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Word of the year

I’ve never had a word of the year before.  However, I really felt like I needed one this year.  2015 had its shares of ups and downs and I am hoping that 2016 will be better.  So, for my word of the year I chose HAPPY.  Don’t get me wrong, this is not to say that I am or have been unhappy.  I just think there’s always room to be happier and I really want to be intentional about it this year.  Only five days into the new year and I’ve already seen the impact of me embracing this word.  After I told my daughter about my word of the year a couple of days ago and my quest to be happy she noted, “You have been calm these past few days!”  For me HAPPY includes:

not sweating the small stuff.

being content with and appreciating what I have.

eating healthier and exercising more.

not comparing myself to others.

doing more of the things that make me feel that way.

saying no.

helping my husband to build his business.

celebrating the little things.

not letting the kids stress me out.

working to achieve my goals.

getting enough sleep.

organizing and decluttering.

looking on the bright side.

doing things to make other family members happy.

This list is not all encompassing and right now seems like a lot.  But I’m taking baby steps and using “happy”as a guide and motivator.  I am becoming more aware of my actions and words especially around my husband and kids.  The other evening, instead of me yelling at the kids when they weren’t doing what they were supposed to be, which is what I normally would do, I sent my husband to deal with it!  Ha!  This allowed me to be able to talk to them in a calm voice later.  I told them about my word of the year and my attempt to embrace “happy.”  My husband doesn’t think that I will last a week in my quest for happiness.  Challenge on!  But, he’s really supportive of me in my endeavor, since he and we all know the saying, “happy wife, happy life!”

I also recommended (made) my husband choose a word of the year.  He chose “success.”


Weekend Chef here.  “SUCCESS” is a relative word, not only for the person using it but also can be redefined for that same person through time. Success for me, for today, will look different for me next year. And the year after that. I started my own business a month ago. Initially, success means the ability to pay the regular monthly bills. Big picture stuff here. However, you can’t get to the big goal without a bunch of little actions along the way. The real goals are attainable in small bites. I read a great blog post recently over at Primer Magazine on “How to Be Awesome Every Hour of the Day“. It’s a bit of inspiration to be your best and exceed expectations for an hour. And then to do it for an hour after that. If done correctly, you just keep on doing an hour of awesome at a time nonstop. To overcome challenges for an hour, despite the couch calling to you longingly. Despite the easy way out. Despite the negativity that sometimes surrounds us. To stay motivated.

So success is taking the risk of a new business venture and giving it my all, despite the chance of failure. Sure, I strive to be the best  in my field but that will come with time. I’ll take my success one hour at a time and I’ll see how things look when I turn around at the end of 2016 and look back. I know I’ve done my best to make dreams a reality.



  1. Happy is a great word for the year! I love how you defined your happy as well! Success is a wonderful one as well!

  2. LOVE IT!!! We all need more happy in our lives! so glad you are part of our project and get wait to read more about your 2016 goals!

  3. Your list is so ambitious! I feel like I should adopt it as mine too! Good luck in pursuing “happy” in the coming year. Warmly, Lori from The Novel Endeavor

  4. Great words to guide your 2016! My goals for this year are similar and that happiness includes writing and blogging. So, I’ll be linking up your blog. I wish you a happy and access full 2016 indeed.

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