Five on Friday {Week 7}

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!  It’s been a quiet week around here as I was husband-less and kid-less for most of the week!  We went to Rhode Island last Friday and my husband and I left Sunday.  The kids stayed with my parents for a few days and did not come back home until yesterday.  My husband had a work training for almost three days in New Jersey, so I was home alone!  I got to have dinner with a friend who I hadn’t seen in ages, got lots of shopping time, and lots of quiet reading time in, so I can’t complain.  A little peace and quiet does the body good!  I’m so happy to have the kids (and husband!) back home and am looking forward to some quality family time this weekend!  Here are five from this week:

Grey's Anatomy Logo.svg

Watching:  This week while I was home alone, I finally started watching the most recent season of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix.  One episode in and I was in tears.  I also watched a few episodes of Scandal as well.  Now that my husband’s back we watched a couple more episodes of American Odyssey and are almost finished with it.


Reading: I am currently reading The Choices We Make by Karma Brown.  It’s a great book that has me interested in the storyline.  I will definitely have it read by the weekend.  I am so behind on my magazine reading!  I have last week’s US Weekly to finish, Glamour, Westchester Magazine and a Cooking Light!

Baked Stuffed Lobster

Eating: While in Rhode Island we took my parents out to dinner for their anniversary.  My son decided he HAD to have the stuffed lobster.  I decided we’d share it and my daughter and husband shared the paella.  Needless to say, my son learned that he still loves lobster in butter, but he doesn’t like the “stuffing.”

Date Night

Enjoying:  Date night!  We don’t get many date nights in, so it was nice for my husband and I to be able to go out to eat.  We had drinks (I had the frozen sangria, above!) and tacos at Taco Dive Bar and then went next door to the Hudson Creamery where we shared a sundae.  The weather was beautiful and we had a gorgeous view of the Hudson River.


Excited:  The kids start school next Thursday.  This past week they got their teacher assignments and they are both happy with who they got.  This of course makes me happy!  I think they are both going to have great years!   For myself, today I went to a photo shoot for the Westchester County Moms Blog.  I have been accepted as a contributor, and once a month I’ll be posting an article on the blog.   It’s looking to be a great new resource for moms, especially in Westchester County!

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