Weekly Meal Plan {Week 66}

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Happy President’s Day Monday!  We enjoyed a fun weekend in Rhode Island and are headed back home to New York today.  Every once in awhile, it’s just nice to get away.  We stayed at my parent’s house, even though they weren’t there this weekend.  As my son said, “so, the four of us are going from our house to another house with just the four of us?!”  Yup, that’s pretty much how it went.  However, as my husband pointed out, this house didn’t have a bedroom that needed to be cleaned, or a piano that they had to practice on.  So, it was a mini vacation for everyone! We are headed back home now and will be back to our normally scheduled dinners!  Here’s a look at what was on last week’s menu:

Saturday –  We went out for Chinese, at my daughter’s request, before we headed to the West Point ice hockey game.

Sunday – On the weekends, my husband will usually run out to the grocery store to pick something up to cook. However, it snowed all day Sunday so he didn’t get to the store.  I had some frozen crab cakes that I cooked up with some fries.  Quick, easy and no real cooking!

Chicken Cacciatore

Monday – I  was out at The Crooked Knife for a #foodiechats dinner event.  My husband made the Chicken Cacciatore recipe from Closet Cooking that I had put on the menu.  I had leftovers for lunch and it was good.  I’m not a big chicken-on-the-bone eater, so I cut my chicken up and threw it in with the pasta and sauce.  I heard my son wasn’t a fan because he didn’t like the mushrooms, olives and peppers that were in the sauce!

Pineapple Salmon Tacos

Tuesday – We had a Dinner Thyme meal delivery service delivered Tuesday (see a review tomorrow on the blog). The kids made Pineapple Salmon Tacos with a Sour Cream Sauce for dinner (with supervision!).  This meal was a hit with both the kids and adults!

Chicken and Waffles with Braised Kale

Wednesday – I made Chicken and Waffles with Braised Kale and Butter Syrup, also from the Dinner Thyme meal kit delivery service.   This was another dinner winner in our house!

Turkey and Apple Hash Crispy Burritos

Thursday – I made Barbecue Turkey & Apple Hash Crispy Burritos from Every Day with Rachael Ray, June 2016.  I ended up cooking the ground turkey and hash fillings earlier in the afternoon.  My husband got home from work before I got home with kids from piano lessons, so he ended up frying the eggs and assembling and cooking the burritos.  It was a team effort for dinner Thursday night!

Friday – I made Salami & Brussels Sprouts Pizza from Every Day with Rachael Ray, August 2016.  I was in the mood for something different from our normal regular cheese pizza!  This was easy to put together and tasty!



  1. The Dinner Thyme meals look really delicious. I have not tried any meal service plans. I weirdly like grocery shopping but their recipes look delicious and those I wouldn’t mind. LOL!

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