Read in the Blogosphere

Read in the Blogosphere

Happy Monday!  I don’t have our weekly meal plan to share since we were vacationing for part of the week.  Instead, here are a few blog posts that I read in the blogosphere this past week that I enjoyed and thought might interest you!

I am fascinated by minimalism.  Our family did a minimalist decluttering challenge in February, but I really enjoyed reading about confidence + minimalism.

I like to read about what people eat.  Not only the delicious, not-good for you foods that fill my Instagram feed, but also the every day, clean eating food.  Especially, because this is something I struggle with.  I’m always getting ideas from reading food diary posts which will hopefully get me on track for some spring clean eating.

As many of you know, I am podcast addicted.  I don’t listen to a lot of parenting podcasts, but I did find the Mom and Dad are Fighting podcast from this post.   Plus, I have another of my own podcast posts coming soon!

I am the first to admit that I am fashionably challenged.  I joke with my husband that my style is the what’s on the “clearance rack style.”  My fashion and home decorating skills definitely need some improvement.  Since I’m trying to put more effort into my fashion but I’m also budget conscious I really enjoyed 20 under $20.

Between Easter and our family’s love of eating them for breakfast, I have been hard boiling a lot of eggs.  I try to use the same timing and method every time, but sometimes I get awesome easy to peel eggs and sometimes I don’t.  I’m hoping to try this method soon!

What have you been reading in the blogosphere recently?


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