Five on Friday {Back to School}

Five on Friday

It is back to school week here at NY Foodie Family!  The kids went back to school yesterday, with my son entering third grade and my daughter starting fifth grade, which is middle school in our district!  The first two days have gone smoothly but the kids are happy for a three day weekend to help them readjust to being back on a school schedule!  So far this weekend we are planning to get together with my in-laws as well as go to a Mets game.  Here are five things from this week:

Grey's Anatomy Logo.svg

1. Watching:  Catching up on Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix.  Even after all these years this show still has me in tears every episode!  My husband and I have started back up with watching House of Cards.  We are only on episode 31 though, so still have lots more episodes to go.


2. Reading: I just started Behind Closed Doors.  I love a good suspense thriller and hope that this one fits the bill!

3. Listening:   The beginning of the school year always feels like the new year to me.  I’m on a mission to really clean and organize now that the kids are in school during the day.  So, I’ve been downloading episodes of various organizing podcasts.  There are so many and since I’ve only been listening to an episode here and there I don’t have a favorite yet.   I’ll keep you updated on my favorites!

First Day Treats

4. Eating:  The first day of school required lots of treats!  Although the kids wanted Dunkin’ Donuts for the first day, we knew we wouldn’t have time to make it there in the morning.  So, when we were at the grocery store Wednesday, I had them each pick a donut from the case.  My daughter went with  a PB & Jelly and my son chose a Salted Caramel Apple donut.  Shoprite’s bakery is getting fancy!  Then, while they were at school I made some cocoa krispy treats for a special first day of school treat!  We’ve been eating healthy too though, with lots of fresh veggies from our CSA.


5. Family Time:  Last weekend we took the kids to the NY Renaissance Faire.  It’s a recreation of a Renaissance village with stores, food and entertainment with everyone dressed in clothing of the time period.  What is fun is that visitors can dress up as well, which many do (not me of course, I really hate dressing up!).  We saw some great shows and even though it was a hot day, we had a really good time!

First Day Signs

6.  (bonus!) Loving:  Everyone’s back to school pictures!  I don’t post much on my personal Facebook page.  However, I always share my kids’ first day of school pics with my friends and family.

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I’m linking up with Tif, Andrea, Amanda and April!  Have a great weekend!