Three Christmas Wishes {25 Books of Christmas Day 20}

Three Christmas Wishes

Three Christmas Wishes by Sheila Roberts
Published by:
  MIRA (an imprint of Harlequin), October 18, 2016
Genre:  Christmas, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 376 (mass market paperback)
Price:  $7.99
Source:  borrowed from library

From Harlequin:

Three friends, three wishes—one Christmas! 

When three friends visit a shopping-mall Santa on a lark, the jolly old elf is full of mysterious predictions about the thing they’re all wishing for: the perfect man. Or at least men who are perfect for them. 

Riley Erickson’s fiancé turned out to be a dud, dumping her for her bridesmaid three weeks before the wedding. But Santa says that she’s soon going to meet her ideal man in a memorable way. 

And he predicts that a new man is about to come into Jo’s life. What on earth does that mean? She’s pregnant and already has her hands full with the perfectly stubborn husband she’s got. 

Noel has given up completely on ever finding her perfect match. But apparently Noel is going to get a good man to go with that house she’s trying desperately to buy. 

These friends are about to discover that Christmas wishes can come true, because in spite of romantic setbacks and derailed dreams, this truly is the most wonderful time of the year!

Review:  Three weeks before Riley’s wedding her fiance calls things off.  To make matters worse, he dumps her for one of her close friends and colleagues.  Her sister Jo is pregnant and due any day.  Unfortunately, Jo’s husband is a sailor and won’t be around for her baby’s birth.  Jo wishes he had a job where he wasn’t gone for three months at a time and is unsure if she wants her child raised with a dad who’s not always around.  Riley’s best friend Noel is a children’s author and illustrator.  She’s renting the house she’s living in, until her landlord ends up selling it to someone else.  The three women decide to take a trip to the mall to get a picture with Santa.  This Santa seems to know what all three women are wishing for….a perfect man.  When taking the photo Santa makes predictions for the three of them.  They later discover that Santa’s predictions may have come true, just not the way that they were expecting!

I did not realize what a prolific writer Sheila Roberts was!  Three Christmas Wishes was the first book I read of hers but it surely won’t be the last!  I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the book.  Her writing reminds me of Debbie Macomber.  This is not just because both write stories that take place in the Pacific Northwest, but they both pen contemporary romance stories with likable characters in small communities.    This book was a heartwarming story with characters and issues that many readers can relate to.  While this is a contemporary romance, I didn’t find it too sappy.  Three Christmas Wishes was a perfect holiday read.

Overall Rating:  Recommended Read