October 2017 Reads

A review of my October 2017 Reads with ratings.

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It’s time once again for Steph and Jana’s monthly Show Us Your Books link up.  It’s a time where I get to show off my October 2017 reads as well as see what other bloggers have been reading this past month.  My to-read list grows significantly today! October was a decent reading month for me.  I read seven books last month, with about half being really good reads.  I’ve been in a reading slump lately and even though it’s mid-November, I have only book read so far this month.  I’m hoping that some recommendations from this link-up will help get me reading again!

3 Stars


The Art of Hiding by Amanda Prowse (c/o NetGalley) – Nina is happily married and a stay-at-home mom to two boys, living a life of luxury.  When her husband Finn dies in a car accident, she discovers that he has been hiding their huge financial problems.  Her house is repossessed and she must start a new life with her sons.  She moves closer to her sister and begins to find herself, discovering that she’s stronger than she believed.  I didn’t hate this book.  It just was a very slow read for me.  I didn’t realize that Prowse has written so many other books.  I am not giving up on her as an author yet and may try some of her other books.


Scarlet by Marissa Meyer – I finally read the second book in the YA Lunar Chronicles series and I’m kind of disappointed.  I read Cinder so long ago and don’t remember much of it.  I do know that I enjoyed it a lot more than this second book.  For those of you unfamiliar with this series, the books are futuristic, fantasy takes on familiar fairy tales.  Scarlet is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood with references to grandmother and the Wolf.  There’s a lot of action and adventure in this book, but I haven’t been into this genre recently.  I’m not sure yet if I’ll finish up the series.


Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley – A book that revolves around a bookstore where people leave notes to each other in the pages of books sounds like a book that I’d love.  I just didn’t. I found this to be a very slow read until the end.  And it was just so sad and depressing.  I know a couple other Show Us Your Book bloggers have read this book which is where I think I got the recommendation.  It just wasn’t a fave of mine.

4 Stars


Class Mom by Laurie Gelman – Jen Dixon is an older mom with two grown daughters in college and a son Max, in Kindergarten.  Her friend Nina convinces her to be the class mom for Max’s class.  Jen sends out snarky, but hilarious, e-mails to the other parents.  One of the dad’s in the class is a former high school crush of hers.  She also trains for a mud run and has to deal with some parent and teacher drama.  This is a light, funny read.  While I am involved in the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) at my kids’ schools, I have never volunteered for the role of class parent.  This book totally reminds me why!


So Happiness to Meet You by Karin Esterhammer – (digital copy provided by Prospect Park Books) In 2008, during the recession, Karin and her husband leave LA with their young son.  They move abroad to Vietnam where they can live more cheaply.  We get an inside look at Vietnamese culture as they live among the locals for almost three years.  I found this to be such an interesting read.  Esterhammer gives a realistic account of what it’s like to live as an outsider in a new country and I loved learning about the Vietnamese culture.  It’s been awhile since I’ve read a non-fiction/memoir book and this was a good pick!


Without Merit by Colleen Hoover – I am a huge Colleen Hoover fan and I think I’ve read most of her books.  I knew nothing about this book before reading it, just that it was her newest book.  Every character in this book had some pretty deep issues.  I felt like the issues were glossed over and never really addressed beneath a surface level.  So this wasn’t a favorite of Hoover’s.  However, I really enjoy her storytelling, so it still gets 4 stars!  If you’ve never read a Hoover book, don’t make this one your first!

5 Stars

The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate – This is a middle-grade chapter book that I read with my son.  It’s told from the perspective of Ivan, a mighty silverback gorilla.  He lives in a mall with his friend Stella, an elephant and Bob, the dog.  When new baby elephant, Ruby, arrives, he is forced to reevaluate his situation and make some important decisions.  This book had me laughing and crying and was just an overall great story for both kids and adults!  This was my first book I read of Applegate’s, but now I’m going to have to check out some of her other children’s books.



  1. Adding several of these to my list! Words in Deep Blue sounds like it’d be a really interesting book … I hate it when a book has an interesting premise but then fails along the way.

  2. Bummer that Words in Deep Blue wasn’t that great, it sounds like a great plot! I hate books that don’t live up to expectations! Some of the others are definitely going on my list though! Class Mom sounds funny.

  3. Words in Deep Blue sounds like such an interesting concept with the bookstore/notes, but I’m definitely not in the mood for sad/depressing right now, so I’ll keep that in mind! Class Mom sounds hilarious so I’m definitely adding that to my tbr!

  4. Aw, I loved Scarlet! She and Wolf ended up being my favorite couple of the series, but I read all of them fairly close together so maybe it developed over time. But sometimes you just aren’t in the right mood for a book/series/genre, and it’s good to take a break for something different.

    • I’m trying to stay away from series now because I tend to read them so far apart. I’ve heard how good the Lunar Chronicles series is and I hate leaving a series unfinished, so I will probably eventually get back to it!

  5. The post I read right before you had Ivan in it too.
    I loved Words in Deep Blue. Sometimes I need a sad.
    I did not finish the Amanda Prowse book. It drove me nutty from page one.

  6. My favorite Lunar Chronicles book is probably Cress, so hopefully you keep reading those! I still need to read Winter but it will be on my actual TBR soon (I own it, just need to find time).

    I’m so curious about Class Mom. It sounds hilarious!


  7. oh, bummer about Scarlet. I read them all back to back (except for Winter as it wasn’t out yet) and adored them. I have been craving a re-read actually lol. Words in deep blue is on my list, sucks you didn’t love it. I’ve heard Without Merit was different from her usual books so it’s on my TBR, but not next on the list. I have a few of her other books I still need to read that sound more like my jam. I have read one other book by Applegate, but Ivan was absolutely 100% the stand out best. It was amazing. I loved it and I don’t even have a kid to read it with haha.

    • I think if I read the Lunar Chronicles back-to-back I would have enjoyed them more. I think too much time lapsed in between my reading and I’m feeling pretty indifferent about them. But I will most likely continue so I can finish the series. Yes, Ivan was so good! I have to read some of her other books.

  8. I believe Words in a Deep Blue is on my TBR and I appreciate knowing that it’s a bit sad and depressing, because that is exactly what I don’t want to read right now! I am still in a book funk but I read Artemis last night and enjoyed it so I’m hoping to ease back into reading more new books! I enjoyed the Lunar Chronicles but I have noticed that my enjoyment of YA books seems to be lessening. I’m getting too old, too grumpy for them. 😀

  9. Happiness sounds lovely! I’ll have to add it to my TBR. I hadn’t heard of Words in Deep Blue before today, and it does sound like a great book – sorry to hear it wasn’t your favorite.

  10. I liked but didn’t love The Art of Hiding as well. It was a fine read but felt underdeveloped at times. And, like you, I didn’t realize she’s so prolific. I’m not 100% sure I’ll check out more of her books but it’s good to know they’re there.

  11. Class Mom sounds like something I want to read… if nothing else, to laugh at myself.
    I liked Cinder of the Lunar Chronicles best, it was a light read. And lead me to finish the series.

  12. Oh so bummed to hear that Scarlet didn’t pan out for you. I think that was probably my least favourite in the series but i still love them all. Cress and Winter are SO good though so you should give them a chance someday 😀 I loved Words in Deep Blue but it was really sad, I agree. I loved Ivan and I’m just in the middle of Wishtree which is her newest book and it is quite good so far!!

    • Everyone keeps commenting how much they loved the Lunar Chronicles series so I think I’m going to have to finish it out. Just not in a rush to do it! I am going to have to put Wishtree on my to read list! Didn’t realize she had a new one out!

  13. Class Mom sounds hilarious, I’ll have to check that one out. And I feel like I’ve heard good things about The One and Only Ivan too–that will be a good one when my kids get a little older.

  14. Colleen Hoover is hit or miss for me. I either don’t like her books or I love them. Thanks for your honest review about her latest.

  15. I am saving Class Mom for when I need a real fun book! I did read and enjoyed Words in Deep Blue but agree it was sad and slow. Is Cinder the first book in the Lunar Chronicles? I had marked that one too read a while back. Maybe winter would be a good time to crack it open! Pam 🙂

    • Class Mom is definitely a fun book! Yes, Cinder is the first book in the Lunar Chronicles series. I read that one years ago but think it would have been better if I read the whole series through.

    • Yeah, I think I’ll have to finish the Lunar Chronicles series, but not anytime soon. I will still continue to read Hoover. I like her writing, even though this book wasn’t a favorite.

  16. Oh bummer, I really liked Scarlet. Cress was good for many people I think. If you decide to go for it maybe just wait less time in between? Not sure. I liked the series, but it is probably not for everyone. Ivan sounds great but also sad. XO – Alexandra

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