Meal Plan {Week 9}

meal plan Monday August

Last week’s menu was filled with tasty dinners and LOTS of fresh produce!  As a volunteer at the food pantry, we are asked to take the leftover fresh produce, or else it ends up going bad.  Last week I came home with swiss chard, mustard greens, corn on the cob, carrots and squash!  I am happy to say that we cooked and ate it all, minus a bunch of carrots that are still sitting on our counter.

Saturday – We went to our neighbor’s potluck BBQ.  The Weekend Chef made coleslaw and potato salad.

Sunday – The Weekend Chef made Peppers & Greens Skillet Hash from the Moosewood Restaurant New Classic Cookbook.   Topped with a fried egg, this was a tasty vegetarian dish in which we were able to use the swiss chard.

Monday – We had One Pot Cheesy Taco Skillet over rice.  I adapted this recipe a bit and will be posting my version on the blog soon.  It was a hit with the kids, easy to prepare and we will be having this again soon!


Tuesday – I made BBQ Bacon Peach Chicken Calzones from blog Melanie Makes.  Her original recipe called for turnovers using frozen puff pastry.  At over $5 a package, with the recipe using two packages I opted for a cheaper alternative and used pizza dough to make calzones.  I had featured this recipe as my favorite bookmarked recipe of the week in a recent Friday Favorites post.  These calzones had many of the kids’ favorite ingredients and they ate these right up.  I found them to be a bit sweet, which might have been due to the barbecue sauce I used (Kraft).  As much as the kids enjoyed these, I told them that I would NOT be making these again, only due to the sheer number of steps and dishes it required!  I had to roast the peaches and cook the bacon.  I had to cook the chicken.  Then I had to bake the calzones.  It was just too time-consuming for me!  I served these with corn on the cob.

Squash Pie

Wednesday –  I made Squash Pie adapting it from this Zucchini Pie recipe from Life According to Steph.  This time I used a variety of squash, but I’ve made it previously using just zucchini.  The kids like this a lot and it’s another recipe keeper.  I served this with a salad.

Thursday – I made what I’m calling Caprese Pasta  inspired by this Summer Pasta recipe from Green Fashionista.  This was another recipe that I recently featured as my favorite bookmarked recipe of the week in a Friday Favorite’s post.   I changed the recipe quite a bit but was inspired by Kate’s recipe.  It too will be making an appearance soon on the blog!  I served this with a salad and garlic bread.

Friday – We had pizza with my parents at their place.  A night off from cooking is a plus!



  1. So glad you enjoyed my recipe but sad you won’t be trying it again! I made my chicken breasts in the slow cooker and baked the bacon and the peaches right after each other so feel it wasn’t more time consuming than any other dish. Hope you’ll give it another try!

  2. Thanks for sharing your meal plan with us at Merry Monday. The squash pie looks really good.

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