Currently April 2017

Currently 2017
Happy April!  I am ready for some April Showers and warmer weather.  April is a busy month for us as we celebrate my wedding anniversary, my daughter’s birthday, Passover and Easter.  I am joining Anne and Jess once again for the monthly Currently link up.  Make sure to join us next month,  Wednesday May 3, when I co-host with Anne and we share what we are currently baking, listening, loving, planting and remembering!  For April, here is what I’m currently:

Accomplishing – I am accomplishing lots of birthday planning.  We are celebrating my daughter’s 11th birthday with the family on Easter.  So, with some input from her, my husband and I are working on getting the menu finalized.  She’s also having her friends party the weekend after.  Since she’s a game lover, she’s having a Minute To Win It themed party with lots of games.  There’s definitely lots of planning that needs to be finalized for this party.

Feeling – lucky.  My husband and I just celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary yesterday.  While 13 may be considered an unlucky number to some, we are feeling very lucky.  We have created a beautiful family and wonderful life together over these years and can’t wait to create lots more memories.  To celebrate, my parents took us out to dinner this past weekend and we have a belated lunch date tomorrow!

Needing – to eat healthier.  Spring is here!  While I belong to the gym and have been taking lots of classes, I haven’t been the best about eating healthy.   My husband and I have agreed that for the next few months, while eating at home we are going to make healthier choices.  However, all bets are off when we go out!  LOL!

Practicing – shopping restraint.  It’s so easy to run into the store to buy something I need and come out with a bunch of other things that I didn’t!  While I pride myself on being a bargain shopper and getting a good deal, we are trying to cut down on extraneous spending.  So, I’ve really been trying to stick to the shopping list!

Pinning – lots of recipes, as usual, as well as NY focused travel pins.  This summer I’m planning on taking the kids on some road trips around the state.  Some of the stops include Albany, Niagara Falls, Lake George and the Catskill Mountains.  Plus, lots of day trips around the area and NYC.  I love living in NY state and it has so much to see and do.  I figured this summer is a great time to explore the state before we venture out further in our travels.



  1. Happy 13th anniversary! That is wonderful! 🙂 And I love the idea of a minute to win it bday party, that will be so much fun!!

  2. Birthday party planning is one of my favorite kinds of planning. I’m with you on all bets are off when we go out to eat – luckily that’s not every day 🙂 Happy 13th!!

  3. Happy anniversary!! And I need to be joining you guys in your efforts to eat healthier – ugh! I’m holding on hope that spring and nice weather will inspire a desire to eat better and get out and get active again but we shall see. 🙂

  4. I feel you on needing some shopping restraint! Target is probably the worst because we get a lot of our groceries there but then they have such cute clothes, shoes, dishes, etc. It gets me every time!

  5. Happy Anniversary! And Happy Birthday to your daughter!! Does she like to read? I’m selling for Usborne Books now and they have some great titles for her age group.

    Good luck on eating healthy! I know how hard it can be.


  6. Sounds like a fun, but busy, month! Good luck with all the planning! I definitely need to eat healthier too, and we’ve been trying to eat at home more as well. If we let ourselves, we spend WAY too much money on food, so we’re trying to eat at home more and use what we have instead of being tempted by takeout. It’s not always easy!

    • Thanks! Eating out definitely gets expensive and it’s so much healthier to eat at home…..depending on what I make. Looking forward to more salads and lighter fare on the dinner menu!

  7. Happy anniversary!! We’ve been trying to eat healthier lately too — it’s not always easy but it is worth it!

  8. Oh, I need to eat healthier too. It is on my spring list of goals. But I am working at a new school and coming home too tired to cook or exercise (sadly, not too tired to eat, however!). Would love for you to join us for Sentence a Day. We are just getting started on April, so you can jump in now. We will publish our posts and link-up on the first Thursday in May. Holler, if you are interested! Leslie @ onceuponatimehappilyeverafter.com

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