Five on Friday {It’s going to be hot!}

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Hello Friday! I love me some half-day summer work days! It is going to be a HOT weekend….allegedly temps may reach 96 degrees on Sunday. I see a weekend spent inside trying to stay cool! Here are five from this week:

1. Family birthday party – Saturday we had a small family gathering to celebrate my son’s birthday. We had not seen my brother-in-law and his fiancee since before Thanksgiving, so it was really nice to get to see them. Since we are vegan/vegetarian, and the rest of our family is not, we ordered Italian food from a local restaurant. Then we had cookie cake and ice cream cake for dessert. It was nice to not have to cook!

2. Turning 12 – Tuesday, my son turned 12! We celebrated with sushi (for him) and Chinese takeout, at his request. He asked for flan for dessert, so I tried my hand at making flan for the first time. It doesn’t look great, but it tasted pretty good, if I do say so myself! We then had a zoom with my family. He didn’t want a birthday parade with friends and we weren’t quite ready to do a friend party. So, it was a small but celebratory day. And as you can see from the birthday treat pics, I didn’t realize that we didn’t have a “2” candle. Oh well!


3. Reading – This week I finished A Good Neighborhood by Therese Ann Fowler. It was a really great, five-star read for me. I am currently reading A Court of Thorns and Roses. This is a YA fantasy book that has been on my to read list for awhile. My daughter read it and said it was really good so I’m finally giving it a go. So far, it’s an okay read.

4. Drive-In Movie – Wednesday night we went to our first drive-in movie! This has been a bucket list item for awhile. Amazon Studios and Michael B. Jordan have created “A Night at the Drive-In.” Select drive-in theatres throughout the country are showing free double feature movies that celebrate, “diverse voices in cinemas.” We saw Black Panther at the Overlook Drive-in in Poughkeepsie. We originally saw this movie in the theater when it first came out and it was just as enjoyable as we remembered. Since the movie didn’t end until after 11:15 PM, there was no way we were staying for the second movie, Creed! Although we do want to see this movie too!

5. Butterfly Bush – Somehow, the small, orange butterfly bush that I bought a couple of years ago has really grown. I was able to get a picture of this Monarch on it the other day.

ICMYI this week on the blog:

Monday I shared “A Night at the Drive-In.”

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  1. A drive in movie sounds wonderful. And I love the color of your butterfly bush! I need to check out your June book reads. I’ve been in a reading slump lately. Boo. Happy 12th to your son! Looks like it was a yummy flan!

  2. It’s been so long since I’ve been to a drive-in movie but it sounds like fun. I love both Black Panther and Creed (and I’m not a boxing or Rocky fan either). Happy Birthday to your son. I love that he wanted Asian food for the meal and flan for dessert! Too funny! Ugh, it’s gonna be hot in Minnesota too and my niece is having her graduation reception this weekend. I’m happy (and a little sad that her senior year got so messed up) but I am not looking forward to the heat at all. Have a great weekend and stay cool!

  3. We’re supposed to have really hot temps. this weekend too! I haven’t been to a drive in movie in ages and I don’t know that I ever made it through a whole movie (at the drive in) without falling asleep. I certainly would never have made it through a double feature.

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