Weekend Reading {Vol. 3}

Happy Weekend! Hope you are getting in some rest and relaxation over the next couple of days! Enjoy this week’s edition of Weekend Reading!

  1. This year we will be on a cruise for Thanksgiving. However, I may check some of these slow cooker recipes out for Christmas. Oven space is always a premium during the holidays.
  2. If you didn’t check out yesterday’s Friday Favorites, find out why my husband and I will finally be going to the movie theater more often!
  3. How I wish my kids ate mushrooms. I love them and this pizza is calling my name!
  4. Any Oreo lovers out there? What do you think about these flavors coming in 2020?
  5. Instagram changes coming to US users next week.

Weekend Reading {Vol. 2}

1.I think that I will be getting one of these for my cats for the holidays!

2. I need exercise motivation in general, but in winter, I definitely need some ideas to keep motivated.

3. A new variety of apple will be coming to stores December 1st. We will be on the lookout for this.

4. Now that it’s November, Christmas season has officially begun……at least according to Mariah Carey!

5. Popeye’s famous chicken sandwiches are back after a sell out. We still need to find out what all the hype was about!

6. Anyone excited to see any of these movies coming to theaters this month?

Weekend Reading Vol. 1

Welcome to Weekend Reading! I’ll be sharing links to some articles or fun things I’ve read or seen throughout the week. Grab your cup of coffee and a comfy blanket and enjoy!

1.November 1st is World Vegan Day and Ben & Jerry’s is celebrating by giving away a free scoop of their non-dairy ice cream to customers between the hours of 4 – 8 PM! They have 10 flavors to choose from!

2. After your kids go trick-or-treating next week, check out some ideas on what to do with all the leftover candy!

3. Check out what’s coming and leaving Netflix in November. What are you excited to watch?

4. Crazy, but the countdown to Christmas 2019 has already begun!

5. I’m not a huge alcohol drinker. I’m thinking about making mocktails and may start with this one!

6. I feel like the next couple of months are always stressful. Besides our regular busy schedules we have ALL the holidays coming! These stress busters will come in handy!

7. The pros and cons of wearing a menstrual cup.

8. These soups look delicious and perfect for the cooler weather!

Enjoy your weekend!