The Most Disgusting Foods On The Planet


The Most Disgusting Foods On The Planet by John Perritano
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

With the not-so-new anymore Common Core Standards, there is a big push for students to be reading more non-fiction books.  For the reluctant reader, I think just the title of this book will help interest them.  This book is part of the Capstone Press “Disgusting Stuff” series.  Other titles in the series include The Most Disgusting Animals, Jobs and Places on the Planet.

The book begins with the author noting that different cultures have different food practices.  Some foods that we may think are gross may be considered delicious to them.  This book has six chapter that include topics such as bugs, soups, drinks and even disgusting desserts.  While the book is thin it is not a beginning reader book as the text is small.  It is aimed towards 3rd and 4th grade readers, but will interest both younger and older readers.  Each page is accompanied by real photographs.  More difficult words are defined on the page and there are occasional facts and additional information boxes provided throughout.  Chicken butts, cow urine cola and poo coffee will surely be of interest to some readers!  Maybe even have your child read this to you.  Even I learned some new things from this book.

*This book was borrowed from the library. 

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