October Currently 2015


I am linking up again with Anne and Jenna for their monthly Currently linkup.  I am currently:

Pizza Casserole                    Butter Brickle ice cream

Eating: Just ate this Pizza Casserole for dinner last night.  The kids both had playdates with their friends at our house yesterday afternoon and this meal was super quick and easy to throw together!  And for dessert…..ice cream.  Since the Weekend Chef has stopped eating sugar and the kids keep losing their treats, I get to continue to enjoy this Turkey Hill Limited Edition Butter Brickle ice cream all to myself!  It’s really good!

Exploring:  Not much. With a jam packed schedule, it’s hard to find time to explore anything!  I am looking into possible pizza recipes to make for our pizza-themed Supper Club next month.  Unfortunately, we will have to start exploring new car options, as we will need to replace one of our cars soon.

Wearing:  Currently sitting here typing this post in my pajamas while watching Netflix!  However, during the day, jeans and long sleeve shirts/blouses are my current go-to. It is definitely feeling like fall around here!  However, the cooler weather hasn’t deterred my son from continuing to wear shorts and t-shirts!

Fall Mums

Admiring:  All things fall including my mums (which sadly do not look like this anymore!) and the leaves changing colors.  I’m also admiring my daughter’s perseverance practicing her saxophone.  She’s having difficulty with it and getting frustrated, but she continues to keep practicing.  And finally, I’m admiring my husband’s dedication to his new diet and healthy eating habits.

Box Tops

Collecting:   Box tops for the kids school, and magazine and nut/candy orders for my daughter’s Girl Scout fall product sale.

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  1. Good luck to your husband on his diet! I would have the hardest time cutting out sugar… in fact just thinking about it makes me crabby! I’ll have to check out that pizza casserole recipe–anything pizza-related is usually a hit around here!

  2. Pizza-themed Supper Club? Count me in! Plus that Pizza Casserole looks delish as well! Good luck on your new car hunt, my hubby and I bought our first car almost 2 years ago and I never want to go through that process again, it’s definitely a brutal one!

  3. Yum! That pizza casserole sounds delicious! I love mums this year! I always have one or two pots, but this year it was fun to go crazy! But, I’m patiently waiting for my large containers of mums to bloom… it’s taking forever!!

  4. Your mums are beautiful!! Butter brickle was my late Grandma’s favorite treat! I always had a hard time finding it in our area, but whenever I did would get it and invite her over for a bowl. It is so good! Enjoy enough for you and me both! 😉

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