Babushka: A Christmas Tale {25 Books of Christmas Day 11}

Babushka:  A Christmas Tale by Dawn Casey
Pictures By:
 Amanda Hall
Published by: Good Books (an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.), 2016
Genre:  Children’s Picture Book, Christmas
Pages: 32
Price:  $16.99
Source: borrowed from the library

From Skyhorse Publishing:

On the eve of the very first Christmas, an old grandmother is busy tidying her home when a bright star illuminates the sky. Soon three wise men arrive and invite Babushka to join them in their travels—following the star in search of a newborn babe, the Prince of Peace. But there are dishes to be washed, and floors to be swept, and Babushka is too absorbed in her work to leave her home with presents for the baby Jesus.

The next day, when Babushka tries to follow the men, she cannot find their tracks. Instead, she finds a little girl shivering in the cold, and a little boy, his tummy rumbling with hunger. Babushka walks and walks, and everywhere she goes she finds children in need of toys to play with or a shawl to keep them warm. And to each one, she offers a gift from her basket and a smile of light and love.

With beautiful illustrations evoking folk art traditions and sensitive storytelling, Babushka tenderly reminds us that nothing is more important during the holiday season than taking the time to show love for one another. This timeless Russian tale will warm your heart and fill you up with the joyful, generous spirit of Christmas.

Review: This is the first time that we have read about this Russian folktale.  One winter’s night Babushka is tidying her house when three men knock on her door, looking for some warmth and food.  Babushka makes them soup while they rest and warm up.  They tell her that they are following the star in the East to see the newborn king.  Although the men invite Babushka to travel with them, she refuses and stays home to clean up after the men.  That night, she dreams of a baby and the next morning wakes to see the star shining in the East.  She packs a basket filled with toys and food and decides to set off and find the baby to bring him the gifts.  But she ends up lost in the cold.  She finds a girl shivering in the cold and gives her a warm knit shawl.  As Babushka travels, she continues to encounter children who need food and toys.  Legend says Babushka is still journeying and giving gifts to those children who need them.

This is a heartwarming holiday story that takes place in Russia.  I loved the birght, colorful illustrations.  This is  a Christmas story that doesn’t focus on Santa but the spirit of the holiday.

Overall Rating:  Recommended Read