Five on Friday {The First of 2018}

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Yeah, it’s Friday!  It’s also the first Friday of 2018!  I love the start of the new year.  To me, it equals a fresh start and a year of possibilities.  While I stopped making resolutions years ago, I have decided that this year I am focusing on self-care and myself.  Although it was a short week of school for the kids, it was a rough one.  Staying up until almost 2 AM on New Year’s eve and then having to go back to school on Tuesday was a killer.  Luckily, (or unlucky!) they got to enjoy a snow day yesterday from the “bomb cyclone” that hit the East Coast.  We stayed nice and warm inside!  We have a pretty relaxing weekend and the kids will hopefully get readjusted to their regular schedules.  Here are five from this week!


1. Reading –  I am currently reading I Am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll.  This is a mystery/thriller, right in my comfort genre and a great way to start my 2018 reading.  According to Goodreads, I read 90 books last year.  This year I set my goal for 75 book.

2. New Year’s Eve – Normally, we celebrate New Year’s Eve at home with tasty snacks and family game night.  This year, we had our monthly supper club on New Year’s Eve.  We had our annual pizza theme and cookie exchange with all the kids.  I made an eggplant parm pizza and my husband made a shrimp scampi pizza.  There was also a buffalo chicken pizza and a mussels fra diavalo pizza (and a plain cheese pizza for the kids).  It was a delicious evening!

3. Snow Days – There’s nothing like a snow day.  I know I loved the unexpected day off more as a child.  But even as an adult, I enjoy being forced to stay inside in comfy clothes all day, relaxing.  Yesterday was the first snow day the kids had this school year, and it was a doozy!  The winds were really bad and the temps are so cold right now that going out to play in the snow wasn’t even an option!

4. Instant Pot – My husband and I received an Instant Pot for Christmas.  I’m excited to learn how to use all the different features.  So far, my husband has made hard-boiled eggs and mashed potatoes in it this past week.  We are loving it!  If anyone has any Instant Pot recipe recommendations, send them my way!

5. Puzzle Time –  I haven’t done a puzzle in ages.  This year my son has become the biggest Harry Potter fan.  Santa brought him a Harry Potter puzzle and we (mostly me!) have been working on it.  I forget how relaxing it is for me to work on puzzles.  I sit and listen to a podcast and it’s just so enjoyable.

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I’m linking up with Andrea, April and Katie!  Have a great weekend!



  1. Happy New Year, sweet friend! I’m amazed that you could be up so late bringing in the new year and then work the next day! The fun and deliciousness had on NYE at your supper club looked totally worth it though! 😉 Glad a snow day come to the rescue later in the week and give you a chance to stay in, comfy and cozy with your kiddos! I’m so with you on finding puzzles relaxing. We only seem to do a big one maybe once or twice a year, but I always enjoy it! Wishing you a wonderful first weekend of 2018! xo – Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

    • Oh no, I didn’t work the day after New Year’s! But it was a fun and delicious night! We actually had a snow day today too, so two days of relaxation. Have a great weekend!

  2. Happy New Year! I’ve been wondering how all my East Coast friends are surviving the bitter, bitter cold! I loved snow days as a child. They were the very, very best. I’m not sure if my Mom felt that way though! 😀 Oh that pizza looks so good. I haven’t had pizza in a such a long time and have a terrible craving for it! Stay warm, my friend!

    • Happy New Year Tanya! Yes, it’s been bitterly cold here. I try not to go out if I don’t have to…..I really hate the cold! The pizzas were so good! I love specialty pizzas and these were all so good. Plus, homemade dough! Have a great weekend!

  3. I got a puzzle for Christmas too, so I really need to work on that. It’s been years for me! I’m loving the HP one you have. 🙂 How fun.

    I’m hoping to get an Instant Pot at some point in the future. I think it would help me cook at home SO much more.


    • Enjoy your new puzzle! I finished the HP one, which was a bit challenging!, so I will need to get another one to work on soon! We’ve only had the Instant Pot for a couple of weeks now but I only have good things to say about it!

  4. Ohhh I want that puzzle to do with my boys!! One is on book 2 with my husband and the other is on book 4 with me :). Glad you guys are safe and warm – while I was a little sad we didn’t see snow, this storm has sounded very scary!

    • It was a bit of a challenging puzzle. I have to admit that I ended up doing most of the puzzle myself! I’m over the cold and snow now. Spring can come anytime!! Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

  5. Oh I just started doing puzzles and the first one I did was a Harry Potter one I got for Christmas!! I love the one you are working on. Also love my instantpot! Skinnytaste as a lot of great recipes for it. Have a great weekend!

    • How fun that you got a HP puzzle too! I am going to have to check out Skinnytaste because we are loving the InstantPot and I need more recipes for it! Thanks for the recommendation! Have a great weekend!

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