Weekly Meal Plan {Week 61}

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Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  If you have off today, I hope you are enjoying the three day weekend and remembering the great work of Martin Luther King Jr.  Meal planning plays an essential part in making our week run smoothly.  Here’s a look at what was on our menu this past week:

Saturday:  We went to a neighbor’s birthday party and ate dinner there.

Pork and Latkes

Sunday:  We had a very belated Hanukkah celebration!  My son was upset that we didn’t have latkes, so my husband cooked a pork loin and latkes.  Do you join me in seeing the irony of our dinner?!  Regardless, it was a delicious dinner and we were upset that my husband didn’t make extra latkes.  So we he made some more latkes last night for dinner as well!

Crockpot Italian Chicken and Broccoli Rabe Chili

Monday:  I made Crockpot Italian Chicken and Broccoli Rabe Chili from Half Baked Harvest.  I have loved everything that I have made from Half Baked Harvest….until this recipe.  I thought it sounded really different.  I left out the cannelini beans, since I’m not a fan of them.  But I found this dish to be really bitter from all of the balsamic vinegar.

Hoisin Glazed Meatball Subs

Tuesday:  I made Hoisin Glazed Meatball Subs from Every Day with Rachael Ray, October 21, 2016.  We like anything with Asian flavors and especially love hoisin sauce.  My son rolled the meatballs for me while I was shredding the Brussels sprouts.  This was an easy to make (minus the shredding of the Brussels sprouts!) and tasty dinner.  I served the sandwiches with fries.

French Onion Chicken

Wednesday:  I made French Onion Chicken from Closet Cooking.  Of course i hadn’t read the recipe through prior to making.  When I got ready to cook dinner at 5:30 I discovered that the onions were supposed to cook for an hour!  That was not happening.  I cut it down to about 25 minutes.  The chicken dish still tasted really good and everyone enjoyed it.  It really did have all the flavors of French Onion soup!  I served it with roasted sweet potato wedges, frozen, bagged veggies and leftover kale salad that my husband had brought home.

Pork Fried Rice and Dumplings

Thursday:  Thursday is our super busy evening.  I made an audible in our menu plan and used some of the leftover pork loin in pork fried rice.  I served the rice with some frozen dumplings and everyone was happy!  Super quick and easy! That red sauce is chili garlic sauce.  We put it on almost all of our Asian dishes to add some kick.

Breakfast Nachos

Friday:  I made breakfast nachos.  No recipe.  Just cooked some bacon and scrambled eggs which we put on top of tortilla chips along with salsa and shredded cheddar cheese.  I served with additional salsa and sour cream.  Yum!

What is on your menu this week?



  1. Everything looks delicious! And yes, hehehe on the pork and latkes for Hanukkah. 😀 French onion soup is on my menu this week and I need to check out that recipe for french onion chicken. It sounds delicious and I am guilty of not fully reading a recipe before I make it too. 😀 Those breakfast nachos look amazing. I am a sucker for anything breakfast. Have a great week!

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