January Reads {2019}

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January was a great reading month for me in terms of quantity and quality. I am hoping to keep this reading streak going for the rest of the year! As usual, I’m sharing this post with Steph and Jana’s monthly Show Us Your Books linkup. Here are my January reads in order from least to most enjoyed.

3 Stars


The Exes’ Revenge by Jo Jakeman – Imogen, Naomi and Ruby have all been with the cruel and manipulative, Phillip at some point. Each has their reasons for wanting revenge. The three women end up teaming up together to get back at their ex. Overall, this was just an okay suspense read for me.


She Was the Quiet One by Michele Campbell – Twin sisters Bel and Rose attend the prestigious, private Odell Academy. Sarah and Heath Donovan are the dorm heads of Moreland Hall, where the girls live, as well as Bel and Rose’s advisors. Bel ends up hanging out with the wrong crowd and hazes her sister. They each turn to their respective advisors for support. When the story opens we know that one of the sisters dies, but we don’t know which one, how or why. This story is a psychological thriller that had some twists and kept me guessing.

4 Stars


Clean My Space by Melissa Maker – This was my non-fiction book of the month. I heard about this book from a podcast. It’s a book about cleaning. Yes, it’s a bit repetitive at times, but Maker, who owns a cleaning business really details the process of cleaning. From making your own cleaners to the supplies you need, to the best way to clean each room in your house, this book is a wealth of cleaning information.


Cravings: Hungry for More by Chrissy Teigen – I didn’t read Teigen’s first book Cravings. However, I really enjoyed reading this cookbook. Teigen writes in a very down-to-earth, relatable way. There are so many recipes in this cookbook that I want to make. So far, I have made one recipe from this cookbook and it was delicious!


My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren – Millie is the only girl in a gang of guys, all of them professors at UC Santa Barbara and all of them single. When they have a black-tie gala to attend, they decide that they need dates and try online dating. Things get a little messy when Millie and one of the guys, Reid, end up spending a half-night together. I have been devouring Christina Lauren’s books and have enjoyed all of their books that I have read! Just like the others, this one was a fun read and did not disappoint.


Thomas Wildus and the Book of Sorrows by J.M. Bergen – (c/o Book Publicity Services) Thomas Wildus is almost 13. When he stumbles upon an old bookstore he is introduced to the Book of Sorrows. To read the book he must follow a strict set of rules. But the lure of magic is worth it to him. Through this book Thomas is introduced to a new world, discovers information about his family and learns that he has magical powers. I read this fantasy middle grade fiction book with my son. It was an engaging read, filled with magic and adventure, that we both enjoyed.


Watching You by Lisa Jewell – Someone is murdered in Melville Heights, a nice neighborhood in England. But who did it? This book has lots of suspects and secrets that keeps the reader guessing. Jewell writes a good suspense novel that doesn’t disappoint.

5 Stars


The Dream Daughter by Diane Chamberlain – It is 1970 and Carly Sears lost her husband in the Vietnam War. But she is pregnant with his baby and learns that at 27 weeks her daughter has a heart defect that will kill her. Carly’s brother-in-law has a possible way to help her baby, which requires Carly to have strength and courage that she never realized she had. Prior to reading this, it has been years since I’ve read a Chamberlain book. I didn’t think that I’d be interested in the topic of this book, but was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book.



  1. I echo your thoughts on The Dream Daughter – really enjoyed it more than I expected to. Loved that Christina Lauren book too – I found it completely hilarious at times. She was the Quiet One sounds super intriguing!! That Lisa Jewell book is on my list too.

  2. Glad you enjoyed Watching You too! I also read that this month and thought it was well done. I’ve only read one Christina Lauren but Half Night stand sounds like a fun one next time I need some chick lit!

  3. hmmm The Dream Daughter is on my list but i didn’t know it had anything to do with a baby. which may seem obvious in the title, oops. i might skip it for now. glad you liked my favourite half night stand! it was cute.

  4. Dream Daughter was really interesting and unique, haven’t read another story like that before. Would definitely read Chamberlain again.

  5. I love Chrissy Tiegen but haven’t tried any of her recipes. Her food looks awesome though.

    The cleaning book actually sounds interesting to me and that’s not my typical type of book to seek out.

  6. I really liked Watching You too & I’m anxious to get Chrissy’s second cookbook, I really like the first & it is so fun(ny) to read along with the recipes.

  7. I have the Dream Daughter at home and need to read it. The Half-Night Stand and She was the Quiet One both sound good too.

  8. I really love Diane Chamberlain books. I need to read The Dream Daughter! I have been wanting to read that Christina Lauren book. I have Watching You on my NetGalley and definitely want to read it soon!

  9. I really liked Cravings for the same reason you liked her new cookbook. She’s just so relatable but I’m not sure if I made anything (it was a library book). But that’s more on me than her! I do want to check out her latest too. I am messy. So I need to check out that cleaning book. 😀 Also I just got my first Christina Lauren book. I think you’ve read it – the Josh and Hazel one? I’m really excited to read it!

  10. I’ve heard good things about Watching You, I have that one on my list. And same about the Chrissy Tiegen cookbook–I hear such good things! I don’t buy a ton of cookbooks but maybe I should at least check this one out at the library and give it a test drive 🙂

  11. The Exes Revenge, She was the Quiet One and Watching You all sound great. I have Chrissy Teigen’s first cookbook and love it so I’m going to have to get the second one at some point.

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