5 Recommended Peekskill Eats

Peekskill is a small city situated along the Hudson River in northern Westchester County. It has a vibrant food scene and has many restaurants and eateries. While your dining options may seem daunting, here are 5 recommended Peekskill eats that we think you should try when visiting.

Ramen from Ramenesque – Rameneseque has locations in Peekskill and Thornwood. There is a reason that they have won the Best of Westchester ramen category in both 2018 and 2019. They serve six different varieties of ramen, which means, you may have to visit six times! We always get the Shoyu Ramen, pictured above. It’s a traditional soy sauce flavored ramen that the kids enjoy.

Tapas from Iron Vine – I know, this isn’t one specific thing to eat. However, Iron Vine serves Spanish/Mediterranean dishes and has an extensive tapas menu. If you are looking for a dinner out with friends, I highly recommend this restaurant. This way, you can order a bunch of the different tapas on the menu (or almost all of them, like we did. This pic only shows round one!) and share. Plus, they have a great cocktail menu and also serve salads, sandwiches and entrees, if you’re not interested in tapas.

“Out of This World Shakes” from The Hudson Creamery – We’ve tried several of The Hudson Creamery’s signature sundaes, but our favorite has been the “Out of This World Shake.” Their milkshakes were the 2018 Best of Westchester winner. We’ve only tried the Peanut Butter and Chocolate “Out of This World” shake, pictured above. But out of four different freak shakes throughout Westchester County that we tried, this was one of our faves! Located right by the Peekskill waterfront, we enjoy taking our ice cream down to the water and eating it while we take in the beautiful views of the Hudson River.

Churrasco from El Bambu – We ordered takeout from El Bambu for the first time recently. I think this was our first time trying Guatemalan food. We ordered a couple of different dishes, but the Churrasco was our definite favorite! The steak was so tender and flavorful. We tried it both in the Specialty of the House wrap as well as the Churrasco Chapin. There is space to dine in at this small, unassuming restaurant located on Bank Street, or you can opt to takeout, like we did.

Peaceful Provisions Doughnuts – Peaceful Provisions is located in the first floor of the Peekskill Brewery, also down by the Peekskill waterfront. They are a family, women owned small business. They make vegan doughnuts from scratch in small batches. While their doughnut menu rotates, all of the doughnuts that we tried were delicious (pictured from top right, clockwise: Strawberry, Half Baked Funfetti Cookie Doughnut, NY Cream, and Lemon Poppy Seed.

What are your favorite Peekskill eats?

Soukup Farms Coffee Infused Maple Syrup {Made in New York}

I recently visited the new Mohegan Lake Farmer’s Market in northern Westchester County.  While the farmer’s market itself was disappointing and almost nonexistent, I didn’t leave empty handed.  One of the few vendors at the market was Soukup Farms, selling their maple syrup.  Their coffee infused maple syrup caught my eye and after sampling a taste I knew that I had to bring some home.

The syrup is a delicious combination of  locally roasted Irving Farm Coffee Roasters Gotham Dark Roast and the farm’s Dark Amber maple syrup. Our weekday frozen waffles have become elevated to another level!  And on the weekends when we get the chance to have have homemade pancakes or french toast, this syrup is the finishing touch.  When I purchased the bottle, I was told that this syrup also tastes really good on yogurt or ice cream.  We have’t tried either of these combos…….yet!

The coffee infused maple syrup is available in three different size bottles, 2-oz ($4.50), half pint ($8.00) , or a pint ($14.00). Currently, Soukup Farms does not sell their products in stores in Putnam or Westchester counties.  However, besides the Mohegan Lake Farmer’s Market, they are also a drop-in vendor at the Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow Farmer’s Market.  The syrup is available in many Dutchess County locations including the Taste of NY Store  at the Todd Hill location, Zoe’s Ice Cream Barn in LaGrange, McEnroe’s Organic Market in Millerton and JSK Cattle Company in Millbrook.  You can also order this coffee infused syrup, as well as their classic maple syrup and other maple products online or find them as a vendor at several local events!

Soukup Farms is a third generation family farm located in Dover Plains, NY, tapping tree since 1955.   The farm has over 2,000 taps and is continuing to expand.   They are a member of the NY State Maple Association and a participant in NYS Maple Weekends in March. Don’t miss their Harvest Festival this October where you can visit the farm and enjoy some family fun!

The Details:
Soukup Farms
271 Halls Corner Road
Dover Plains, NY 12522
(845) 264-3137

Check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news!


Weekend Chef’s Book Review: Why We Get Fat

Book Review- Why We Get Fat: And What To Do About It  by Gary Taubes

I included this book in my September favorites post a few weeks back. Nancy picked it up from the library and asked me to read it for a post. I thought I would battle through it as it certainly looked like a fad diet book, one which I had little interest in reading. I was certainly surprised to find that the format of the book is historically driven and scientifically backed, both good things. And it’s really not a diet book at all. Gary Taubes is a journalist and merely reports the facts as supporting evidence to a larger truth. He had previously written Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health. As I understand, the book was as long and dry as the title suggests. He was inspired to cut the book down so more people could access the valuable information he presented. The first book was just too much for most people to dig through.

The follow up, Why We Get Fat supports the same basic argument: carbs and sugar are the root of obesity and a host of illnesses. He provides the science behind this claim and looks to dismantle the arguments against it:  Eating less food and increasing exercise is a popular however frustrating way to try to lose weight because it chemically just doesn’t work, eating fat has never been proven to increase belly fat, the list goes on. I know it all sounds pretty crazy. Just eliminate starch, carbs and sugars of all kinds and eat as much of the correct foods as your want, no calorie restrictions. The book has really hit home for me. After getting back from Disney World in August, I really felt like a mess and I blamed it on the excess calories as we’re taught to do. What I think the real problem was, in hindsight, was the desserts at every meal including the doughnuts at breakfast. My mom is diabetic and it’s a path that I’m trying to avoid. Looking back, she always had ice cream every night and started using Weight Watchers to get back on track 20 years ago.

The one ask I have is for everyone to read the book and make their own decision about food and the science of what really makes us fat.  In an upcoming post, I’m going to share some of the book-inspired changes that I’ve made to my diet for the long term, not as a quick fix. A little preview: I’m missing chocolate and ice cream but unlimited bacon makes up for it.

Please share any of your thought or experiences in the comments section.

-The Weekend Chef

Lunch Will Never Be The Same


Lunch Will Never Be The Same (Phoebe G. Green series #1) by Veera Hiranandani
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars

Phoebe G. Green is a relatively new chapter book series, with this first book published in October of 2014.  Phoebe is a third grader who likes to make lists.  She meets a new girl in her class, Camille, who is from France.  Camille’s father is a pastry chef and Phoebe becomes intrigued with the interesting lunches that Camille brings to school:  beet salad with goat cheese, butter lettuce salad with duck, chickpea salad with red peppers and cilantro and more.  Phoebe’s family eats the same thing every week: spaghetti on Mondays, baked chicken with boxed mashed potatoes on Tuesdays, etc.  Seeing the lunches that Camille brings to school, Phoebe only imagines what dinner at her house must be like.  So, she comes up with a plan to get herself invited to Camille’s for dinner, so she can find out for herself.

This book will introduce your child to all different kinds of food from goat cheese and pakoras (Phoebe’s best friend Sage is Indian and she loves the pakoras that his mom makes) to Beef Bourguignon and Baked Alaska.  This is a book not just about food (though there’s a lot of it mentioned in the book!).  It’s also a tale about friendship and that it’s okay to make new friends and still keep your old friends.  I enjoyed that it was the child in this book trying to get her parents to cook new things, versus the usual parents getting their kids to try new foods.  Both of my kids each read this book on their own and thought it was an okay read.

This book is geared towards readers in early elementary school (grades 1-3) with short chapters and lots of illustrations.

*This book was borrowed from the library.