September 2017 Reads


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It’s time once again for Steph and Jana’s monthly Show Us Your Books linkup.  I love being able to share what I read during the past month as well as get lots of new reading recommendations. Most of my September 2017 reads are suspense/thrillers, which is my favorite genre to read.  Even though I didn’t get as many books as I would have liked read this month, the ones that I did read were pretty good.

3 Stars


The Lying Game by Ruth Ware – Four girls meet at a boarding school and play “the Lying Game,” earning points for telling lies.  Fast forward to adults, and the women are summoned back to Salten when one of them texts the others, “I need you.” The girls were expelled their last year of school after being involved in an incident which now has them worried that it will be discovered.  It was really annoying being dragged along for so long with “the incident” being referred to, but not knowing what it was.  I found the ending to be pretty anti-climatic.  I’ve enjoyed Ware’s other books but wasn’t a big fan of this one.

4 Stars


The Breakdown by B.A. Paris – On her way home from a night out, Cass takes a shortcut and drives through the woods.  She sees a car pulled over on the side of the road but doesn’t stop due to the pouring rain from a storm.  Only later she discovers that the woman in the car was killed.  Now she fills guilty for not stopping and starts forgetting things.  Then she starts receiving silent phone calls and thinks the killer is after her.  Although this had a slow start it turned into a suspenseful read.


A Man Called Ove by Frederik Backman – After reading Beartown a couple of months ago I had to read another Frederik Backman book.  Ove is an eccentric old man who is used to his solitary life. A young family moves in next door, turning his world upside down. Backman is an excellent storyteller and I really liked Ove and other characters. I really liked this book but I loved Beartown more.


The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond – The goal of the Pact is to keep couples happy and married.  While it sounds good in the beginning, Alice and Jake don’t realize what they have gotten themselves into when they sign up. When the two decide that this isn’t for them, they learn too late that the Pact is for life.  This was a great psychological suspense read.


The Other Girl by Erica Spindler – Officer Miranda Rader is called to investigate the brutal murder of an esteemed college professor.  A newspaper clipping detailing a horrible night from her teenage years is found at the scene.  Then a retired cop who took her statement that night many years ago is found murdered. Miranda is unsure of who she can trust but knows that she has to prove her innocence.  This is the first book I’ve ready by Spindler, but I enjoyed this one enough to read more.

5 Stars


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling – I finally read the last book in the Harry Potter series!  We started listening to this on CD and then my son and I finished reading it together. This book had me angry at times and crying at others.  I thought Rowling wrapped up the series nicely.  Now, we have to see the movies and then plan a trip to Universal Studios to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.



  1. Yay for finishing HP. I still need to visit Harry Potter World (as I like to call it) too. lol

    I’m so curious about The Breakdown; I’m glad that you enjoyed it.

  2. I decided I’m finished with Ruth Ware after Cabin 10. I liked IADDW but will not read The Lying Game.
    Not a Potter person…one of the few. LOL
    I liked The Other Girl, The Marriage Pact, and The Breakdown. They all fit in my sweet spot as your preferred genre is mine as well!

  3. I loved A Man Called Ove, but couldn’t get into Bear Town. You are the second person that’s mentioned The Marriage Pact, so I think I’ll add it to my to-read list!

  4. Yay Harry Potter!!! The 7th book was weird in parts but I was quite happy with the conclusion to the series. I was impressed that Rowling was still able to surprise me a bit. The movies are really good! I am dying to go the Wizarding World but I think we will wait until our girls are old enough to enjoy it 😉

    I liked The Breakdown and The Marriage Pact is on my list. 🙂

    • Yes, I was very happy with the conclusion of the HP series. We are going to watch the last movie(s) and then we will have to plan a trip soon. My kids are 9 and 11 and have read the books so they are a perfect age!

  5. Ove, The Marriage Pact and The Breakdown are on my list! I haven’t read any of Ruth Ware’s books, but I’ve not heard the best things about that one. My husband and I LOVED Universal Studios & The Wizarding World of HP. We want to go back, if only for the Butterbeer lol.

  6. I’m so glad that you got to finish the Harry Potter series! I think that the 7th book is the only one that I’ve only read once, and I think that mainly has to do with the fact that it’s so sad, even though she does a great job of wrapping everything up like you said. Now to plan your Universal trip! And we pretty much felt the same way about The Marriage Pact, The Lying Game, and The Breakdown. Ruth Ware has been hit and miss for me, and I just wish that sometimes the buildup would be worth it!

  7. Harry Potter! Deathly Hallows was such a good book and I am not an amusement park person but I even want to see the Wizarding World of HP. I liked The Other Girl but The Breakdown was a DNF for me. I have not yet read Ove or Beartown but both are on my TBR. I’d seen the cover of Marriage Pact but wasn’t sure what it was about. It sounds really good and I’m adding it to my TBR.

  8. I can’t believe you’d gone this long without knowing the end of HP or watching the movies! Sounds like a fun way to celebrate – the movies are a great Halloween/fall activity, so it’s perfect timing 🙂

    I also loved A Man Called Ove. Interested to see the Tom Hanks version of the movie…hopefully it does the book justice.

    • Seriously, I had no idea about the ending of HP. People are good about not giving away spoilers! I didn’t know A Man Called Ove is going to be a movie. I will have to watch!

  9. The Last Harry Potter is long, some parts are boring, and some parts blow my mind! I cried so hard to this book!!

  10. I hope you post your thoughts on the HP movies vs. the books. I’m rereading the books now, but I’m picking up the illustrated ones releasing each year and i’m super excited about owning those. Also, I loved Man Called Ove, so now I’m going to get on the list for Beartown because I’ve heard great things.

    • I can already tell you the books are always so much better than the movies. They have to cut so much out. The illustrated ones are beautiful! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Beartown.

  11. It took me a long time to read Deathly Hallows … mainly because I didn’t want the series to come to an end. The Breakdown sounds interesting. I enjoyed the Marriage Pact and want to read Man Called Ove. Lots of good reads here!

  12. I might be the only non-harry potter fan around hehe. I have heard good things about the Marriage Pact and will check it out!

  13. Aw, yay for HP! 🙂 I need to re-read them. I’ve only read them once each. Well… aside from struggling through the 5th one (2-3 times) before finally finishing it. LOL. He’s so angsty in that one. I really liked Ove. It made me laugh so much, but it also made me sad. I need to be careful with how many sad things I intake or it messes with my head. Mental diet and all of that. 🙂 I want to read Beartown before the year is up though! 🙂 XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  14. You’ve got several book listed here that are already on my tbr. I’ll get to them someday. *sigh* So many books, so little time…

  15. I read Beartown this summer too and have been wanting to read Ove as well. You have some good thrillers/crime books, which I always love this time of year.

  16. I am #34 on the library waiting list for The Lying Game. Maybe the wait isn’t worth it? I did like the Woman in Cabin 10. Hopefully my # will come up at a convenient time. Pam

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