What Is Your Yearbook Quote?


In their latest Happier podcast, Gretchen and Elizabeth discuss their yearbook quotes and challenge listeners to pick a yearbook quote.  This episode connected with me, as I am a huge quote lover.  Is it normal to ask for Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations as a Christmas present in high school?!   While I still own the book, I have to admit that it’s been collecting dust from lack of use.  Nowadays, I am more apt while reading a book to jot down a sentence that really resonates with me, rather than flip through the quotations book.  Besides my food related boards, my Pinterest Quotes board has some of the most pins.

This podcast seemed very timely, as my husband’s chosen yearbook quote had recently come up in discussion between us.   “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”  – Samuel Clemens.  Oh how relevant this quote continues to be today!

I couldn’t remember if I had chosen a yearbook quote and if I had, what it was.  So, this led me to dig out my high school yearbook to check.  My husband will be humored to know that I was “Nancifiying” words even back then (his term for my frequent substitution of song lyrics and quotes with similar, but not quite the correct words!).  My yearbook quote was “Moving on is simple, it’s what we leave behind that’s hard” which should actually read “Moving on is simple, it’s what you leave behind that makes it so difficult.”  (See, that is a perfect example of me “Nancifying” something!)  

What I find even more telling of my love of quotes, is that unlike in many school yearbooks, we were not required to have a quote.  In my husband’s senior biography section of his yearbook, he had to provide specific information including activities, awards and a quote.  In contrast, the senior biography section of my yearbook was a free for all.  Reading through the biographies is like a cryptic puzzle of initials and inside jokes and memories between friends.  However, I am one of a handful of people who added a quote to my bio.  At that point in my life I was excited to begin the new adventure that college brought but also sad about being separated from the only friends I had ever known, as well as a serious boyfriend.

Fast forward almost twenty years and this quote doesn’t quite resonate with me the same way.   Instead, this quote seems more appropriate for where I am today.


I ended up deciding while in college that I wanted to be a teacher.  I went on to graduate school and earned my Masters Degree in special education.  After spending over ten years as a teacher, I realized that I did not want to continue teaching.  After a couple of years dabbling in some other fields I have decided to take some time off.  Now, I am basically a stay-at-home mom, while also assisting my husband with his business.  Career-wise, I am not quite sure what or where I am headed.  For now though, I am embracing this quote, and believe that where I am now is where I am meant to be.  This means spending time with my kids and enjoying our summer together, creating memories.  I believe that everything will end up working out and come together in time.

So, now it’s your turn!  What was your yearbook quote?  And what is your current quote?!!