Building an Exercise Routine {Self-Care Saturday}

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Welcome to Self-Care Saturday!  As I explained in this post, my goal this year is to focus on self-care.  Each Saturday I will be posting about different self-care topics to hopefully give you ideas to help you focus on yourself, and to hopefully keep me on track as well!  Today’s post is all about building an exercise routine.

January is probably the worst time to focus on exercise.  Everyone makes new year resolutions to lose weight and the gym is packed.  However, it is one of the areas of self-care that I really need to prioritize.  I’ve had a gym membership for almost a year and a half now.  I’ve been regularly using my membership (go me!) but I’ve been super lax about it.  I’ll take a class here or there but have not gotten into a routine or been very serious about going.

First, I know I need to choose exercise that I enjoy.  I prefer taking exercise classes over running in place on a treadmill for 30 minutes.  Even though I can’t dance for the life of me, I love the music in the Zumba classes.  As an Obliger (for those of you who are familiar with Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies), I also respond well to an instructor telling me what to do.  She wants me to do 20 squats, I will do 20 squats.

Part of my goal with exercising is to lose weight. Although technically not overweight, I am currently at the heaviest weight I’ve ever been.  My sporadic gym attendance has not helped me get in shape and I know that overall, I am not as healthy as I can and should be.

 I’ve learned that an effective exercise routine includes both cardiovascular exercise and strength training.  While I hate that treadmill, I may have to overcome my adversity to it.  I’ve also read that as a beginner (yes, I’m calling myself a beginner) I need to aim for at least three 30 minute workouts a week, where I’m giving 100%.  So, my goal is to get to the gym at least three times a week.  “Too busy” is a myth and we make time for the things that we find important.  I need to prioritize exercise on my “important list” and truly make it a habit.

One week into January and I’ve made it to the gym twice (check!).  One day I did an elliptical-like machine for 25 minutes (I know, not the recommended 30 minutes!).  The second time I took a boot camp class.  This was the first time that I’ve ever taken this class.  Two days later and I am still sore ALL over.  This was a full-body workout that my body was not used to.  Although it was killer, I feel good, and I want to go back again next week! I honestly think I would have gone to the gym at least one more time but, “bomb cyclone” winter storm.

In addition, this week I started the True: 30 Day Yoga Journey with Adriene, from Yoga with Adriene.  This is a 30 day journey that you can start any time.  So far, I’ve done all four days.

If you don’t belong to a gym, I suggest checking out YouTube videos.  You can workout right in the privacy of your own home.  I personally have not tried enough of these workouts to recommend any, but if you have, please leave recommendations in the comments!

For some additional motivation, check out a fellow blogger friend Tanya’s post, “How an Avowed Exercise Hater Started Regularly Working Out.”

By putting it out here in the blogosphere, and holding myself accountable to you readers, I’m hoping that my Obliger self can stick to this exercise routine!

Here’s to getting in shape in 2018!  What does your exercise routine look like?  



  1. I have used Leslie Sansone’s walking videos on YouTube and that is way better than the dreaded treadmill. I still frequent the gym (Planet Fitness) and enjoy that for my strength training.

    • I really need to work on my strength training. I just checked out a Leslie Sansone walking video. It looks easy enough and great to do at home! Thanks for the recommendation!

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