Foodie Movie Review: Vegucated

Vegucated (2011) Poster

This week’s edition of Weekend Chef’s Foodie Movie Review is based on another Netflix find: Vegucated. This 2011 documentary was written by, directed by, and stars Marisa Miller Wolfson. She became a vegan when she moved to NY from the Midwest and she shares her reasons and philosophies as to why she became one of those “crazy people” herself. The film focuses on a challenge that she posted on Craigslist: to find 3 typical New Yorkers who could give up the Standard American Diet for 30 days and become vegans. She filmed the 3 participants before the challenge began. What would they miss most about giving up meat and cheese, etc? What did their starting health look like? What was their understanding of the food chain from beginning to end?

During the 30 days, Marisa and her test subjects not only committed to a new diet, but they also sought to be  educated about where food comes from. This really had us thinking about not only our personal health but the health of the planet and our kindness to other creatures that we all eat every day. There were plenty of moments that really woke us up to the state of the world around us. Since watching the film, we have really been conscious about reducing our meat intake and the sources of our food that we buy.

I won’t go into detail about the course of the film as I want all of you to go check it out and report back. Has anyone already seen Vegucated? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.