Every Ornament Tells a Story

Christmas Tree

When you see our Christmas tree from afar, it looks like lots of other decorated Christmas trees.  However, upon closer look, each of our ornaments tells a story.   Each Christmas, I get my husband and each of our kids an ornament that represents something significant that happened that year.  Since the husband reads the blog, I won’t share what his ornament is this year.  Our daughter started both piano and saxophone lessons this year, so we got her a music note ornament personalized with her name and the year.  Our son has been obsessed with the Disney character Stitch….I mean, obsessed!  So, this year, his ornament is a Stitch wearing a Santa hat.

We also have a family tradition of buying ornaments as a souvenirs from our travel and family fun.  Each Christmas as we decorate the tree we reminisce about our past outings and fun.

This tradition began the Christmas of 2001, when my husband and I had first started dating.

Elf Ornament

I gave him this elf ornament to remember the time that we spent baking lots of Christmas cookies for our families for the holidays.  Since then we have accumulated years of ornaments, each special in its own way.  Some of this year’s new additions include:

Rockland Boulders

A summer Rockland Boulders baseball game.  By the way, the above ornament is actually a key chain that the Weekend Chef turned into a Christmas ornament.  We’ve done this a lot since many places sell key chains but not ornaments.  It’s also often cheaper too!

Franklin D. Roosevelt Ornament

This is our most recently acquired ornament from our visit to the Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Disney Ornament

And of course, we can’t forget about our summer trip to Disney World!

We love decorating our tree together and looking at all the ornaments.  I love that when my children become adults and eventually have their own families and Christmas trees, they will always have a collection of their childhood memories.

What kind of ornaments do you have on your tree?