November 2017 Reads

Happy Tuesday.  I want to wish all my Jewish readers a Happy Hanukkah! It is also time once again to share my November 2017 Reads.  As usual, I’m joining Steph and Jana’s monthly Show Us Your Books linkup.  November was a slow reading month.  I just had very little motivation to read.  So, unfortunately, there’s not much to share this month.  However, I’m looking forward to checking out all of the other posts in the link up to add to my to read list!

3 Stars


Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier –  This review was posted in my new monthly The Tweens Read post, since both my kids read this book last month.  This is a graphic novel with a telling title, since the book is about ghosts. Catrina’s little sister Maya has cystic fibrosis.  Their family moves to Northern California for Maya’s health.  As they explore their new neighborhood they discover that there are ghosts all around them.  This book was inspired by Dia de Los Muertos.  This was the first children’s book that I’ve read that has a character with cystic fibrosis.  I thought the author did a good job of describing the illness.  There has been some controversy over the accuracy of how Dia de Los Muertos is depicted in the book. If this is a child’s first book about the Day of the Dead, they make get a skewed idea of what the day is really about. This book is different than Telgemeier’s other graphic novels,  like Smile and Sisters, which are more realistic fiction based.  Both my kids enjoyed this book.


I Totally Meant to Do That by Jane Borden – I’ve had this memoir on my shelf for so long.  Borden is from North Carolina but moves to New York City.  It’s basically living in two different worlds.  Some parts of the book were humorous and others dragged on.  Overall, just an “eh” read for me.  Now that it’s read though it’s getting donated!

4 Stars


Far From the Tree by Robin Benway – This YA book is about three adopted siblings living in different families.  They end up meeting each other in their late teens.  Each of them is going through their own issues but end up supporting each other.  This book really takes a look at adoption and what defines family.  It’s an emotional but really good read.


The Last Mrs Parrish by Liv Constantine – Amber Patterson is a nobody, but she has a plan to make herself into a somebody….doing whatever she has to to get there.  This suspense/thriller book got me out of my recent reading slump.  Although it’s slow in the middle, it picked up at the end.  I found it interesting that this book was co-authored by sisters (Liv Constantine is their pen name).


Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng – This book is a family drama with a LOT going on.  Everyone has secrets and nothing is as it appears.  I enjoyed Ng’s storytelling  even though it took me awhile to get into the book.  This is the 2017 Goodreads Choice Award Winner for Fiction. Ng’s other book, Everything I Never Told You has been on my to read list for awhile now.  Since I enjoyed this one so much, I may have to read it sooner than later.





  1. I just heard of The Last Mrs. P last week when Reese Witherspoon chose it as her new book for her book club. I plan to read it next!

  2. I’m on the wait list for Far From the Tree and am really looking forward to reading it after hearing so much about it. I just added The Last Mrs. Parrish to my list- I just finished reading The Marriage Pact and feel like I’m back in the mood for some thrillers/suspense books.

  3. Everyone I Never Told You was soooo good! I’m something like 14th in line at my local library for Little Fires Everywhere…I want it now!!!

  4. I liked Mrs. Parrish – I had NO idea it was co-authored. Cool story, thanks for the info!
    I liked Fires more than her first book.

  5. Really interested in Far From the Tree and The Last Mrs. Parrish. My daughter has Ghosts … I’m waiting for her to let me check it out from her bedroom library. 🙂

  6. I’m waiting for Little Fires, and her other Book Everything I never Told YOu is devastatingly good! When I say devastating, it really is painful to read, but a very realistic look at families.

    I’m adding Far From The Tree to my list, thanks!

  7. Little Fires Everywhere is on my TBR. I haven’t read her first book either. 😀 So you are not alone. Far from the Tree sounds interesting. I have a tough time with adoption books because so often they aren’t done very well. But hearing you say it was done right makes me feel better. Adding it to my TBR.

  8. Everything I Never Told You was excellent and so was Little Fires Everywhere. She’s one of those authors I will always anxiously await the next book (that was a terrible sentence but you know what I mean)

  9. So it’ll like not be this week that I finish Little Fires but it gives me confidence that it just took you a little while to get into it!

  10. Far From the Tree sounds really interesting. i have a few of her books on my bookshelf at home but haven’t gotten to them yet. Little Fires Everywhere is on my list, it’s our next book club pick so i have to get to it soon!

  11. As much as I liked Little Fires Everywhere, Everything I Never Told You is a lot better. That book stuck with me for a long time. Definitely read it! My son is into graphic novels lately and I keep seeing Ghosts everywhere. Do you think it’s appropriate for a 9 year old? He has a 7th grade reading level so I usually read books before he does to make sure, but I have a hard time with graphics. Haha!

  12. I’m in a long holds line for Little Fires but I can’t wait to read it. I was one of the few people who didn’t love Everything I Never Told You though, so I’m curious whether I’ll like this one.

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