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April….the sun is shining, the birds are chirping…..oh, I’m sorry, that’s what I wish was happening right now.  Instead, Mother Nature has decided to play a cruel joke on us with thirty degree temps and snow……in April.   <Insert sigh of exasperation here!>  Today I am joining Anne and Jenna’s monthly Currently linkup to share what I am currently:


making:  a summer list of fun for the kids and I.  They both decided that they don’t want to go to camp this year.  Since I’m home, it’s not a necessity, like it has been in the past.  But, I may go crazy with the two of them home all day.  So I have already started creating a list of outings and things to do with them so we all survive unscathed!  I see a lot of beach days in our future.

wishlisting:  Oh man, since we recently joined Amazon Prime, I haven’t really been “wishlisting” very much.  It’s just so easy to purchase whatever I need and have it delivered in two days!  Some big purchase items that we are saving for  include a new kitchen table/chairs and some spring landscaping.

cleaning: besides my regular weekly cleaning schedule, not anything major yet.  I need to clean out the kids drawers and closets to see what they need as far as spring and summer clothing goes.  The house is also in need of a deep spring cleaning.  Since the temperature doesn’t feel very spring-like, I’m holding off until I can have my windows open and hear those birds chirping!


posting: about our Philadelphia trip that we took over spring break.  Last week I posted about Reading Terminal Market and yesterday I posted our 2 day itinerary.   I have two more posts related to the trip coming up as well.

tasting: my not-so secret chocolate stash.  I bought a bag of mini Reese’s peanut butter cups on an after-Easter clearance sale.  The family knows about them but I’ve tucked them into a cabinet so when I get an occasional chocolate craving I know they’re there.  I know where they are but for everyone else, out of sight, out of mind!

What are you currently up to?



  1. Oh, how was Philadelphia? I’ve never been, but I’ve been wanting to! Oh, and now I really want some reeses! 🙂 Smart idea to have a secret stash!

    Thanks for linking up!

    • Philadelphia was fun! We really enjoyed the sights and food. We had a busy two days but still didn’t get to see/do everything. It gives us a reason to go back.

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