February Minimalist Challenge Update

February Minimalist Challenge

So here we are, half-way through February, and I thought I’d give you a quick update on our family minimalist challenge.  As a family we agreed to declutter and get rid of things everyday throughout the month of February – on February 1st, one thing, the 2nd, two things and so on.  Today is February 18th and we are getting rid of eighteen things.

February Minimalist Challenge Pic 1

My husband and I have been cleaning out our closet and have ended up getting rid of a lot of clothing and shoes.  I have also been getting rid of my old teaching things – books, games, supplies, etc.  We are counting each article of clothing as one item and each book as a single item as well.   We have been having the kids get rid of only one item daily, and most of those items so far have been books.  My son reminded me that right before Christmas we had done a big room cleanout in preparation for their new presents and they both got rid of a lot of stuff then.  He’s right, but there’s always more things they can get rid of!

February Minimalist Challenge Update Pic 2

I’ve realized that we haven’t been too systematic about how we are gathering things to get rid of.  So, for the rest of the month, I really want to focus on going through area by area in the house to figure out what we want to keep and what we want to get rid of.  Overall though, so far, my husband and I have been finding it easy to get rid of things and honestly, I think we could probably find enough “stuff” for another month of this challenge……but we’ll see!

Have you been decluttering?


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  1. Great job, as a family! My co-worker was singing the praises of “Magic of Tidying Up” so I did a declutter of my office and it was awesome shredding old documents (some I scanned into PDFs). I look forward to keeping it decluttered :).

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