Five on Friday {The First in August}

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!  We have enjoyed perfect weather this week, finally experiencing some comfortable temperatures.  This week the kids had some play dates, we started purchasing school supplies, and we are getting ready to spend a few days down in Maryland visiting my sister and her family.  The kids can’t wait to see their cousins.  A vacation for October was also booked (see below!) which we are all very excited about!  This week we were:

Odd Mom Out bravo logo.png                       Princess bride.jpg

1. Watching –  My husband and I have continued to watch Stranger Things on Netflix.  I have been watching Scandal and a couple episodes of Odd Mom Out.  We all watched The Princess Bride.   The last time I saw that movie, I think I was my daughter’s age (10)!

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2. Reading – I most recently read Because of Winn-Dixie, which is my daughter’s required summer reading for school.  I am currently reading The Last Time She Saw Him, a mystery/thriller.  My son and I are reading The BFG by Roald Dahl together, as well as listening to/reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Beef Brisket Sandwich

Hot Dippity Donuts

3. Dining Out – This week the kids and I went out for lunch at a local BBQ restaurant where I enjoyed this Beef Brisket sandwich.  We then went next door and brought home these doughnuts, which we saved to share with my husband, when he got home  from work.

Family Season Paintings

4. Family Fun – It rained most of this past weekend.  Saturday, we went to a neighbor’s pool party and BBQ, although most of the time was spent indoors as it poured most of the afternoon and evening.  Sunday, we did a family art project, where we each painted a canvas reflecting a chosen season.  My son chose summer, my daughter chose spring, my husband painted winter and I painted fall. These will soon be hanging on our living room wall!  We also went bowling Sunday evening and then came home and watched The Princess Bride.

5. Excited About:  We have booked an October vacation for an early celebration of my husband’s 40th birthday!  It’s about a month early, but we had to take advantage of the kids having some days off from school.  We have booked a Carnival cruise to Saint John and Halifax.  We’ve never done a Canada cruise before and are excited to see someplace new.

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  1. Oh man, SO JEALOUS of your October vacation. What fun you’ll have!! And sounds like the perfect time to soak up some last warm weather before the cold weather up your way arrives. So smart! Hope you all are having a great weekend, minus rain!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

    • Thanks Katie! We won’t have hot weather and will hopefully get to see some fall foliage. Honestly, it was a time when the kids had off from school and we got a great price…not really smart planning!

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