Currently March 2017

Currently 2017March is coming in like a lamb…..I only hope that it goes out like one as well!  We were spoiled last week with spring-like temperatures and although rainy, it’s still unseasonably warm today.  I’m enjoying as much of this warm weather as I can while it lasts!  Here we are, the first day of March and it’s time to link up with Anne and her guest host Carrie for the monthly Currently linkup.   Here is what I am currently:

Watching – My usual weekly shows that include The Bachelor, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, This Is Us, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal.  I’ve also been recording the new Bravo series Imposters.  I’m not totally invested yet, but the few episodes that I’ve seen have me interested.

Eating – Lots of tasty food!  I attended a kick-off event for Hudson Valley Restaurant Week last night and got to enjoy lots of great food and see some friends.  It was a good time and I’m looking forward to even more great meals during HVRW!

Saying –  Recently, my son (8 1/2) and daughter (almost 11) have been fighting like cats and dogs.  I keep spelling out “W-A-Y” or  just say “WAY” (Worry About Yourself).  They like to keep tabs on one another and tattle and I just can’t take it!!!

Wearing – The usual jeans and a long-sleeve shirt or sweater.  I’m always cold! So, even though the weather has been warmer I’m still layered up and wearing at least a light jacket outside!  I’m loving all the spring colors and florals that I’ve been seeing in stores.  However, I’m just not quite ready to shop for warm weather clothes yet!

Posting – I think I finally have a posting schedule down and have been posting regularly at least three times a week. I participate in this monthly linkup, the Show Us Your Books monthly linkup and a couple of weekly Friday Favorites linkups.  Otherwise, I’ve been trying to focus my content on food, travel and family events and entertainment.



  1. It’s been a while since I’ve really gotten into a new show, but on This Is Us… I am in! And I love restaurant weeks – so fun.

  2. I have never heard W-A-Y! I can totally imagine myself saying it and not just to kids. I want to use this one on family and friends too! Ha!

  3. I love that saying WAY. I think that is totally applicable even for adults. Thanks for sharing it and for linking up with Currently!

  4. This is Us is killing me. So many emotions but I love it! We finally have a few sunny days in a row and it feels like California again. 😀 I’ve never heard of W-A-Y but it sounds like something I need to tell myself!

  5. Ooh restaurant week, yum. I need to do that next time it happens here. And WAY, I love that. I feel like we can all be reminded to do that. The show us your books linkup sounds fun! I need to join that one!

  6. Worry About Yourself – I love it! It would be a good philosophy for colleagues too. The restaurant week kick-off sounds like a lot of fun. Yay for yummy food.


  7. I still have no true schedule for blog posts. Every time I think I’m getting into a routine, I change it up. Although, there are some link ups that I regularly participate in as well.
    Eating tasty food is always a good idea as far as I’m concerned.

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