is a drug addict.  At eight-years-old Wavy don’t speak or eat in front of people.  She has taken on the role of caregiver for her younger brother Donal.  When Kellen, one of her father’s workers gets in a motorcycle accident she ends up saving his life by getting help.  What ensues is a love story between a young girl and a man.  The book is told through the points of view of multiple characters in the book.  As disturbing as the relationship is, the story is riveting.


Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris – This book was more psychological than a suspense thriller for me.  I found Jack Angel to be a psycho and Grace was naïve.  Overall a good read for me though.


Just My Luck by Cammie McGovern – This is another middle grade fiction book that I read this month.  Fourth grader Benny blames himself for his father’s aneurysm.  Since the accident, he hasn’t been himself.  Add in a teacher who starts acting strange and dealing with two older brothers, one who is autistic, life is tough for Benny.  Having worked with autistic children, I thought this book did a great job of giving a realistic look at autism.  It also touches on being kind and friendship.




  1. I was not a big fan of The Girls either. It had a lot of promise in the beginning but fell apart by the end. It had so much hype, so I guess kudos to the publisher. I really enjoyed All is Not Forgotten. I really wanted to punch a character in the nose at the end of the book! I’m adding All the Wonderful and Ugly Things to my TBR. Hope you had a great time on your cruise!

    • We had a great time Tanya. A vacation is always nice! I can’t wait to hear what you think of All the Wonderful and Ugly Things if you end up reading it. I’m curious as to which character you wanted to punch in All Is Not Forgotten!

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