Currently February 2017

Currently 2017

And just like that, I blinked and it’s February!  I feel like we had a busy but fun January and I’m looking forward to all that we have planned in February.  I’m joining Anne and Erin for the monthly Currently linkup.  Here is what I am currently….

Packing – Suitcase-wise, I’m not packing anything!  We have no big trips planned anytime soon.  I’m packing lunch for the kids everyday though.  My daughter is a breeze.  She eats pretty much anything.  My son is much more difficult.  He doesn’t like cold cut sandwiches and has recently stopped liking the bagels I was giving him for lunch. So, packing lunch has not been fun.  For now, he’s been happy with PB&Jelly, BLTs, and crackers with cheese and a yogurt.

Diet Pepsi

Jonesing – for a diet pepsi (or coke!).  In my quest to be healthier I have stopped drinking diet soda…..at home.  I consider it a rare treat when we dine out, and even then sometimes I choose to drink water instead.  Instead, I’ve been drinking seltzer with a little bit of juice, since I don’t like the taste of seltzer (yes, even the flavored kind) or lemon water.  However, every once in awhile, a diet soda sounds really good!

Texting –  Since my kids discovered iMessage on their iPods they have been texting me.  Especially my son who loves sending emojis and “funny” (to him) memes.

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Reading – I am in the midst of reading two books right now.  I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh is a thriller/suspense book that is moving a bit slow for me.  I went to NYC this past weekend with my daughter.  Since it’s an hour train ride I packed Unbelievable (#4 in the Pretty Little Liars series) since it’s a paperback and was easier to carry around with me.  It’s brain candy and reads quick, so I’ll probably be finishing that one up soon.


Hearting – Surprise, relaxing, cozy afternoons.  Yesterday the kids had an early dismissal because of snow.  I love being forced to stay inside, change into comfy clothes and know the rest of the day will be relatively relaxing…..after shoveling!



  1. I try to keep my diet coke consumption to one can a day. Sometimes, on a particularly rough day, I might do two. 😀 I’ve considered eliminating it as I’m trying to get healthy this year too, but there are bigger areas of concern (portion size, not enough veggies, too many carbs, emotional eating) that need more attention right now. And honestly, if I try to curb my DC consumption while doing the above, I’ll turn into a major Queen Bee. 😀

    Sorry to hear that Let You Go is dragging for you. Everyone’s tastes run differently. I loved snow days as a kid. They were the best. I’m not sure how my Mom felt about them but I LOVED them!

  2. I love a good cozy afternoon 🙂 I gave up drinking diet pop a few years ago (I was seriously addicted, it was so hard!), and now I only have one once in awhile. That picture, though, is making me crave a cherry pepsi 🙂 It’s my favorite!

  3. Oh that’s a good diet soda policy that I really *should* do. Hmmmm. And that’s not such a good sign when a suspense/thriller is moving slowly, eh? Thanks for joining in, as always!

  4. So funny that the kids are texting you memes/emojis!! I feel like that could be a whole blog post: funny stuff my kids have sent. 🙂

  5. Way to go on cutting out soda! It is so rough! I hate flavored water but I have grown to like and it replace it with soda when I want something bubbly 🙂 Great work!

  6. I’m currently doing a weight loss program through my hospital so it’s mostly been water for me. I could really go for a diet anything at this point! haha I suppose I’ll get used to it as time goes along; I’m only five days in.

    I’m so glad it’s February. January just really seemed to drag!


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