Meal Plan Monday {Week 7}

July Meal Plan

Here is a look at what was cooking last week in our kitchen.  If you’d like to learn more about our meal planning process check out this post.  At least one night a week we try to have a meatless meal.  The weather wasn’t too hot this past week, so I didn’t mind turning the oven on to roast some potatoes and tomatoes and cook bacon.  Most of the meals were cooked on the stove and I even used the slow cooker once this week.

Saturday:  We were up in Rhode Island and had sausage, onion and pepper wedges with corn on the cob and pasta salad.

Sunday:  My dad made some ginger-teriyaki glazed salmon that we had with zucchini ratatouille and leftover pasta salad.


Monday:  I adapted this Chinese Spaghetti with Spicy Meat Sauce recipe from blog Mika’s Pantry.  I’m working on my adaptations and this may be making an appearance on the blog soon.  It was an Asian twist on the traditional Italian Spaghetti with meat sauce that the kids really enjoyed.  I didn’t add the “spicy” to theirs.


Tuesday:  I made Farro with Honey-Garlic Roasted Tomatoes from the December 2014 issue of Cooking Light.  This was one of those times that I didn’t read the recipe in its entirety before making it.  Only after it was done and I saw that there was not enough in the pot for a meal did I realize that this was meant to be a side dish.  The kids were not up for running to the grocery store with me to pick up something to have with it so I ended up scrambling some eggs to fill out the meal.  I liked this a lot and have recently come to enjoy farro and roasted tomatoes.  The kids didn’t like it so much but did eat it mixed with their scrambled eggs.  Whatever works!


Wednesday:  I made Brown Sugar and Balsamic Glazed Crockpot Chicken from blog More Than a Mom of Three.  I used bone-in chicken thighs because chicken breasts always turn out dry when I make them in the slow cooker.  I also used frozen chicken which ended up watering down the dish so we ended up with more of a sauce than a glaze.  The kids complained that the chicken didn’t have any flavor.  I may end up trying this again with defrosted boneless chicken thighs since it was so easy to prepare.  I served this with some sautéed zucchini and roasted potatoes.


Thursday:  We had Breakfast Fried Rice from blog How Sweet It Is.  Anything with bacon is a winner in our house!  And eggs again?!  The kids loved it!

Friday:  We had homemade pizza.  Just tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella on store-bought pizza dough.

What was the best dinner you had last week?




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  1. Awesome meals here! I was especially fond of our bacon-wrapped chicken with cream cheese, but then of course, bacon! 🙂 Thank you for linking this post up to Merry Monday, come back and link up this week!

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