Foodie TV Review: Mind of a Chef, Season 1

The first season of Mind of a Chef is currently available on Netflix but originally aired on PBS at the end of 2012. The show finished its third season. Each 16 episode season features a different chef or chefs and takes and a look into their inspirations and quests to bring new creative food to the table. Anthony Bourdain acts as both executive producer and narrator. I’m sure we’ll be seeing him again in an upcoming review as he hosts several food-related shows. Season one exclusively features chef David Chang, the award-winning chef and creative mastermind behind the Momofuku restaurant empire. It’s easy to see why he deserves his own season as he is widely regarded as one of the best things to happen to food in the last decade.

The series explores his childhood and heritage while following him around the world. He meets with old and new friends during his travels to locations such as Japan, Spain and various US stops to share the foods that made him who is today and the innovations that he is developing now. He takes the heritage and history of food and presents it in a new and unique way. He also takes a look at some of the other chefs that inspire him and drive him to continue innovating. David Chang has certainly left a mark on food and future generations of new chefs are looking to him as inspiration to become great in their own right. We have not yet had the opportunity to eat at any of his restaurants but look forward to doing so. Watching the show gives a detailed and inside look at his life of cooking and is a great way to see an excellent chef at the top of his game. Next step is to eat some of this greatness.

Have any of you enjoyed David Chang’s restaurants? Please share some of your favorite experiences in the comments section.