Friday Favorites {Week 45}

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!  I am really looking forward to this weekend.  We are expecting to get hit with storm Jonas Saturday into Sunday.  I love snow-imposed stay-at-home days.  If I must stay inside the warm house all day in my pajamas reading books and watching Netflix…..I guess I will.  Since it’s the only thing I like about winter, I have to take advantage when I can!  I hope everyone who is in the storm’s path stays warm and safe.  So, there will probably be not very much going on this weekend.  This week I’m sharing some favorites of the different members of the family.

Korean Fried Chicken Tacos

1.  Saturday  we hosted our monthly supper club.  The theme was “crispy” and I made these Korean Fried Chicken Tacos from Half Baked Harvest.  These were super tasty!  I will be making the slaw on its own as a side for other meals it was that good!  Definitely a favorite of mine this week!

Darth Vader Star Wars sweatshirt

2.  My son’s favorite this week was his Darth Vader Star Wars sweatshirt.  This was a Christmas present that he finally wore to school this week.  The rule was that while at school he couldn’t zip it up like it is in this picture.


3.  My daughter’s favorite this week is her Shopkins.  Unfortunately, she just got her first Shopkins for Christmas (I was trying to avoid this toy trend for as long as possible!) so she doesn’t have that many. At school her friends like to trade them, but she doesn’t have any duplicates to trade.  Some of her friends who have 100+ Shopkins, with several duplicates of the same kind have given her ones to add to her collection.

Forza 6

4.  The Weekend Chef’s favorite of the week is the video game Forza 6 for Xbox One. He probably hasn’t had access to racing games for a decade since we’ve been a Wii household for a long time. I bought it for him for Christmas and he does find the rare chance to play. He describes the graphics as “amazing” and the realistic cars as “incredible”. This may be a game that he can keep playing for another few years since there are so many cars, tracks, and races. And if that isn’t enough, he can always play with other racing fans online. Now just to find some free time…

5.  Favorite bookmarked recipe of the weekSriracha Bacon Beer Cheese Dip from With Salt & Wit.  When this recipe popped up in my inbox I think I might have actually drooled.  Every ingredient is a “yes please!”

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  1. Those toy trends! I can remember when I was in elementary school it was Pogs! Smart that you held off buying as long as you could 🙂 Those Korean tacos look YUMMY!!!!! Right up my alley. Hope you’re able to dig out of all that snow!

    • Yes, we’ve already been through shoulder buddies, zelfs…..unfortunately, I think there’s too many toy trends nowadays! And my husband did all the shoveling and snow blowing, but we got out today!

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