A Fairy’s Gift (Disney: The Never Girls) {25 Books of Christmas Day 19}



A Fairy’s Gift (Disney:  The Never Girls) by Kiki Thorpe
Illustrated by:  Jana Christy
Published by: Random House, September 8, 2015
Genre:  Children’s Chapter Book (fiction), Christmas, Series, Media Tie-in
Pages: 224
Price:  $14.99
Source: borrowed from the library

From Penguin Random House:

Enjoy twice the fairies, twice the adventure, and twice the magic, just in time for the holidays. In a beautiful jacketed hardcover edition packed with illustrations, this special new Never Girls story by New York Times bestselling author Kiki Thorpe is the perfect gift for readers ages 6 to 9.

Review:  Kate, Mia, Lainey and Gabby are the Never Girls.  They believe in fairies because they can visit Never Land anytime they want and visit Tinker Bell, Fawn, Prilla and the other fairies.  On one of their recent visits  they learn that there’s a bad case of Disbelief.  Without children believing in them, the fairies are losing their magic.  They can’t fly or use any of their special abilities.  The girls convince Queen Clarion to let a couple of the fairies through the portal to try to get children to believe.  Mia and Gabby’s older cousin Angelica is visiting for Christmas and seems to be one of the biggest disbelievers.  Can the girls convince Angelica and others in time to save Pixie Hollow?

There are currently twelve books in Thorpe’s The Never Girls series, with A Fairy’s Gift being a holiday special.  This was the first book that I’ve read featuring the Never Girls and I think that it can be read as a stand-alone.  This isn’t much of a holiday read, as Christmas isn’t celebrated until the very end of the book. However, the overall theme of “believing” is relevant to the holiday.

This series is targeted to readers ages 6-9.  My 10 year-old daughter never got into this series, however, I think it’s a cute series for the targeted age group.  The cover is decorated with gold glitter and the book comes with an attached ribbon bookmark.  There are lots of illustrations and each page is outlined with a red snowflake and flower border.

Overall Rating:  Optional Read