Currently May 2017

Currently 2017

I am so excited to be Anne’s guest-host this month for the Currently link up!  It’s hard to believe that it’s already May. The school year is almost over and summer will be here before I know it.  This month is super busy with fun! We will be celebrating my mom and my brother’s birthday and of course, Mother’s Day.  There are class trips and extracurricular activities.  And the month ends with a long Memorial Day weekend.  Here is a look at what I’m currently:

Baking –  Yesterday I made an adapted version of these Raspberry Lemon Ricotta Muffins.  These muffins are tasty and a hit with the kids! I’m not much of a baker, but I usually make a weekly batch of muffins.  They are just so easy and convenient to have on hand.  I give them to the kids with yogurt and fruit for a quick and easy breakfast or lunch. Then I freeze the extras, which are super easy to defrost when needed.

The Travelers

Listening To – I love listening to podcasts.  Besides my regular rotation including Happier with Gretchen Rubin, For Crying Out Loud, Heather Dubrow’s World, Spawned with Kristen and Liz of CoolMom Picks and Call Your Girlfriend, I’ve recently added The Travelers into rotation.  Although the podcast is no longer producing new episodes, there are 222 old ones for me to get through!  I love hearing how people get into traveling and their tips.  Once the kids are grown up I plan on doing some serious traveling!

Loving –  My library book haul!  Yesterday was library day and I came home with this haul!  The Perfect Stranger is my current read, but the rest just came in.  All of them except The Circle are new releases and two of them are 14 day books!!  I know what I’ll be doing the next two weeks!  I love my reading time…..now I just need to make sure I fit more of it in!

Planting – We haven’t actually started planting anything yet, but have plans to!  The weather has been rainy and chilly.  Once we get some free time and nicer weather, we want to plant some flowers around the outside of the house.  I’m also debating whether to do some container gardening.  My husband made the container planters, pictured above, last year.  Unfortunately, we don’t have great sun exposure on our back deck and the plants didn’t do as well as I would have liked.  We got this idea from my parents who have full sun exposure in their yard and get amazing results with these container gardens!  Plus, I’m not sure how much we’ll be home this summer, so we will most likely pass on the container gardening.  I will be planting herbs though.   A summer fave is fresh basil and mozzarella on a ripe tomato!  So, I have to make sure I have plenty of basil.

Remembering – Thank you family calendar and Happy planner!  Without these two life-savers I could not remember all that is going on this month.  With the end of the school year quickly approaching there is so much going on.  Girl scout events, cub scout events, class trips, the school book fair that I’m helping out with, doctors appointments…..the list goes on and on.  Every night I check the family calendar and write out everything that needs to be done in my Happy planner.  If it’s not on the calendar and in the planner, it’s not getting done!

Now it’s your turn!  Link up and share what you are currently up to!



  1. Yes, I’m so addicted to my Happy Planner. It keeps me on track for everything – life, work, blogging. And it’s just fun to decorate!

    Yay for a fun library haul. I really need to read Strange the Dreamer. I’m curious about The Circle too, but I feel like I’ll end up seeing the movie before I ever get to read it – which is fine! I love Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, so it looks great.

    May does seem like it will be a busy month for most – I’m not complaining though. It’s nice to have some things down on the calendar!


    • I’m reading The Circle with a goodreads group. I didn’t realize it’s going to be a movie, but now I want to see it! It’s an interesting book! I agree the Happy Planner is fun to decorate!!

  2. I love my calendar/agenda, too, but need to remember to use it!!! So pretty, though, whether I use it or not.

    Your muffins sound divine. Like little cheesecakes. Yum.

    As a librarian, I am always thrilled to see people reading. Impressive haul of books. Enjoy.

    Thanks for hosting the link-up with Anne.
    Leslie at onceuponatimehappilyeverafter.com

  3. Ooh I love a good library haul – I haven’t read any of those but have contemplated that Megan Miranda one. And thanks for the reminder on muffins…I haven’t done those in quite a while, but they’re so handy to have in the freezer for when we need to change up breakfast or are in a hurry.

    Thanks for co-hosting today!

    • I didn’t read Miranda’s first book, but found The Perfect Stranger to be okay. Yes, love making the muffins! I enjoyed co-hosting this month! Thanks for having me!!

  4. I read The Perfect Stranger in April. It’s a good choice since you were craving a mystery! I didn’t realize the new Paula Hawkins book was out (I thought it was late May or June) so now I need to put it on hold. I love flowers but have a black thumb. It’s embarrassing! My patio doesn’t get the best sun exposure, which doesn’t help. I was able to keep a basil plant alive for most of the summer last year, so I’m going to try it again!

    • I’m going to start the new Paula Hawkins book today! I have a black thumb as well. I think I’m going to try succulents!! LOL!! I’m going to try planting basil too since we tend to use it a lot over the summer.

  5. First up, is I have to say it’s nice to see your face:) We rarely get to see that. The Perfect Stranger seems to be something I’ll like and I’ll need to look into that. Of course, you read so many more books that I do.

  6. Okay, that muffin recipe sounds absolutely delicious. Does it have a lot of lemon flavor to it? My husband is so weird about lemon-tasting things haha, but hey- if I make them and he doesn’t like them, more for me! 😉 Thanks for cohosting, I love this link up!

  7. I have not really gotten on the podcast bandwagon but I have caught a few of the Happier episodes and really like them. I need to add that to my list maybe for things to listen to in the car? Omg… could not function right now without my planner!!

    • There are sooo many podcasts out there. So, depending on your likes and interests I think you’ll find something you’ll like. When I’m in the car by myself I’ll listen to them. They’d be good to pass the time if you have a long commute!

  8. Ooh, those muffins sound good. I am always hesitant to pick up a muffin with pink berries if I don’t know which they are. I like raspberries but *not* cranberries; that is not a fun gamble.

  9. Yummy cookies! Great book haul for sure. Planners! I love planners! Thanks for co-hosting!

  10. I’m on team Happy Planner too! I love being able to add, remove, or move pages. I like that library stack too!

  11. Thank you for sharing that fab list of podcasts! I’m looking forward to scoping them out, especially the one about traveling. I LOVE to travel! (And it’s a focus on my blog!) Your happy planner has me intrigued! I’m off to see what I can find about it. Thanks for hosting Currently this month!

    • I will have to check out your blog! I love to travel as well, it’s just hard right now with the kids in school. Definitely check out the Happy Planner! They are fun and functional!!

  12. I listen to happier also! That travelling one sounds awesome. And so do those muffins!

  13. Ooh so many podcasts to check out! I already have way too many in my queue, but there are a few in your list I may need to listen to. Also, yay for a good library haul, happy reading 🙂 Also, those muffins look so yummy!

  14. Those raspberry lemon ricotta muffins look delicious! I love to make muffins and take 2 to work for breakfast in the morning… so I might have to add the ingredients to my grocery list for this weekend 😉 I’m on a quest to add some new podcasts into my small rotation, so I’m going to check out the ones you’ve listed!

  15. Yummy, those muffins sound delicious! I love the container garden idea! I am just recently taking an interest to gardening. I have a coworker who is ready to size out a piece of my yard to plant…not going that far…lol. I did plant some mint in a pot which has come in handy, but I want to do a complete herb garden.

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