Weekly Meal Plan {Week 58}

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I’m hoping that this morning we didn’t wake up to a lot of snow!  The weather predictions kept changing so we were unsure what we’d be waking up to!  I’m not ready for winter!  But the cold weather does mean lots more comfort food on our menu.  Think soups, stews, casseroles, etc.!  Here’s a look at what was on our menu this past week:

Mixed Squash Soup

Saturday –   On the weekends my husband is responsible for the cooking.  Saturday he roasted several squash that we had gotten in our CSA and then blended them with broth, half-and-half and some other ingredients to create a Mixed Squash Soup.  My son helped him cook dinner and since they know I can’t just eat soup for dinner they also had salad and french bread.

Ham, Broccoli, Mac & Cheese

Sunday –  My husband made ham steaks, homemade mac and cheese and roasted broccoli.  Simple but tasty and definitely kid-approved!

Stuffed Acorn Squash

Monday – I made Stuffed Acorn Squash from Everyday with Rachael Ray, December 2011.  This was another recipe that I made years ago and loved at the time.  However, I made it again and thought it was “eh.”  It lacked flavor and needed something else.  I only used one acorn squash and we each had a quarter of it.  The kids liked the couscous, ground turkey and dried cranberry filling but not the squash!  Needless to say, this recipe is being recycled.

Chorizo and Sweet Potato Tacos

Tuesday – I made Chorizo and Sweet Potato Tacos with Apple Pomegranate Salsa from Closet Cooking.  These tacos were super tasty!  Even my daughter enjoyed them and she does not like sweet potatoes.  With the chorizo, salsa, avocado and cheese, you do not really taste the sweet potatoes.  The potatoes need to roast for a bit, but otherwise this recipe was easy to make.  While the potatoes were roasting I cooked the chorizo and made the fruit salsa.  I served these with roasted asparagus.

Apple Pie French Toast

Wednesday –  I made an adapted version of Apple Pie French Toast from Closet Cooking.   Yes, another recipe this week from Closet Cooking!  Kevin makes good stuff! My son helped me cook dinner, which I loved! diced the apples instead of keeping them sliced and used five, because his recipe only serves two people and there are four of us.  I also omitted the candied walnuts because this recipe is sweet enough.  I didn’t feel the need to add more sugar, although I’m sure the walnuts are delicious!  I served this with bacon.  This was definitely a kid-approved dinner!

Thursday – I went to HMart, a large Korean (and Asian) grocery store near us.  I picked up some Marinated Beef Bulgogi and Pork Belly which I cooked and served with rice and sides, including kimchi, fish cakes and marinate radish.  We don’t eat Korean food very much, but we love it!  I’m trying to get my kids used to eating kimchi, but it’s still too spicy for them!  I realize that I was too hungry to take a pic!

Friday –  By Friday, I was not feeling in the mood to cook so  I picked up a rotisserie chicken for dinner.  I had a package of Simply Potatoes Mashed potatoes and roasted some broccoli.  Dinner served….and a quick, easy and delicious one at that!  Sorry, another night of dinner, with no picture!

What is on your dinner menu this week?




  1. I love squash soup. So freaking tasty! The mac and cheese looks quite delicious too. As I’ve said before, I really like Closet Cooking too. Kevin has such yummy recipes and takes fantastic pictures. So … I always feel odd telling people this but I’m not a big fan of Korean food. I never tried any until my late 20s and was underwhelmed. Maybe if I try it again, I’ll feel differently? I don’t like kimchee, but I’m not a huge fan of spicy food. It’s great that you’re exposing your kids to Korean food.

    • My family teased me all the time growing up since I didn’t start liking white rice until I was in college! So, I get the not liking Korean food. Have you ever tried BBQ though? It doesn’t have to be spicy and there’s all different meats.

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