Year of Self-Care

Happy New Year!  2018 has arrived!  The past two years I picked a word for the year (happy, growth).  I used that word to help me try to live intentionally.  Honestly, I’m not sure how well they worked.  In lieu of choosing a word this year, I am vowing to focus on myself and practice self-care.  Like myself, I know many of you are probably super busy, tired and under-appreciated. I realize that I spend so much timing making sure everyone else in the family has everything they need that I don’t always prioritize myself.  This year, I have big goals for myself and to help me achieve them, I have to make sure that I am physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.  Each month,  I will be sharing a self-care post focused on one specific area.  I will be sharing resources and ideas that have or will hopefully assist me on my quest.  Throughout the year I will be working on all of these areas, but will be doing a monthly post focused on each.  I would love any resources or tips you have in the below areas to help me on my journey!













These are loosely in the order I will be posting about them on the blog in future “Self-Care Saturday” posts.  Is anyone else interested in a year of self-care?  I hope you join me on this journey in making 2018 a great year!



  1. Love this, Nancy! It’s terrible because I am bad at self-care too and it’s on me, so I don’t really have an excuse. But women, in particular, are always taught to put others before themselves, which is an old, antiquated “lesson” that needs to be banished. Glad you’re prioritizing yourself this year and looking forward to your posts. Happy New Year!

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