Currently June 2017

Currently 2017
June is here and that means school will be ending soon. We are busy with all of the end of year activities going on as the school year comes to an close. I’m sure I say this every year, but I can’t believe how quickly the school year went by!  I am linking up with Anne and Erin for the monthly Currently link up.  Here is what I’m currently…..

Planning – Our summer vacation.  This summer I’ll be taking my kids on a tour of New York state.  I’m going to have a more detailed post coming soon on the blog, but my plan is to visit different areas of the state that they (and sometimes I) haven’t been to.  I’m hoping this will be a fun and educational experience for us all!  I didn’t realize how much planning would be involved in such an endeavor though!  So, yes, lots of planning happening here.

Wishing – For some warmer weather.  Yesterday it was rainy and in the 50’s.  I don’t want to complain too much because once the heat comes it stays!  However, it’s definitely not feeling like June!

Learning – I’m currently reading up on all things blogging.  Although this blog started out as a hobby of mine, I’d like to learn to monetize it.  Instagram and twitter are my favorite social media platforms.  However, I think using Pinterest, and more specificially Tailwind tribes, will be beneficial.  Any resources and tips are appreciated!

Browsing – Goodreads and online book lists for some summer reading recommendations!  In the summer I prefer to read lighter, chick-lit and quick, suspense type reads.  If you have a good summer read you can recommend, let me know!

Going –  Tomorrow night I’m going to a local Beer and Burger Fest.  Many area restaurants are participating and I plan to have a fun and tasty night out with my husband!




  1. That sounds like a really fun summer vacation…can’t wait to hear more!

  2. I’m debating joining a blogging mastermind group ran by Stephanie O’Dea. It’s $17 a month, but the description has a lot of things that appeal to me and my hopes to monetize my blog at some point. Have you found any super helpful resources yet? I feel like there’s almost too much info out there!

    • I haven’t quite gotten serious about researching/looking into it. I’m not ready to join a mastermind. I feel like there’s a ton out there like you said. It’s just taking the time to read and implement it!

  3. Oh I’d love to know what you learn about monetizing. Although, I’d have to quick taking 5 month long sabbaticals, ha!

    I just put up a post on books! If you like historical fiction/chick lit, I recommend Letters from Home. And the Cedar Cove series by Debbie Macomber is pretty easy to read too!

    • I’ll have to check your book post out! I’ve read the first ten books in the Cedar Cove series. Debbie Macomber is definitely light, easy reading. I’ll have to let you know about the monetizing as I learn!

  4. Burger & beer fest sounds awesome!! Enjoy that tonight! 🙂 Thanks for linking up with us!!

  5. Definitely check out Modern Mrs Darcy’s summer reading guide – tons of good options in those categories (which are also ones I love reading in the summer too). I just read Every Wild Heart, which was a good light read. And I would be quite happy to go to a beer and burger fest too…

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