Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Tween Girls

Check out this gift guide for ideas of stocking stuffers for tween girls.

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Last week I posted some stocking stuffer ideas for tween boys.  Today I’m sharing some stocking stuffer ideas for tween girls.  I find there are many small items, perfect for this age group, that can easily fill a stocking.  Here are a few ideas that my eleven-year-old daughter has enjoyed in the past, or would like this year!


Candy and gum is always a hit with this age group.  Stock up on her favorites so she can share with her friends!


Girls are always in need of hair accessories and they make great stocking stuffers for tween girls.

Hair Accessories – My daughter has long hair and enjoys wearing braids and pony tails.  She is always in need of hair ties.  We found this set at Justice that includes matching colored bobby pins. Claire’s and other accessory stores sell all kinds of fun hair accessories too.

Jewelry – Jewelry is always a great idea for tweens and I don’t think you can ever go wrong with earrings (if her ears are pierced), necklaces or rings.

My daughter loves the variety of lip smacker flavors available. These are a great stocking stuffer idea for a tween girl.

Lip Balm/Chapstick –  As much as my daughter would like to wear makeup, I think that she’s too young.  Since she can’t wear lipstick she loves lip balm. Her current faves include Lipsmackers and eos. They come in a variety of flavors and shades.

A tween girl can never have too many bottles of nail polish! They make a great stocking stuffer for a tween girl.

Nail Polish – Just as with lip balm, a tween girl can never have too much nail polish!  Tweens love fun colors and designs. Nail files also make great stocking stuffers.

Portable Power Bank – 
Although my tween doesn’t have a cell phone, she does enjoy using her Ipod….A LOT.  It’s always in need of charging and with a power bank she can charge it while out.

School Supplies – Even though school started several months ago, kids are always in need of pencils, pens and other school supplies.  Holidays are a great time to replenish their pens, pencils, post-its and more. She will love it if you get fun, designed supplies.


Bath Bombs – Tween girls are obsessed with bath bombs!  This bath fizzers look like a lot of fun.  As it dissolves the user will find a small surprise inside.  It could be a small toy, a key chain, charm or more.

Phone/Ipod cases – This is another item that girls never seem to have enough of.  My daughter is always changing out her Ipod case.  There are so many fun cases with quotes, designs and characters. Unicorns are big right now and my daughter would love this case.

Slime – Slime is still a hit with the tween girls.  They especially enjoy making it and I know my daughter will love this Galaxy Slime starter kit.

86749-29_Soft n’ Slo Medium Assortment-Contents-HR-RGB

Soft’n Slo Squishies – My daughter and her middle school friends are obsessed with Squishies.  Made by Orb Toys, these are squeeze toys that rise back to their original shape, very slowly.  They are stress relief toys for kids!   They come in a variety of collectible shapes and sizes.  The newest Squishies are Costume Cutiez, that come with swappable costumes.

What are you putting in your tween daughter’s stocking?  

Holiday Gift Ideas for Westchester County Families

Some unique holiday gift ideas perfect for Westchester County families.

I’ve been posting various holiday gift guides these past few weeks. However, there are some unique gifts that you can give to families living in Westchester County.  Check out this post that I shared on the Westchester County Moms Blog last year for some holiday gift ideas especially for Westchester County Families!

Some new additions this year include “Experience Gifts”:
While these places may not sell gift certificates, you can give money with a note for its intended use, or ask for a family experience, to these Westchester County family fun venues.

Grand Prix New York (Mt. Kisco, NY) -This venue has Go Karts, bowling and an arcade.  A full day of fun for families with older children.

Legoland Discovery Center (Yonkers, NY) – Designed for children ages 3-10, this venue has 2 rides, 10 build and play zones and a 4D cinema.  Located in Ridge Hill, there are several restaurant choices nearby for lunch or dinner.

Spins Hudson (Peekskill, NY) – Your family can have a day of fun here.  There’s an indoor ropes course, arcade and laser tag in this one venue.



Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Tween Boys

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By now you probably have an idea of what you’re getting your kids for the holidays.  If you’re like me though, you end up at the last minute scrambling to buy the little things to fill your kids’ stockings.  Here’s a collection of stocking stuffer ideas for tween boys.  These are products that my 9-year-old son has enjoyed and make for fun, small gifts.

In my opinion, food is never a bad gift choice for anyone.  But you can never go wrong getting candy for a tween! If you want to go the safe route, buy some of his favorite candy.  Gum is always a good bet as well.  Especially fun gum, like Bubble Tape.  But f you want to give them something more adventurous, try these ideas:



Bean Boozled – This is a fun game that can be played with friends or family.  You spin the spinner and have to eat the jelly bean it lands on.  Will it be juicy pear or booger flavored?  You don’t know until you try the jelly bean!   Be warned, some of these jelly beans taste disgusting!

Ultimate Warheads Candy Lovers Variety Bundle - 8 Great Varieties Including Extreme Sour, Smashups, Chewy Cubes, Hotheads 7 More! (8 Total Bags)

Warheads Candy – According to my son, the new game at lunch is sour and spice wars.  Kids bring in Warheads and other sour candy and face off with each other to see who can last the longest!  This 8-pack has Warheads most popular varieties! 

It’s always nice to give a stocking stuffer that kids actually need and can use.  

Socks – Boys always need socks.  Especially long ones since many tween boys wear shorts to school all year-round, even in winter!  My son’s favorites are long basketball-style socks with either an athletic brand logo or a fun design.

Watchitude – (c/o Watchitude) Who remembers the fun of slap bracelets?!  Watchitude has combined the fun of those bracelets with the usefulness of a watch.  There are many different bracelet including different sports balls, cupcakes, doughnuts, lightning and other fun, colorful designs.

Sometimes, you just want to give your son something fun. Here are a few things they don’t need or maybe they don’t even know they want, but are just fun!

Funko POP! – Funko makes a POP! for almost every interest out there.  Perfect for stockings are POP! minis or Pocket POP! keychains.  Funko has a POP! for fans of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter and more.

A great stocking stuffer for the tween boys on your list who love LEGOs.

LEGO mini bags – If your son loves LEGOs, a perfect stocking stuffer is a LEGO mini set.  These are smaller, more reasonably priced sets that kids can put together in minutes.  My son has this parrot set from LEGO Creator. It makes a fun room decoration, or he can take the pieces apart and use them to build something else.  LEGO has several different mini sets including a yellow airplane, transporter plane, mini sports car, clown fish and more.

Manifold origami mind bender puzzles – My son’s friend gave him this after he found it too hard to do.  Each paper needs to be folded into a 4×4 square so the black areas are on one side and the white areas on the other. There are 100 pages that get harder as you progress.  This is recommended for ages 10+ and is perfect if your son is a puzzle lover.  My husband enjoys doing these too!

What are you putting in your tween’s stocking this year? 


Fun Gifts From UnCommonGoods


This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own. 

I need to confess. I find it difficult to shop for friends and family.  Since I can never come up with any great gift ideas, I regularly give gift cards. If you ever feel the same, I recommend checking out online retailer UncommonGoods. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, this website has tons of fun and unique gift ideas for everyone on your list. No joke, you can literally spend hours perusing all of the fun gifts that they carry (believe me, I know from personal experience!). They have gifts available in every price range from $10 themed socks to $500+ pieces of jewelry and custom artwork. Half of the items they sell on the site are handmade and a great way to support small business.  And with every purchase, UncommonGoods donates $1 to a Better to Give non-profit  partner of your choice! Here are some of the fun and unique gifts that you can find on their site.

Slate Cheese Board with Soapstone Chalk – ($24.00 for red board)  As a self-proclaimed foodie, when I entertain, there is always a cheese and cracker board.  I found this board super fun because the slate can be written on with chalk. I can label the types of cheeses that I put out and then wipe it clean for the next time.  I will admit that writing with the chalk takes some getting used to and the uneven slate adds to the difficulty. This board is made from natural slate that is sourced from a quarry in upstate New York.  The board is available in red or black and comes with a burlap bag, chalk and anti-slip padded feet.  I also love that this board is made in my home state of New York.  This is a great gift for a foodie or a nice hostess gift!

Shrub Trio Mix – ($38.00) If you are not familiar, shrubs are syrups made from a combination of fruit, sugar and vinegar.  Although, not new (they date back to the 15th century!), shrubs have recently become popular in the cocktail world.  This shrub trio mix is handmade locally in Hudson, New York and includes 8 fluid ounce bottles of Apple Coriander Maple, Concord Grape and Strawberry Rhubarb.  I made a non-alcoholic spritzer with the Strawberry Rhubarb shrub and seltzer.  While my husband found the drink refreshing, the kids and I found it bitter.  I found the taste similar to kombucha.  My husband can’t wait to make some cocktails with the different shrubs.  If you prefer wine, have no fear, UncommonGoods has you covered as well!

 Beer Cap Map – ($35.00) Do you have a craft beer lover in your life?  My husband enjoys drinking craft beers and was excited to receive this beer cap map for Father’s Day.  He is excited to sample different beers and display only the New York state brewed beer caps in this map.   UncommonGoods has a beer cap map for every state as well as a United States map.  If you really want to challenge yourself, you can try to visit different breweries in your state and fill your map with the caps.  This map measures 24” by 16” and is made of Baltic birch plywood.  If this doesn’t interest you, there are tons of other gift ideas for the special men in your life.

State Typography Art – ($40.00/print only) As a lifelong New Yorker, when I saw this state typography art I knew I had to have it.  Each 20” x 16” print has words including landmarks, major cities slogans and more in the outline of the selected state.  Almost every state is available and can be ordered framed or unframed.  I ordered an unframed print and purchased my own frame for a substantially lower price.  It looks great on our wall and reminds us of our beloved state!

This is only a sample of the variety of gifts that you can find on the UncommonGoods site.  They really do have items for everyone on your shopping list, no matter what the occasion!  Plus, many of the gifts can be personalized with names and dates.

What’s a fun and unique gift that you’ve bought or received?