Winter Outdoor Dining in Westchester County

I know that many people are still not comfortable with indoor dining. However, since the cold weather has arrived, that’s left many with the option of doing takeout only. Fortunately, from igloos to outdoor tents with heaters, there are several restaurants offering outdoor dining options. Check out our guide to winter outdoor dining in Westchester County. Please be mindful that you are dining outdoors, so it is recommended that you do dress warmly. As always, please check directly with the restaurant for the most up-to-date information. Please let me know of any other restaurants that can be added to this list! (email:

Heaters Only:

3 Westerly: (Ossining) This restaurant serves modern American cuisine. They are open daily from 12 PM – 10 PM with outdoor dining. They have a 7 foot wind barrier around the perimeter of the patio and another 6 feet of clearance for natural air flow. Each table has its own heater and they provide blankets for guests as well.

Bar Taco: (Port Chester) This taco restaurant offers outdoor dining with heaters and has fleece blankets for guests.

Bridgeview Tavern: (Sleepy Hollow) Bridgeview Tavern serves microbrews and American cuisine. They have a heated beer garden for outdoor dining.

Photo c/o Catina Lobos

Cantina Lobos: (Pelham) This Mexican restaurant has outdoor dining with heaters.

The Dog Den: (White Plains) This hot dog joint has both outdoor heaters and a fire pit to keep you warm while you eat outside. If you want to eat in your car, they also have drive-in dining. Place your order from your car and they will bring your food out to you.

Fortina: (Rye Brook) Fortina is an Italian restaurant with three locations in Westchester County. The Rye Brook restaurant has an outdoor dining patio with heat lamps.

Fortina: (Yonkers) Fortina’s Yonkers location has an outdoor patio with heaters as well as garden dining with heat lamps.

Lusardi’s: (Larchmont) This upscale Mediterranean restaurant has several tables outside with lots of heaters.

Photo c/o North Street Tavern

North Street Tavern: (White Plains) The North Street Tavern has an outdoor dining area with lots of heaters.

Photo c/o Sam’s of Gedney Way

Sam’s of Gedney Way: (White Plains) Sam’s of Gedney Way has a covered, heated patio available for outdoor dining. They socially distance parties and limit outdoor dining to approximately 24 guests.

Photo c/o The Tap House

The Tap House: (Tuckahoe) The Tap House is a gastro-pub that serves modern American fare. They have 10 tables outside with heat lamps.

Igloos & Greenhouses:

Augie’s Italian Restaurant: (Larchmont) Augie’s has, “private enchanted moonlight villas.” Each heated villa holds up to six guests and visits are limited to 90 minutes. Reservations are highly recommended, as they are very popular. The villas are aired and sanitized between parties.

Photo c/o Billy & Pete’s Social

Billy & Pete’s Social: (Larchmont) Billy & Pete’s has four outdoor igloos. After every use, their igloos are sanitized with a medical-grade sanitizer. Each igloo has four points of airflow for a cross ventilation system.

Photo c/o La La Taqueria

La La Taqueria: (Larchmont) This Mexican restaurant has five heated igloos that seat six. Each igloo is disinfected between guests and there is a 30 minute wait time between seatings to allow the structures to air out. Doors and vents of the igloo are kept open to allow for air flow.

Photo c/o Tequila Sunrise.

Tequila Sunrise: (Larchmont) This Mexican restaurant has 6 private igloos that can seat up to a party of 7. Each igloo is heated and has air vents to keep fresh air flowing. The igloos are completely sanitized between parties.

Photo c/o Tipsy Taco

Tipsy Taco Bar: (Mount Kisco) This Mexican restaurant has five heated igloos.

Vela Kitchen: (Pleasantville) Vela Kitchen in Pleasantville has a couple of greenhouses for outdoor dining. They seat up to four guests and have a 90 minute dining limit.

Vintage 1891 Kitchen: (Larchmont) This restaurant serves contemporary American cuisine. They have greenhouses that can seat a party of up to 6 guests.

Heated Tents:

Augie’s Prime Cut: (Mohegan Lake) This steakhouse has a large heated tent on its outdoor patio. Check their Instagram page, as they frequently announce 50% off menu items for outdoor tent dining only.

Benjamin Steakhouse: (White Plains) This steakhouse has a covered, heated patio that has windows and openings for ventilation.

Photo c/o The Brazen Fox

The Brazen Fox: (White Plains) The Brazen Fox has an outdoor heated tent that is open every day.

Photo c/o Buon Amici.

Buon Amici: (White Plains) This Italian restaurant has an enclosed heated tent in their rear lot. The tent can accommodate approximately 65 guests and tables are socially distant apart.

Fortina: (Armonk) Fortina’s Armonk location has an outdoor heated tent as well as a patio with heat lamps.

Gigante: (Eastchester) This Italian restaurant has a small heated tent for outdoor dining and keeps one side of the tent open for ventilation.

Photo c/o Goosefeather

Goosefeather: (Tarrytown) Dale Talde’s modern Chinese restaurant has a partially enclosed tent on their back patio. Two sides of the tent are kept semi-open to allow for air flow. There are eleven tables in the 20×30 foot space with 9 heaters.

Magno’s Grill: (New Rochelle) This Argentinian and Italian restaurant has a heated, ventilated tent for outdoor dining.

Photo c/o Moderne Barn

Moderne Barn: (Armonk) Moderne Barn has a large heated tent available for both lunch and dinner service. They also have 3 outdoor tables with heaters. Guests must call to reserve one of these tables.

Pasquale Restaurant: (Port Chester) This Italian restaurant has a large heated tent for outdoor dining.

Purdy’s Farmer and the Fish: (North Salem) This seafood restaurant has heated outdoor tents for dining as well as fire pits.

Quenas Restaurant: (Harrison) This Peruvian restaurant has a large heated tent for outdoor dining with plenty of space between tables. They also offer ponchos for guests to use if chilly.

Rye Roadhouse: (Rye) Rye Roadhouse serves Cajun and Creole cuisine. They currently have an outdoor heated tent. Once the weather gets a little warmer, they will expand their outdoor dining with pyramid heaters.

Tredici North: (Purchase) This Italian restaurant has a heated tent that is partially open for ventilation.

Underhills Crossing: (Bronxville) This French restaurant has a large outdoor heated tent for dining.