Currently September 2017

Currently 2017
I think I say this every month, but I can’t believe that it’s already September!  We had such an enjoyable summer traveling around New York state and the time just flew by!  The kids just started school again and I am looking forward to all things Fall. I am joining Anne and her co-host Lowanda for the monthly Currently linkup.  Here is what I am currently:

Celebrating – My birthday this month.  As I’ve gotten older, birthdays aren’t a big deal to me anymore.  Sometimes, I actually forget how old I am! But September 16, I will be turning another year older so there will be some celebrating going on around here.

Watching – For the first time this summer I started watching Bachelor in Paradise.  Since I watched the most recent seasons of the Bachelor and the Bachelorette, I’m familiar with most of the cast.  It’s been surprisingly enjoyable and a recent guilty pleasure.  I just wish I didn’t have to commit four hours a week!

Welcoming – The kids had their first day of school yesterday.  I’m going to miss the relaxed, care-free days of summer.  However, I’m welcoming being back into a routine.  I think it’s easier for the kids when they have a set bedtime and a regular morning wake-up time.  Plus, with homework and after-school activities, they will be much busier and have less time to be on electronics or be “bored.”

Preparing – Is it too early to start preparing for next summer’s vacation?!!  I’m not totally joking though.  Next summer we’d like to do a tour of the National Parks out West.  It will most likely be a two week trip and figuring out all the logistics will take lots of time and planning.  So, I’m hoping to get started on the research and planning of this trip soon.

Photographing – Summer is over and I will be home now to cook dinner every night.  I am going to restart my Monday weekly meal plan posts.  So, this means I will be back to photographing dinner each night! LOL!  While traveling this summer, I also started using and experimenting with the manual mode on my camera.  I’m hoping to get out more while the kids are in school to continue practicing my photography skills.



  1. I sometimes forget how old I am too. Or I hear about a person the same age as me and I’m like “they’re old” and then realize we’re the same age. Oops. 😀 I hope the kids had a great first day back at school. As a kid, the end of summer was a bummer but my Mom, in particular, as always pretty happy when Fall rolled around!

    • Too funny about the age thing. Yeah, unfortunately, coming to the realization that I’m not young anymore! The kids have had a great couple of days back at school. I am super happy to get some quiet time during the day!!

  2. No matter what the age, I say you still celebrate a whole birthday month. Or maybe it becomes the way to be okay with becoming a year older as time goes on 🙂

    Getting back to routine is always nice, but to counteract the sad end of summer I totally say planning next summer’s vacation is fair game!

  3. Wow! It’s amazing how our first three prompts are just alike! Happy early birthday and celebrate another year on Earth! Be proud! Being back in school or at work has helped me to. I need routine in my life. I’m gonna have to come back and check out those food post! Always looking for new ideas!

  4. A national parks trip sounds amazing!!! There’s so many all right around each other that I’d want to see them ALL if we made the effort to get to that side of the country!! 🙂

  5. Happy Early Birthday! It definitely sounds like you need to start planning next year’s vacation soon. Some vacations just take a lot more prep, but it sounds like a fun one!

  6. I totally agree about getting back into a routine. Even though it’s nice to have a break, I crave having a more regular schedule. I hope you have a great birthday!

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