Five on Friday {The Short School Week}

Yesterday, before school, my son asked me, “It’s Thursday already?!  This week went by so quickly!”  I told him that it was probably because he’d only been in school for a half-a day this week.  The kids were off on Monday for Martin Luther King Day, they had an early dismissal Tuesday and a snow day Wednesday.  Yes, it’s been a very short school week for them.  And yes, I am sick of the cold and snow! Now it’s Friday and we are ready for another weekend!  Sunday we are hosting our monthly supper club.  But otherwise, we have a pretty relaxing weekend. Here are five from this week:

1. Family Game Day –  Last weekend my daughter requested that we have a family game day.  We played a couple of the new games that the kids got for Christmas and enjoyed some snacks.  It was a fun and relaxing day.

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2. Reading – I am currently reading two books.  My fiction book is Little Broken Things by Nicole Baart and my non-fiction book is Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequest.  I’ve just started both but am enjoying them so far.

Free willy.jpg

3. Watching – On the snow day I watched a movie with the kids.  After listening to the kids argue over what we were going to watch, I decided what we were going to watch.  I found Free Willy on Amazon Prime.  I had not seen this movie since I saw it in the movie theater in middle school.  And I cried (a little less than the first time I watched it).  Although both kids complained in the beginning about my movie choice, they both really liked it.

4.  Monthly Family Dinner –  This year, one of my goals was to have a monthly family dinner.  I will be writing an upcoming more detailed post about this.  But basically, I want us to cook a full meal together and then eat it in the dining room with our fancy china.  We decided to choose a new country each month to base our menu on, beginning with the letter A.  This month we had an Albanian dinner.  It was a fun and delicious night!  Here’s a peek at the baklava we made for dessert.  I don’t make it often enough but should.  It’s so good and relatively easy!

5.  Baking – When the kids were off on Wednesday, I had the two of them bake some muffins.  They made these Pineapple Muffins from Recipe Girl.  I supervised, but they did all the work!  I love having kids who enjoy cooking!

ICYMI this week on the blog:

Tuesday I posted a guide to Ice Skating in Westchester County and Beyond.

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  1. Happy Friday, friend! A game day with snacks is a day well spent! Love it! I also love your idea for monthly family dinners! I look forward to hearing more about it throughout the year! 🙂 Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!
    xo – Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  2. Wow! The kids did have a short school week. As a kid, that would have been fantastic but as a mom, less so. 😀 I love your monthly family dinners and that you’re featuring food from a different country too. The baklava looks delicious too. Have a great weekend, with hopefully no more snow!

    • I actually didn’t mind all the snow days. The kids and I had a good time. But it’s time for them to be back! Hoping I stick with this monthly family dinner. The first one went well, so fingers crossed! Have a great weekend!

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