Rocking My Happy {3.14.18}

Here are some things rocking my happy this week:

*Giving our bedroom a deep clean including a major dusting and vacuuming and clearing off my nightstand.

*Eating the most delicious dumplings.

*A mother-son movie date.

*Getting to bed early on the weekend and not feeling affected by daylight savings.

*Signing up again for the Ipsy Glam bag, even though I’m wait-listed.

*Getting back into Yoga with Adriene.

*Steph and Jana’s Show Us Your Books linkup.  I love finding new books to read!

$2 medium beverages at Dunkin Donuts Happy Hour.

*Getting to sleep a little later on a work morning because of a 3-hour delay!




  1. I have to say, one thing I do miss about living in the east coast (I only did for a brief time, I’m a west coast girl born and raised) is Dunkin Donuts coffee. Try as people might, Starbucks doesn’t hold a candle. I love this. I used to do a similar post like once a month on my old blog called It’s the Little Things and I was thinking of bringing it back.

  2. I am very jealous of those delicious dumplings you speak of. Dumplings are my favorite! Daylight Savings didn’t bother me on Sunday but it definitely affected me on Monday and Tuesday. GRRRR. I recently gave my apartment a deep cleaning and it was actually rather satisfying and I’m normally not someone who finds cleaning to be zen. Everyone raves about Dunkin Donuts coffee but have yet to try it. Love these posts, Nancy!

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